This Christmas, Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Care

Last Updated on July 7, 2017 by Venessa

Self-care is not about weird diets or exhausting exercise regimens.  It is about respecting yourself. Here’s what I did to care for myself: Caring For Yourself


Self-care is non-negotiable.

A few months ago, I have been meaning to work out every day but I was so busy I kept telling myself that I will do it when I have time.  And that time was either once a week that turned into once in ten days to once in a month. Until I realized that the time when I have nothing better to do will never come.  So I integrated self-care into my life, and didn’t wait whether I’ve got the time or not. I started running 2k every single day for 30 days. It was not much, I know, but since running 2k did not take too much of my time, I was able to commit and complete my 2K run for 30 days. I am currently doing 5K and here was what I realized.  Taking care of myself is much tougher and taking care of others is way easier. Months of being an intern exposed me to people who have different health problems.  This made me commit to stay healthy for myself – so that I can finish school and fulfill my dreams – and my family.   Caring For Yourself Mentally, I have always thought that every single time I think of myself, I am becoming selfish. Here’s the truth and is backed up by medical research: Women who balance caregiving with self-care are healthier and have stronger immune systems than women who don’t take care of themselves. I have been wondering why I kept getting rashes and sinus infections.  My mom introduced me to a good internist like those wonderful doctors giving primary care Roanoke VA and she took time to listen and develop a treatment plan to alleviate my breakouts / flares. Stress has turned out to be one of the leading factors that caused my eczema flare.  With my internist’s treatment plan, my daily exercise and my promise of self-care, no excuses, I am on my way to my self-care.Project:Me, Only Better!

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