Ladies, Here’s How To Find The Perfect Plus-Sized Clothes Online

Last Updated on July 12, 2021 by Paula

I need Curvy Plus-Sized Clothes Stat.

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One thing I consider a “Pandemic” side effect is that I got bigger, without me noticing it.

I don’t know.  It felt therapeutic EATING after long hours on duty.

I even set aside my low carb diet.

So here comes my struggle.

Aside from trying to contend with people making remarks about my weight gain, I had to find curvy, plus-sized flattering clothes that would fit the new “me” (lol).

Being Asian where my size in other countries can’t even be considered plus-size, finding the best Curvy Boutiques online is hard. However, curvy boutique clothing has come a long way, I swear. 

Plus-size clothes for curvy women used to be frumpy, like clothes your grandma used to wear, but now, they come in all kinds of styles, making you communicate to the world who you are.  The only drawback maybe is that you cannot physically try the clothes on before buying it.

However, following my tips on how to shop for your curvy boutique clothing will make you embrace your curves and help you find that perfect plus-sized dress.

So here are my tips on how to find the perfect plus-sized clothes online.


Be aware of your curvy, plus-size body shape.

I wish being curvy means being curvy in all the right places.  Choosing the wrong type of clothing can make you accentuate problem areas you would want to hide.  I would not want to get low-waist jeans, for example, because it would definitely be giving me a massive muffin top.

Select clothes made of fabric that would flatter your curvy figure.

Stay away from satin, chiffon, and rayon.  They would tend to over-accentuate areas you would want to hide.  I prefer something made of cotton because they don’t cling to the body. 

Make sure you are choosing the right size and fit.

When buying clothes online, make sure to choose the right size.  Most online boutiques offer fitting guides.  If in doubt, use the online boutique’s chat service to help you choose if the clothes you are getting is the right size and fit.

Make color work for you.

Living in warm Manila, I don’t particularly like wearing dark clothes the whole time.  Being plus-sized does not mean you have to wear black the whole time. You can mix and match fun colors and still look svelte and stunning.

Choose clothes that are comfortable and wearable.

Dressing in style does not mean dressing in something you are not comfortable with.  Choose clothes you feel confident wearing.

Try mix and matching, using colors and fabrics to come up with a fresh and flattering look.

Personally, size does not matter. As long as you are comfortable in your own skin, you are the most perfectly imperfect person shining in that room,

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