Beautiful Creatures

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I wanted to watch “Beautiful Creatures” last Friday with a friend.  Unfortunately, it has already been pulled off the theaters. This movie has been promoted as the next magical thing, the next Twilight, but it got crushed by Bruce Willis’ “And A Good Day to Die Hard” and “Safe Haven.”

Trapped at home this weekend with a bad case of intestinal flu, I did the next best thing (which is perfectly better than doing laundry).

I read “Beautiful Creatures.”

I literally devoured the book.  It was actually written better than the books about glittering pale vampires and hard-rock-abbed werewolves (oops, my opinion).

It is about “casters” which is a new name for “witches”, featuring a fifteen-year old girl who will be “claimed” when she turns sixteen.  Most casters choose to be “light” or “dark” during the claiming.  A family curse, though, won’t leave her a choice.  She will either be light or dark.

I wanted to see the movie really bad after reading, although I have read that the big-screen version differed significantly from the novel.

Still, it looks like a visually delightful movie.

Everyone of them looks pretty.

Beautiful Creatures Book Movie

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  1. there are some stories that are better read than seen in movies. and there are some novels turn to movies that were edited too much to the point that you wish you havent read what really happened.

  2. I heard the movie was good but since I wasn't familiar with the book, i had my doubts. Now I think I want to read the book too. And then see the film 🙂 Thanks!

  3. i watched the movie. ;p hehehe the movie was good, but i wasn't satisfied, after watching the movie i thought to buy and read the book 🙂 but i dont have the money yet so next time na lang. hehehehe

  4. i haven't seen that movie nor read the book. hihi… pathetic aren't i? but because of a globe special invite, i got to see a good day to die hard, the day before valentine's.

  5. I like books on witches and vampires. Didn't like Twilight though. Not really about vampires, too cheesy. I like the Ann Rice novels.

  6. There are three sequels to the book. And oh @jellybelly, didnt like Twilight too. Too cheesy and I have a thing over a heroine who cant do anything (I like Katniss of Hunger Games cuz she kicks butt haha). Beautiful Creatures is written on the POV of a guy

  7. wow, this got me curious. i want to watch it too! actually, i never heard about it til now, hahaha. late sa mundo. thanks for sharing this. now, i have one to add on my list. 🙂

  8. I'll want Daddy Allan to download a torrent copy, hihi. I am not into watching movies na kasi. Nadidistract ako from finishing my crochet project, hehe. But it seems it has a beautiful story as the title says. hehe

    Mommy Maye2

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