7 ways to Destress during The Holidays

Last Updated on July 7, 2017 by Venessa

In our block, every house has its Christmas tree put up.
And porches are bedecked with Christmas lights.
The holidays are here!
And since I have actually read in social media about groups doing kris kringle as early as September, let me dish out some advice on how to stay sane during the party season.


Do your shopping early.

That way, you will avoid the crowds and the pressure.  You will also have peace of mind knowing you’ve got the important people covered.

Make a list, check it twice.

Shopping is less stressful if you make a shopping list with three columns.  Column 1 is for the names of the people you are going gifts to.  Column 2 is for the gift items you have chosen for each person and on the third column, write down your budget limit for each gift.

Relax at the spa.

Don’t let holiday nerves lead to over-eating.  Plan a stress break. Schedule a me-time at your favorite spa and have a rejuvenating experience as you destress.  I personally love getting oxygen therapy Chilliwack offers.  Pure oxygen therapy is said to be a body and mind booster as it oxygenates your muscles and tissues resulting to increased circulation and lesser tension.


Holding a grudge locks you into the role victim and makes you feel stuck with your anger.  Make peace with yourself and forgive.  Besides, holding a grudge can also cause stress, which has been linked to many physical ailments like heart disease.


At everyone.  Wave at neighbors you haven’t met.  Stop and say hi with someone at work or at the party.


Enhance your sense of well-being, relieve stress, get better-quality sleep, find time for for you.


Treat yourself as you treat those you love.  Give yourself a pat on the back each day.Project:Me, Only Better!

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