For Mothers: Managing Back Pain Through Exrercise

Last Updated on July 7, 2017 by Marie Bulatao

women always complain about back pain. 
The pain goes away usually a month after, but carrying your infant
constantly, nursing him and doing some household chores always brings back your
back pain.  The backpain is constant as
the child grows.
a child puts unimaginable stress on your back.  
You will be initially carrying a tiny seven pound baby until two years
later when you will be carrying a 30-pound child.
some sort of daily exercise routine will help a lot in managing back pain. New
mothers can begin exercising soon after delivery.  This will help the lose the weight they gained
which will help a lot in reducing back stress. 
Engaging in exercise will also restore the muscle tone of the abdominal
and back muscles which were stretched when they were pregnant.  You can start by doing a 10-minute stretching
resistance to your exercise routine will help your back muscles to be stronger
and less prone to injuries that carrying a child will bring.  Use 1-3 pound dumb bells.  Using a Thera-Band is also very convenient.  Stretch bands can be used at any level.  You can start out slow if you are a
beginner.  The gentle repetition that the
band offers will slowly build your muscles until you can progress to advanced
bands are sold at different levels of resistance.  Be sure to purchase one that is suitable to
your level.  There is no need to buy
fancy colorful bands – although they look pretty.  Make sure that the band is of good quality
and is durable.
mothers who do not have time to go to a sport store buy an elastic
bandage/tubing at a local drug store or medical supply store.  The bandage / tubing is quite durable and are
of medical grade. 
overdo your stretching exercises on the first day.  Go slow and move at a pace where you are
comfortable.  Increase the resistance

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  1. I think I'm getting old that's why most of the times I have back pains. But hubby said that it's probably lack of exercise 🙁 Being a SAHM is borring sometimes.

  2. I've always been athletic but hurt my back several years ago. While exercise is a great tool and helps me often, there are times it hasn't helped. I just have to be super careful and watch my movements…. Love the thera-band.

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