The Best Beauty Secret – Being Perfectly Imperfect!

Last Updated on August 20, 2020 by Paula

beauty secret being imperfect

The best beauty secret is being imperfect.

The best beauty secret you can have isn’t trying to look perfect and making over the way you look-it is realizing that you can never
ever be perfect (No one is, right, Pink?), but that who you are is already amazing enough.

Imagine a world where all the girls looked like Taylor Swift and all the guys looked like Taylor Lautner (What is it with being named
Taylor? ).

They could only tell each other apart from their names, their ages, their clothes, and the way they styled their hair that day.

Now, imagine yourself suddenly living in that world.

Would everyone notice you?

Would they find you beautiful?

The answers to these questions , of course, are yes and YES!  Because while it is true that most of us want to be “beautiful”, it is really our differences that make each of us interesting and unique.

Your beauty is unique and your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful!

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