Semester Break Is The Perfect Time To Fuel Your Passion!

Last Updated on August 20, 2020 by Paula

Dearest Project: Me, Only Better Girls,

While I know you love school (what is not to love about school, right?!),  you have got to admit that one of the best things about the semester break is that it gives you a break from being a student.

For two whole weeks, you get to be someone else!

You can be a writer, a chef, a tourist, beach bum, bookworm, photographer, professional ice cream eater, a freelance online writer, a mall

For two whole weeks, you get to be whoever you want to be.

But here is a pickle:

How do you figure out exactly who you want to be?

You are a great singer but you also kind of rock at tennis.

You enjoy performing onstage and would love to be a part of Walnut Creek children’s theatre but you also have a grand time working behind the scenes.

You love foreign films but you also love mindless comedies.

You are into arts, but athletic, hipster chic but pop fabulous.

You are a painter-slash-baker-slash-future writer, and sometimes it just gets downright confusing.

“Make up your mind!” people will probably tell you.

“Just pick one and commit to it.”

And you will kind of figure out that the theater really fuels your passion.

You love to perform, be transported to a different era with Victorian costumes, fly like Wendy or be prim and proper like Juliet.  You also like to stay behind the scenes and would seriously be studying the theatre camp FAQ to look if you qualify.  But hey, guess what?  There is no limit to the number of things you can be passionate about.

With enough determination and drive, it is totally possible to be many things at once!

Yes, you can be a theater actress and be a candle-maker as well!

So go ahead and explore the world.

Discover what gets your heart racing, and seek out all the places where you can make a mark.

There is a blissful exhilaration in the process of figuring things out.

You’ve just got to trust that!

Sooner or later, you will end up exactly where you are supposed to be, doing something you absolutely positively love.

This semester break, find out what makes you happy-whether it is theater or music poetry or fashion design or yoga or surfing or archery – and if the answer happens to be more than one, I hope you know that is perfectly okay.

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