{How To Lose Weight} Go Easier On Yourself

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lose weight by going easier on yourself

Being nice, not putting yourself down  and constantly cheering yourself on may just be the key to a better body.

I know, I know.  I go through the same routine.

“I am soo big.”

“I am heavier than when I gave birth.”

You know, put-down things that I always tell myself .


And oh, when somebody says, “Uyy, pumayat ka!”* , I always say “Nope. I am a whole lot bigger than a year ago!” (By the way, if somebody says you are looking fitter and you are in the Philippines, be very thankful!

Pinoys have this weird way of greeting by saying “Uyy, antaba taba mo na! Anyare???”* or “Why do you have bangs? Parang

Di ba?

I have been greeted a million times with the “You-are-so-big-what happened???” greet!

Ewan ko ba.  I can really put myself down in a million different creative ways , but when other people say those same things, ansama sama ng loob ko.

The real key to shaping up is loving your body. Here’s how:

Make Mini Goals.

I always set impossible goals.

I have “Ten On Ten” (Ten pounds by the tenth of the month), “Twenty on Thirty” (Twenty Pounds by the 30th).

Did I reach those goals? Nope.

The reason is that they are such lofty goals (I mean, your body can only do so much!) that they can be paralyzing.

It is better to make mini-goals, not just mini-goals for the day, but mini goals a few hours at a  time.

Your first mini-goal may be to drink four glasses  of water by noon.  When you hit the 3 PM slump, don’t go crazy
and have a healthy snack without the words “Choco-dipped” or “Cream-filled”.  Then you can aim to take a 20 minute

These mini-goals can make you motivated like nothing else.  You will feel powerful with the knowledge that you have completed mini-goals by the end of the day, instead of stressing over the big goal you have yet to achieve.

Splurge A Little and Buy  A New Pair of Jeans.

Whose goal is it to fit in your old jeans again?

Yup, that little sexy piece you had two years ago before you got pregnant? It has been always my goal, but I guess it is too
self-punishing and self-defeating.

When you hit a shape-up milestone, you can try those old jeans if they would still fit you, but it is better to treat yourself to new ones!  The old ones are probably out of style now anyway.

Make The Tape Measure Your Friend.

I weigh myself practically every day (making the scale my best enemy!), but I detest the tape measure.

However, keeping track of how many inches you have lost or gained is a much more accurate measure of your progress and is more motivating than stepping on a scale every single day.

Gripe No More.

Your weight loss plan won’t succeed for long if you make negative comments about your body.

You are what you eat.  It may also happen that you are what you say.

If you say you will not lose weight and your butt is bigger than the solar system, you will start to believe it.

It is always your head that gets in the way of your success and self-esteem.  Pretend you are a diva even on your worst days and you will be surprised at how quickly your mind and your body will follow.

Repeat after me, “Diyosa ako!”

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