Portable Oxygen Concentrators: Improving the Quality of Life

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Portable Oxygen Concentrators Improve Your Quality of Life

We take a lot of things for granted and put drama on very simple things.

We tend to take for granted the shelter that we have, the food on our table, our gift of sight to see this beautiful world, and the ability to breathe.

For some people, the struggle to breathe and be alive is real…

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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For people who have lungs that “suck at being lungs”, even a chance to go outdoors to ironically get some fresh air is impossible because of their debilitating illness.

People with COPD, apnea, and cystic fibrosis who are otherwise healthy except that they need some oxygen are limited in their movement and cannot do what they used to do.

No wonder most of them end up depressed.

Unlike us, they do not have the freedom to:

  • go to the mall and enjoy shopping
  • play and enjoy sports
  • go biking
  • travel

Fortunately, portable oxygen concentrators are now available.

What is a portable oxygen concentrator?

portable oxygen concentrator

A portable oxygen concentrator is a lighter and smaller version of the usual home oxygen concentrators with big tanks that we are used to seeing in hospitals.  This is designed for patients in need of oxygen therapy.

Although a lot like a normal home oxygen concentrator, a portable oxygen concentrator is a lot smaller in size, with some versions fitting in a small backpack.  Most portable oxygen concentrators are also FAA-approved.

What does a portable oxygen concentrator mean to a user?

Since a portable oxygen concentrator is so light and small, with no cart and oxygen tanks required and unlimited supply of oxygen,  patients are given the freedom to enjoy life like they should, where places they can go to are limitless.

They are not confined to the house but can enjoy their independence.

The result? An improvement of the patient’s quality of life.

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