What is Fasting?

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Hey, guys, it’s been awhile!

But yes, my #WOE (Way of Eating) is still keto and yes, I am still loving it.

One of the game changers, the one that really, really made a big difference on my being #ketofied is doing some intermittent fasting.

But first of all, let me answer the question: What is Fasting?

There are many reasons why we fast.

  • Usually, you do some fasting when your doctor orders you to, like, you should not eat after midnight before doing some blood tests for conditions like diabetes in the morning.
  • Others do some fasting for health and spiritual reasons.

What Is Fasting, Defined.

Fasting is defined as willingly abstaining or foregoing food and drink.  Different people fast differently.

  • Some take a little food, like I know someone who lives on just crackers,
  • Others do some fasting but take some juice,
  • While others would only stick to water and herbal tea.

Fasting for Spiritual Reasons

Fasting has a long tradition in all major world religions.

The religious believe that trying to forego food makes you contemplate on yourself and your God. For the religious, fasting is a way to meditate, pray and get closer to a higher being based on your faith.

In Christian Faith, fasting is used as a tool to atone for sins and bring us closer to God.

Us Catholics usually fast on Good Friday.  In other religious traditions, fasting is believed to help the person reach a higher level of spiritual awareness.

No matter what your faith, your soul and mind can benefit from a fast.

Fasting for Health

It used to be that fasting was frowned at.

Growing up in a Filipino family, aside from rice, eating three meals a day is a must!

However, in recent years, the health industry began exalting the benefits of fasting.

The idea is that if we stop or refrain from food for a certain period, our body’s energy will be focused not on processing the food that we should have eaten.  It goes into maintenance mode.  When food is scarce, like in the “caveman” times, our body will work to keep us healthy so that we can go hunt and gather some food which will nourish us during fasting off-days.

Having no food in our system makes our body shift from burning sugar which comes from the food we eat to burning fat (since it has no sugar to burn).  When this shift happens, people in fasting mode claim that wonderful things happen to their body like:

  • fat loss
  • lower blood pressure
  • lower bad cholesterol levels
  • healing

Intermittent Fasting

Now, let’s go to the buzz word, my life, what I do!

Intermittent Fasting.

Intermittent fasting is a kind of fasting where you forego food for certain hours during the day.  Some end up having one meal, others two meals.

In essence you’re extending the period of time you usually go without food (while you’re sleeping) by several hours to give your body a chance to switch into fasting mood with all its health benefits.

Unlike traditional fasts where you go without food and most drink for three or more days, intermittent fasting still allows you to eat during a smaller window in your day.

Other forms of intermittent fasting have you fast for one or two days per week, eating normally the rest of the time. Either method is a good alternative to traditional fasting and often easier to do and maintain.

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