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Last Updated on July 7, 2017 by Marie Bulatao

by: V. Happy Love Month! Let’s start the month by talking about love and where to find it. Like how can you choose your perfect guy type? There are way too many guys out there, and it is soo hard to weed out the incredibly okay to just the so-so!  So…who is your perfect crush?  perfectguy

The Jock

Some girls love a guy with big muscles.  A jock is awesome for a girl who is into sports and loves doing physical activities outdoors.  Jocks are lots of fun, because you can stay physically fit just hanging out with them.  (And oh, quit the jock myth where his biceps is bigger than his brain.  Most jocks are quite brainy.)Of course, this kind of boy isn’t really some girls’ style.  Sure, it can be fun to watch a guy when he’s making tackles on the football field or shooting hoops at the basketball court, but some girls do not like it when boys spend more time at practice than with them.


The Joker

Dating a guy who has loads of sense of humor is totally fun.  If you love to watch funny movies and laugh until you are literally crying, this joker is your guy.  He loves making you and everyone laugh and pulls some crazy pranks.   A joker who gives rubber mouse and thinks it is the world’s greatest Valentine’s day gift is automatically off my list, though.

The Individualist

If you hate following the crowd, dance to your own boom-boom, then the Individualist is your type.  He does not care what others think and marches to his own beat.  The two of you will wax philosophical over things that only you understand and spending time doing exactly as you both please – and you won’t care whether it’s cool or not.

The Smart Guy

There are guys out there who have major –league minds.  Dating a smart guy can be a fun if you love going to museums, hanging at the library or just figuring out the constellations.  Besides,you will get better grades just hanging around him.  Your parents will love him, too.  

The Sophisticate

He is the one with impeccable manners and good taste.  Perfectly dreamy Punch

The Sweet Boy-Next-Door

Sigh…What girl’s heart doesn’t beat fast when it comes to a sweet guy like this one?  Okay, so maybe, he isn’t all that rich or incredibly sophisticated…but a guy who’s cute, smart and totally thoughtful is hard to come by!  cpae-ef-heart-pinks

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