Ingredients For the Perfect Guy

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Mr. Perfect is not a myth..he is just a far-fetched proposition. And despite what you think, he doesn’t always turn out to be gay.  In fact, with a little perseverance, every girl can find her Mr. Perfect. Every girl has her unique idea of Mr. Perfect.  He could be the face in the crowd, the diamond in the rough, the guy with the band, the geek next door, the bad-boy-in-the-making, or any one of a million different cliches. But no matter how different they all are, every Mr. Perfect can be thrown into the Boy Blender and distilled into four key ingredients – the stuff that makes up the Perfect Man.  

Oster Blender from Lazada


  There should be no doubt about it: Mr. Perfect must be perfectly head over heels in love with you.  This may seem like a pretty self-evident phrase, but you will be surprised at how a typical guy’s starry-eyed superheated first blush of “love” can come and go like a flash in a pan.  Only Mr. Perfect sticks out with you like super glue…because while everyone loves you, he is the only man who is truly in love with you.  

ingredient 2:  cuteness

  It might seem shallow, but yes, Mr. Perfect has to look good.  However, attractiveness is a relative term.  While he may not be handsome in the conventional, six-pack-abs-cover-model kind of way, there’s a certain indefinable charm about him that’s just a total turn-on and as cheesy as it may sound, it’s usually the inside that counts.  


  What time is it? Why, it’s Mr. Perfect ‘o clock, of course.  Whatever the occasion, you can be sure he is there for you, his busy schedule always somehow managing to scoot over and make some room.  Over and above time management, he is also reliable and true to his word – a far cry from the usual flakiness of the typical boy.  He even manages to surprise you.  When you least expect it, he suddenly shows up.  It ought to be creepy, it ought to be annoying, but somehow, you find yourself going, “Aww!”  


  Mr. Perfect is so sweet that every other guy feels positively diabetic in comparison.  It’s a matter of paying attention to the smallest details.  Any guy can do the big things – flower bouquets, movie dates – but only Mr. One-in-a-Million makes the effort to really get to know the million-and-one things that define you.  Every girl wishes that guys could read minds…Mr. Perfect can’t, of course, but he does come pretty darned close, especially when it’s those things that can make you genuinely happy.

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