“I’m Not Spending Enough Time With My Kids”

Who among you moms feel guilty about not spending enough time with your kids? I can see some hands (including mine). Not spending enough time with our kids always bothers us moms.  Time can never be enough!  But did you know that spending quality time is just fine with them?  I know!  You’re too busy, you still have to cook dinner, do the dishes, finish a load of laundry, watch the tele-serye, but can you take time to connect and know what’s going on in their lives? Not Spending Enough Time with kids Check in with them in small ways – talk about how she is getting along with her Math class. Ask her how she is getting along with her ibanez bass guitar lessons. Ask the little one what he had for lunch.  Watch the Kath-Niel movie together. And never forget to tell them how much you love them.  Then remind yourself that you are a good mom. 

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