Is Your Bad Mood Bringing You Down?

Last Updated on August 19, 2020 by Paula

is your bad mood bringing you down?

Is your bad mood bringing you down?

We all have those days.

Here are tips on how to cheer you up.


Of course, you already know this, if you  have read “The Secret”.

Your brain is so powerful that you tend to attract whatever you think about!

Stop thinking of things that might go wrong, because you are inviting them.

Think of the glass as half full.

Positivity makes you forget about those things which you worry about a lot.  Besides, if you let those worries get into you, you will be trapped into an endless chain of assumptions of things that may go wrong, which will worsen your bad mood.


Finish your scrapbook and make sure  everything stays together by using a medical grade adhesive.

Write a poem.  Learn to cook.

There is nothing than creating something out of nothing, doing something you really enjoy and fully tapping into your creative energy to make you center your thoughts and express your feelings


Everyday, make a list of things you are thankful for.  Keeping a record of all the good things in your life will help you appreciate what you have instead  of feeling sad about what you wish you had.

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