5 Cardinal Rules For Sharing Your Life online

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We are all guilty of this at one point.
Venting online.


Expressing negative emotions online feels safe since you aren’t screaming at anyone in particular and there is a sense anonymity.  The problem is that you don’t know who’s looking at what you are writing and you don’t have control over its spread.
An expert recommends three main reasons for online censorship:

Here Are My Cardinal Rules When You Share Your Life Online:


Be conscious of what your posts say about you.

Ask yourself if your blogs and photos can get you into trouble now or later, or if they cause others to lose respect for you.  If you vent about being mad at someone, would you be comfortable if that person ended up reading what you said?  If you write about the wild party you went to, or how you took some shortcuts with a school project, will there be negative repercussions if a teacher or a school official read it?
This goes  for uploading photos or videos as well.  If your parents or grandparents saw them, would you be okay with it? What if they got forwarded to others, like an ex-boyfriend, a neighbor, or a stranger? What about 1,000 strangers?

Think of the well-being of others, too.

You may post photos of your friends going wild and getting drunk, or tweet about how someone snuck out of the house last night to go partying.  This may not get you in trouble, but what about this other person?

Keep your recipients in mind.

If you reply to a group message, or post on an online group, think about who will receive your note.  When you send out an e-mail, consider the words that you write as being announced over a loudspeaker because your e-mail can get forwarded and forwarded and forwarded.

Remember that there are baddies out there.

Not to scare you, but stalkers, kidnappers, online predators and child molesters do exist, so think twice when posting something that can attract them.  That photo of you in a bikini on the beach may seem perfectly innocent, but someone out there may be looking at it in a different way.’

Tweak your privacy settings.

This way, you control who has access to the stuff you post online.
You don’t need to delete your online profiles just yet.  Just remember not to say or show anything online that you would not do in the real world with other people listening and watching.
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