My Best of 2012

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This is  a rather late post, since we are now on the second week of January, (actually the third!  This post has been on my draft folder for over a week! I feel like hitting myself for being late, after promising myself to be always on time!).  Here’s a look at the year that was, from somebody who loves to have the last words:

YouTube Villains

I actually jumped into the fray, trying to share my piece of mind at a forum on Female Network on how Raymond, Claudine and friends beat up a columnist and radio personality in his ’60s infront of their kids and later accusing the old columnist of child abuse.  I was also shocked (with my heart actually going out to the girl’s mom!) and hit the share button when I saw how the “Amalayer” girl went into “bruha”-mode and gave a female guard a mouthful.  These examples of bad behavior have been shared and re-shared on social media. Back in my teens, tales like these spread through word-of-mouth, with the tales getting weirder by the minute, until you won’t know what to believe.  Now, every word you say and every bad behavior you exhibit may be documented, word-for-word, blow-by-blow.  You have to be always on your best behavior, PMS and bad-hair day notwithstanding, lest someone will catch you on HD and upload your emotional explosion on YouTube!  Although, of course, we should always be on our best behavior, not just because we fear being YouTubed (take a cue from our moms and grandmas who literally walked adorned with grace).


First, I just took pictures of sunsets, then it literally turned to total randomness-a pic of my SBD lunch, my dog, my eye, a page in a book, my kid’s letter, a mole on my nape which I never thought I had.  For someone who grew up  literally studying the scene before hitting click because I only had 36 shots available on my camera, being able to take just about any picture with the proper filter and uploading them to Instagram is heaven!

Call Me Maybe

That song was just all over the place!  Every person I called, including a senior in her late ’60s, has that song for a ringback tone.  It was a case of an LSS song in my brain. No matter how I try to erase it, I end up humming it!

Gangnam Style

It became the Christmas Party anthem and I couldn’t believe Madonna and MC Hammer were dancing to it.  Even my little boy who insists that the song would cause the end of the world would sing it while hugging me:  “Hey, Sexy Lady!”  Me:  “You mean, me?”  Him: “No. It’s just a song.

One Direction

I don’t know a thing about the guys of 1D, but Nicole, my second daughter, does!  She adores them, and since I was into boy bands when I was younger, too, I can totally relate and understand.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey was a fan fic that became big and gave new meaning to mommy porn.  Although I am not really a big fan of the books, I am really curious on who would play Christian Grey and Anastacia Steele.  When I saw the hosts of Good Morning America actually drawing a picture of how Christian Grey should look, I realized that the books were big.

Hunger Games

After Harry Potter, reading the Hunger Games trilogy was love.  I loved the movie and I can’t wait for “Catching Fire.”  And hey, I am still not sure if I am Team Peeta or Team Gayle.  Maybe, I am just Team Katniss.

Twilight Ended

I remember having to order the books at Amazon because they were not available in the Philippines (that was the year the Bureau of Customs decided to tax books, even if  local and international law dictates that books are not taxable)just to find out what the fuss is all about.  The concept was interesting and it totally changed my view on what and how vampires are (my childhood concept of vampires is that they sleep in coffins-or hang like bats like in “The Lost Boys”-and that they die under sunlight, not glitter!), but some of the Twilight books bored me though.  I still have to watch the final installment to the Twilight films.

XOXO, Gossip Girl

After six years of watching and enjoying the lives and fashion of the teenage Upper East Siders, the series finally ended.

Sad good-byes

2012 marked the end of Whitney Houston, Dolphy, Donna Summer, Nora Ephron and Neil Armstrong.

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  1. Not too late, Marie! It's always fun to reminisce, but this made me realize I'm getting old already. I also have no idea what the One Direction fuss is!

  2. I love the roundup. My kids love 1D and Carly Rae Jepsen. I read the Hunger Games and loved it. Not much into 50 Shades of Grey, skipped most parts while reading but I like the drama between them. Goodbye Gossip Girl.

  3. The final installment of the Twilight movies was the only one I watched on the big screen. I caught on quite late, but I realize there's just too much fuss about it. The only thing I was looking forward to int he movie is the fight scenes…and I wasn't disappointed 🙂 The books, I've read in the last couple of months prior to watching the last movie. Most parts are boring but that's just my opinion. Avid fans of Twilight, don't stake and burn me lol!

  4. @Maan, they are such a big boy group na ata, haha. don't know much about them but my daughter does. bumibili pa online for the merchandise which go like hotcakes daw

  5. Eagerly waiting Catching Fire this year. Like you I love Katniss 🙂 Watched Gossip Girl religiously too. Love that Chuck and Blair ended up together 🙂

  6. impressive conclusion for 2012, i can relate to all you have listed, i am now on the second book of fifty shades, an extremely carnal book hahaha

  7. Read Fifty Shades of Grey a few chapters but was bored sorry, and it's not really the porn but I dislike the style of the writer Im not very enthused. But I like the characters 🙂

  8. @Aileen: I read the books and regretted ordering it hehe. The concept was good, but they were written, like the 50 shades, btw, like a Mills and Boone or Silhouette Romance book. I can get more excited with the 39 Clues, which is for kids btw, than these books

  9. I think you did have a good list of things there. Liked the movie Hunger Games and I even got a mockingjay pendant.

    apocalypse nobody knows when will it be. lets just all become good and prayerful people.

  10. Wow, ang ganda ng article mo sis! Every item makes me nod in agreement. And Gangnam style.. Naku such a 2012 favorite! Im with you on 50 shades, ni hindi ko na kinalahati yung book.

  11. Oh 2012 was a sweet yet tough year for us. Everything about it made me believe that all things are temporary in this world. I can't believe that this year, I will not see any Twilight related movies though. Huhuhu! I'll miss Edward and Bella's love story. But there's Hunger Games, hoorah!

  12. I wonder if am the only blogger who don't instagram.. I am also a fan of twilight and I am happy that I manage to watch the series on cinema..-Rosemarie/Gven-Rose

  13. Love your year-ender! Kids in the future can read back on it and learn about pop-culture in 2012 🙂

    I just finished reading Catching Fire and Mockingjay! na excite ako eh pinagsunod ko na agad sila 🙂

  14. There are lot of other things happened to me in 2012 most of them are negatives but I need to be positive to keep on the track.

  15. I love your list! I love most especially, the YouTube villains, the beauty of Instagram, where I am very active in (what's your username sis? mine is @mommypracticality let's follow each other) and Gossip Girl, how I wish there would be a continuation of the GG but this time as married / with family theme? But it won't be as appealing anymore. I loooooove ed westwick! I follow him on IG too! 🙂

  16. Thank God Gangnam Style syndrome seems to be mellowing now hahahah! I don't hear it that often anymore. Good thing it's in foreign language or I would be singing that (lss mode). Still sometimes, I could still hear the tune ringing in my head. Arrrggghhhh….

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