The best vape pens for e-liquids

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Vapors from electronic cigarettes contain fewer free radicals than traditional cigarette smoke. As quitting smoking is one of the best things smokers can do for their health, many are turning to the newest tobacco substitute, the electronic cigarette.

In recent years, the number of people who prefer the use of electronic cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes is increasing. Electronic cigarettes generate vapors and offer the same inhalation experience as conventional smoking. They contain a liquid based on propylene glycol and glycerol, nicotine and flavoring chemicals. The liquid is vaporized and inhaled, and instead of burning tobacco, as is the case with the traditional cigarette, the liquid is heated. Nicotine is the one that causes addiction, being one of the chemicals found in both electronic and regular cigarettes.

Cigarette smoke contains two different sources of free radicals: tar and gas produced after burning. These sources of free radicals are, in fact, uncoupled electrons, alone and unstable, “eager” to mating, even with the electrons of other atoms. They are virtually everywhere: in the air we breathe, in the ingested chemical substances, throughout the body. These unburned electrons react aggressively to their tendency to escape “loneliness.”

If you want to try to switch to e-smoking, you need the best vape pen for you. The electronic cigarette is more complicated than the classic one, so a first-time smoker may find it easy to discover that there are many ways to enjoy your cigarette liquid. The two most important modes of diving are DTL (direct to long) and MTL (Mouth to long). You can find out more about your options on this vaping site.

Classical electronic cigarette

It is made of two main pieces: an eGo battery and a classic vaporizer. It is the simplest solution when it comes to damage, but not the most effective. For example, it does not offer the ability to adjust the voltage. However, there are a lot of electronic cigarettes that meet classical standards and are very popular, being quite cheap.

Electronic cigarette variable

This one’s a classic. It manages to choose the voltage, depending on the vaporizer. This flexibility is intended to provide higher or lower strength, depending on the preference of each smoker.

USB Passive Electronic Cigarette

Like the variable cigarette, the USB pass is a classic one with a few extra elements. One of these features is the USB pass function, which offers the possibility of smoking while recharging. You can reload by USB, so you can smoke without worrying about your computer. For many, this type seems to be useless, but for those who spend a lot in the office or the car, it is a very good solution.

Cigarette modding

There are some more evolved cigarettes regarding battery power. The energy source of such can easily be replaced when it does not work as it should, unlike the source of energy from traditional cigarettes. You can discover many modding electronic cigarettes, with different shapes, produced by different companies and with different properties. Typically, electronic modes have a battery capacity between 1000 and 4000 mAh. Read here.

Sub – OHM Cigarettes

They are very popular lately because they provide many advantages. Using vaporizers with resistances less than 1 Ohm, these cigarettes can generate very high steam. Practically, for 6 mg fluid, the Sub Ohm delivers the sensation of 24 mg fluids. The disadvantage of such smoke is the massive consumption of battery and liquid.

Ato Classical Cigarettes

They are the first variants of devices designed for digging, with atomizers that work with rechargeable cartridges. Although these cigars offer a clean aroma, they do not have a very high amount, which is why they are no longer as popular as they used to be.

Clearo cigarettes

When these type appeared, or rather when the clearomizer appeared, a real revolution arose. Clearmoders are a built-in cartridge atomizer that provides a much better flavor for the liquid. After the appearance of the clear covers, the dual coil variants appeared to be performing better than the first ones.

ATO RBA Cigarettes

This offers greater flexibility to the user. You can use your own strengths and wicks to customize the smoking. ATO RBA are much cheaper in the long run, making them extremely popular.

No matter what the electronic cigarette you smoke, the main idea is that you have a much healthier solution than the classic one.

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Before buying the first device for vaping, it is good to get the best information, so you can make sure you make the best decision. Once you start to vape, you may find that your vice is no longer so unhealthy and unappreciated.

Smoking dependence is a significant public health issue that many people ignore. Many smokers cannot or do not want to quit smoking. However, for them, there is an electronic cigarette, an alternative that can help them stay away from the smells of tobacco.

Lately, I have read in the press countless articles related to this topic, some pro others against this alternative. The truth is that if you try to analyze the situation a little and to ignore the interests behind this subject, you can realize that the electronic cigarette can indeed be a help for smokers. As proof, there are several million people who have quit smoking with this alternative.

Cigarette smoke is harmful and contains many carcinogenic substances, including tar and carbon monoxide. While the electronic cigarette liquid, which is vaporized, includes materials that are used in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industry.

Moreover, the price of tobacco cigarettes has increased exponentially in recent years, and the monthly cost of electron cigarettes is much lower. With these advantages, it is not surprising that the electronic cigarette has quickly conquered the entire planet. Still, it remains a controversial subject. Why?

Because this alternative threatens two of the world’s most powerful industries: tobacco and pharmaceuticals. Since the electronic cigarette has appeared on the market, the profits of tobacco companies have fallen, and with it that of pharmaceutical companies. Hence their interest in limiting access to it. The EU supports their attention because it collects millions of euros a year from sponsorships and taxes. Thus the so contradictory information that appeared through the press.

The explanation for which nicotine-free electronic cigarette is not so popular, at least not among adults, is a straightforward one: most vapers are current or current smokers, and they are actively addicted to nicotine. However, the average nicotine concentration of e-liquids has decreased a lot over the past two years, from 12 mg to 3 mg. See below the most known types of vape pens.


It is clear that there is a vast difference between smoking and dying. Important is that there is an alternative to smoking and that those who want to quit can try it!

More and more smokers choose to switch from traditional to electronic cigarettes. These electronic devices are performing more and more and offer experiences at least as enjoyable as the classic, but with many more advantages:

  • Lack of odor in hands and clothes;
  • Healthier smoking;
  • Lack of risk for others;
  • Lower price.