Ready For The Road!

Last Updated on August 14, 2020 by Paula

My family is the kind of people who are pleased to blend in the background.

We don’t want to attract attention.

We try to downplay everything, even when we travel ( which we plan to do this Christmas season).

Well, almost everything.

We use neon nametags to make it easier for us to identify our suitcases against a sea of identical suitcases.

Of course, it is what’s inside that spells the difference.

Travels anywhere are never complete without shawls (they can be good blankets), my Kindle, camera and in my husband’s case – his guitar.


He loves to play the guitar, sing and compose songs, and he gives good entertainment during family reunions.

I don’t mind if he carries his guitar everywhere in any of the cheap guitar cases for sale at musicians friend.

Especially if he sings and plays the guitar for me during those awesome sunsets at the beach.

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