Christmas Is A Time To Reach Out, Reconnect

Last Updated on August 17, 2020 by Paula

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It is a day to December, and although the Grinch in me is threatening to rear out his ugly head anytime soon, I am trying to tame him by thinking of the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate friendships, old and new.  To celebrate the spirit of the season, say sorry to people you had misunderstandings with this year, and feel the joy of forming new friendships.  Show your appreciation to your family and friends.  Give them a handwritten, heartfelt note or thank you card.  It really doesn’t have to be a big gesture.  It  can be as simple as giving your dad a small hug right after he drops you off at school in the morning, or saying “good night” to your ate before going to bed.

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