Product Review:How Vitamin E Helped Nourish My Tired Skin

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How Myra Vitamin E Helped My Tired Skin

Hey, loves!

It has been ages since I wrote a decent post here.

I have been verryyyy busssy with my internship, and got stressed in between due to all the puyat.

I am soo tired.

🩹 My head is aching…

🩹 My body is aching…

🩹 My skin is aching…


Beautiful skin is one of a woman’s best assets.  When our skin is glowing, we feel confident!

And what woman wouldn’t want that?

My mom, like me (and I guess I got it from her), has super-sensitive skin and there are days when she just has totally bad skin, like rashes and itchy skin and dry patches all over.

On those bad days when she had it really bad (and on those days that her skin is o.k., of course), she takes some anti-oxidants, one of which is Myra 400 IU capsules.

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Exactly how is Vitamin E good for you?

You may not be aware of it, but every day, our skin faces potential damage from the environment.
One that takes a particular beating is our face because it is that part of our body which is ALWAYS exposed to sun rays, smoke and pollution.
These harmful elements can damage our skin cells, giving you dry, dull, lifeless-looking, prone-to-break out skin.

Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant

Studies have proven that Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, revitalizing and protecting our cells from damage caused by harmful elements.
Healthier skin cells naturally mean healthier skin!
When taken orally, Vitamin E helps make  our cells healthy as its role as an antioxidant.

But guess what? Vitamin E also works splendidly when applied directly on our skin!

Those thick moisturizers we use which we believe will moisturize our skin actually are occlusive moisturizers meaning they don’t penetrate our skin, making the moisturized feel of our skin temporary.  A moisturizer with Vitamin E, on the other hand, is absorbed by our skin, allowing moisturization to take place from within. It keeps the skin healthy and improves its water-binding capacity so the skin can hold more water.  This results to a more moisturized, radiant and younger looking skin.

What else can Vitamin E do for your skin when applied topically, aside from moisturizing it from within?

Vitamin E protects your skin from UV rays.  Sunlight causes the production of free radicals which may cause skin aging.  Vitamin E fights off these free radicals.
Vitamin E also prevents the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.  It keeps the integrity of your skin’s collagen and epidermis maintaining your skin’s firmness, texture and tone.  It also prevents the formation of age spots and blotches.  (One of Vitamin E’s roles is maintaining circulation of blood.  It makes blood vessels dilate, thus preventing the formation of blotches.)

Why does applying Vitamin E directly on the skin and taking it orally produce best results for your skin?

Free radicals, your skin’s worst enemy, are produced by internal and external factors.
Internally, free radicals are created when your body performs its normal biological and metabolic functions.  Daily activities such as exercise, smoking and drinking all result in the production of free radicals.
Externally, free radicals are produced when you’re exposed to environmental elements such as the sun’s UV rays, pollution and even second-hand smoke.
Therefore, Vitamin E also has to work double time.  Take Vitamin E to protect your cells from internally-produced free radicals.  And apply Vtamin E directly on your skin to boost your skin’s defenses against externally-produced free radicals.
Healthy, nourished skin has a radiance all its own.  Discover it for yourself.  For skin health inside and out, nothing compares to Vitamin E.


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  1. My dermatologist cousin prescribed Vitamin E cream as one for my night regimen. I didn't mind what to put in my face for a year now until I realized I already have dark spots from a bout of pimples at a time I was most stressed a year ago! I do believe it helps together with the other things she did.

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