Healing Your Broken Heart

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Okay.  I have to admit.  Finishing NaBloPoMo last month must be a fluke…I guess I am in my procrastinating mode again.

Amidst all the holiday cheer,   I am having a totally hard time thinking of a creative post every single day.

For this month, I failed to post for six days. It must be the season. Besides, it is getting really cold in my side of this tropical country.  The total mood is sleepy (besides, I have just finished decorating.).

Anyway, this post, which I originally wrote for Triond and can be found here,  is all about healing your broken heart.  It must be coincidence, but a lot of you guys (and teens) out there get the heartbreak blues during the holiday season.  Aside from immersing yourself into the holiday cheer to get through your misery, the following may help.
how to heal a broken heart

Your heart is broken and your whole world is falling apart.

Everything is in shades of gray and gloom and in this holiday cheer, it is taking you forever to smile.Going through heartbreaks, monumental disappointments, or epic failures can totally crush your heart to pieces, but take heart. You can pick up the pieces and mend your broken heart.

What you need is enough time to heal, a lot of soul searching, a support team and the following:

1. Channel your inner Drama Queen and have a good cry. 

Nothing makes you feel better than a really good cry. Crying purges all bottled up hurts and pain. Drama queen or not, if you’ve got any pent- up hurts bottled up, nothing purges like a good cry. Prepare rolls of tissue, promise yourself to move on after you are done crying, and wear those dark shades. The future looks so much brighter you got to wear them!

2. Get crazy!

Let it all out.

Thrash your room, turn the volume up, jump on your bed and dance and sing like crazy. Do a Taylor Swift and shout out loud, “We are never ever getting back together!” Totally go insane for your total heartbreak cure. Or you can thrash your ex by writing a book or a song about him. It may become a hit or a blockbuster, you know!

3. Say you’ve moved on and mean it.

It is so easy to claim you have moved on when you are still pining over/plotting against the person who broke your heart. Let go. Get real. Move on already.

4. Forgive yourself.

You might have hurt, maimed or killed the person who broke your heart a million different ways in your mind. Don’t. Try to get in touch with your pain and stop blaming the person or yourself. Remember that as you move through life, ending a relationship does not make you a failure.

5. Get out of your head and get over it.

It is so easy to get caught up in all the details of what went wrong and what you should have done instead. Stop delving in the the never-ending what-ifs and wishing for every happy moment that you are certainly sure you will never get back. Stop letting your heartbreak rule your life. Keep in mind that outside your thoughts, there are a million other things going on.

6. Treat yourself.

A slice of the yummiest, moistest chocolate cake can definitely lift your emotional state to the highest “happy” level. Have you ever seen TV sitcoms where the women go for the ice cream after a particularly disappointing date or heartbreak? Of course, binge eating because you are feeling down emotionally is never good, but indulging occasionally in these yummy sweet things can make you forget the worst of heartbreaks.

7. Get a makeover.

Change the color of your hair, chop it or have it curled. There is something about heartbroken women and the decision to cut or do something new to their hair. I think it is a symbolic way of ditching the old and paving the way for something new. Get new clothes and have a new diet and fitness routine. Most of all, love yourself and your new look.

Going through a heartbreak is tough, but you can tough it out. All you need is a good dose of positivity and lots of love and respect for yourself.

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  1. A good cry of course. How can we not cry hehehe. That has helped me in the long run. I cried a river for no more than a week. After that to hell with the ex lol! I do prefer wallowing in my own sorrow than letting people see me break down. Those who knew about the breakup wouldn't let me alone though. As if naman I'd do something stupid hehehe.

    Ah the haircut, I did that too. I guess I needed change, and partly also becoming a little rebel there. The ex always loved the long hair so I cut it short lol! As you can see, my hair is way way longer, meaning I have moved on miles from that experience.

  2. Loneliness do get more intense during the Christmas season. I guess it's because of all the decors and songs that ones sadness is magnified. I find that getting busy helps.

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