Student Challenges: On Writing College Essays

Last Updated on August 15, 2020 by Paula

Do you hate writing essays?

Ask me what I hated most when I was in college.

You wouldn’t believe it, but I really hated writing essays.

And the worst part, writing essays are inescapable!

You are expected to write essays before entering college and probably a million times more during the course of your college course (I am kidding about the million times, but with the frequency professors ask you to write essays, you will feel like you have
written a million essays.)

To some students, essay writing is a burden

Of course, essay writing trained me to be better in my writing skills, which really helped me in landing a great job after I graduated.

However, you may be like other students who feel that writing an essay is a burden.

I don’t blame you.

You may just hate writing or you may have lots of other school and social activities to attend to, making essay writing your last priority. Until, of course, when the essay becomes due, and it is panic time.

Fortunately, you can now do an essay purchase through an essay writing service online.

Isn’t it amazing how the world wide web has evolved into making things simpler?

And you know, there are benefits you can get out of purchasing an essay.  For one, you will be exposed to different essay styles enabling you to confidently develop your own essay writing style later.

Custom-made essays will help you learn how to make your own essays in the future

These custom-made essays will assure you that they are well-researched, with correct grammar and sentence construction. Other essay-writing service companies offer online consultation with their professional writers, making you really understand what your essay is about, which sorts of removes doubts that you indeed made your essay.

Try to observe how these essays are written.  One day, you may be able to develop and improve your own style, making you capable and confident to finally make your own essay.

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  1. I hated doing school essays mainly because most of the topics suck (at least in my opinion) or I don't have an inkling about those topics. I like to write about what I am passionate about…but of course, in school, you don't get that much choice hehehe. Essays written in our national language were even worse for me lol!

  2. Me, too. that is the main reason I keep putting them off. My eldest had a fifth-grade English teacher who required them to keep a journal and write everyday. Ang sasaya ng mga prompts (I would love her to have as a teacher in a future life hehe) nya – and it really encouraged the children to write.

  3. Waaah….I remember that journal…"talatinigan" something. And we were required to write about our daily lives. What in the world would I write?? My life revolves around school and home and we rarely ever go out. My journal must have been a boring read. Lol! Writing prompts are great. Wish my teachers thought of those hehehe.

  4. Same was happen with me when I first entered in college and I was asked to write admission essay. I was not good in writing but continuous hardworking and struggle to improve my writing essay ability now put me on the stage where I can write on any topic free hand. Actually majority of students hate essay writing due to lack of vocabulary and less grammar skills. When I feel worries for writing essay on some topics about which I don't have enough knowledge I always contact with best custom essay service online where professional writers not only provide me great tips to write effective essay but also write on my behalf. All those students who are just thinking about online writers but don't have experience can seek for online writers without any problem.

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