Do You Want To Lose Weight in the New Year?

Last Updated on September 4, 2020 by Paula

Is your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight?

It’s the start of another new year!

Which may just be one perfect reason to FINALLY FOCUS on our weight loss and fitness goals!

Why do so many people have their new year’s resolution as  losing weight and being healthier in January?

Because we just came from the December holidays which made us over-indulge more than a few times even after promising ourselves that this is gonna be the last (I actually opened a bag of chocolates promising myself I would eat just one piece…well, the only piece left was the bag…so ashamed of myself…) making us pack on a few extra pounds as a result.

(Don’t tell me that you are shocked come January with the realization that you can barely squeeze into your favorite jeans!)

January is that time of the year that despite the weather being so cold that you can bundle up and hide your new flabs, you are also painfully aware that in about 5 months or so from now, you will be showing some skin for shorts and tee shirt season.

The new year bring with it the inspiration to start fresh and set goals in our lives.

People often ask  “What’s your New Year’s Resolution” and the truth is that at least one of our goals for living better might be to lose some weight.

Not only do we want to look better in our OOTDs, but being at our healthiest weight makes us feel better, like we can accomplish more and are more confident.

Have you made a commitment to a weight loss and exercise routine for the New Year?

Losing weight as a new year’s resolution is not easy.

I have been doing it for years!

Just like any other goal that you might set in your life, the best approach is to break everything down into actionable steps. You’re much more likely to get a sense of reaching and achieving your goals for losing weight if you make those goals specific and measurable.

In fact, out of any type of New Year’s goal you might set, weight loss is probably the most easily measurable due to the numbers on the scale and the measuring tape being involved.

So now the question is, what is a reasonable expectation for losing weight in a healthy and consistent way?

Anyone who has tried the Weight Watchers program at some point in their life likely remembers that reduction of about a pound or two per week is a reasonable and safe rate at which to lose weight. To accomplish this, you should aim to burn anywhere from 500 to 1,000 calories more than you consume. So this gives you two options for approaching weight loss. You can either limit the amount of calories you eat, without increasing the amount of exercise you get. Or, you can focus less on calorie reduction and more on increasing your daily movements which might include aerobic exercise. Probably the healthiest approach to losing weight is to strike a balance between eating fewer calories and increasing your rate of physical activity.

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