Fitness—and wellness—the perfect gift for the man of the house

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We have always tried to think of many things to give the man of the house—Father, Daddy, Dada, Papa, Tatay—that one perfect gift every time there’s a special occasion, whether it’s his birthday, Father’s Day, wedding anniversary or Christmas. Mostly, these are functional items like clothes, leather goods such as a wallet, belt or footwear, and in this age of digitalization, digital devices, if the budget fits.

But how about taking the gift-giving thing up a notch, something that the man of the house can truly appreciate?

Like fitness, for example. He can’t eat or use it just like traditional gifts, but he can certainly reap tons of benefits from it.

Our Dads are the ones who usually tire themselves out just to be able to work and provide for the family and as such, may be prone to certain ailments because of lack of exercise, an activity that will help fortify his body in the most natural way. And this is where Kwun Tong, Taiwan-based Johnson Fitness comes to the fore.

Taiwan Excellence Award winner Johnson Fitness is certainly not your ordinary line of commercial and home fitness equipment. Yes, they resemble the most common of fitness apparatus in the market, but what Johnson Fitness promises is to make exercise to achieve fitness in body and mind more fun, hassle-free and totally enjoyable for that complete workout experience at home or at the gym.

The Johnson Fitness line include various fitness and wellness brands such as the Matrix, Horizon and Vision, all state-of-the-art training equipment composed mainly of treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, and other strength and functional training systems like climbmills (for the commercial equipment category).


The Johnson Fitness treadmills, for example, are true sights to behold, definitely a must-have for home or small neighborhood gyms or robust training centers. The treadmills come with built-in Bluetooth speakers to make running totally enjoyable, whether playing music, movies and TV series even without headphones.

They also come with clear and precise workout feedback information that includes distance, calories, time, speed, heart rate and incline, and also allows connection via Bluetooth to heart rate monitors and popular fitness apps. For Dads who want to track the progress of their exercise regimen, these features really do come in handy.

Or if Dad has his personalized entertainment fare, the Johnson Fitness treadmills come with a smart device holder to keep smartphones, tablets, even water bottles, and more in good view and easy to reach.

Best of all, when not in use at home, the Johnson Fitness treadmill deck folds vertically to save space when not in use.

Selecting gifts for a loved one like Dad on important dates used to be nerve-wracking, but not anymore. Thanks to Johnson Fitness, and the decision-making just got easier.

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