Bedroom Wall Decals: A Great Style Option For You

Last Updated on July 7, 2017 by Marie Bulatao

At the end of a tiring work day, everyone wants to just sink into their bed covers and rest.
But you cannot just rest and relax when your bedroom doesn’t look divine, right? 
A lot of times, just to give our bedroom walls that vibe we like, we resort to painting the walls, adding some funky wallpaper or putting some artwork.

But did you know that adding wall decals is the way to go for giving your room an innovative and trendy look?
I know that for most of us (which includes me), the bedroom is the most important part of the house.  Having a certain ambiance is very vital, which is the reason why we often opt for vinyl wall art decals.

But what are wall decals really?

Wall decals are usually vinyl stickers that have various designs, patterns and colors imprinted on them and are used for decorating the walls of the rooms. Usually, a single color is used in such wall decals.  However, wall decals for bedroom with multiple vibrant colors to create a playful mood are also available.
bedroom wall decals

Here are  tips to pick family tree wall decals for your bedroom:

The wall decals are generally preferred because of their affordability and of course, easier to install features. This is the main reason why we like tree wall decals for our bedrooms. The tree wall decals can easily hold fast to the walls and can be effortlessly readjusted or removed to suit our needs quite well. They are super easy to wash and hence are suitable even for the kids’ bedrooms.
Tree wall art decal

Decals for various situations and moods

The wall decals for bedroom come in various designs and patterns to suit the feel, mood, tastes and preferences of the individuals. All of us won’t surely like the same design on the walls of our bedrooms.  That is why it is amazing that a variety of wall decal designs are available!

 Here are some of the most commonly preferred wall decal style:

Rejuvenate the interior using kids’ wall stickers: Kids have a different style and would not prefer the ordinary decals that we adults prefer to have on our bedroom walls. The walls of the kids’ bedroom are  best decorated with decals featuring cartoon characters, Disney characters, animals, birds, colorful flowers, and fairy tale stories. The color choice should be on the bright side with soft texture to create a smooth environment.


Wall decals for adolescents: We should always keep in mind that adolescents are quite serious about their choices and preferences and this should reflect in the wall decals of their bedrooms too. Boys generally prefer their wall decals to feature their favorite sport personalities, rock-stars, leaders, actors and actresses. However, the girls generally prefer to have animated characters, dreamy celebrities, bright and beautiful flowers portrayed on their wall decals for the bedroom.


Wall decals for baby girls: Baby girls are often attracted to princess themed wall decals, folk lore characters, stars and moonlit skies, butterflies and the outdoors etc. Pink is essentially and usually the color for the bright background of the decorative decals. Other bright and soft colors can also be an option.
Flower decals: The flower decals are good for any age and any gender and they can be also used to decorate the rooms of us adults. Bright colored flowers are sure to bring hope and instill happiness.
Customized decals: It often happens so that we have images of special moments that we want portrayed large on our walls. And the best way to do this is to imprint them on the wall decals for bedroom. The smooth finish of the decals combined with a high resolution image will undoubtedly make the special moment look very, very special. The customized decals are the best option when one is in doubt or already has a prior idea in mind.
With the large variety of wall decals for bedroom available online, we are often left wondering what to buy and install. However, wall decals are quite cheap which gives us the choice of changing the décor of the room every now and then. And since the decals are easy to remove and install, this won’t be much of a problem too.

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