How do You do Keto on a Whole Food Diet?

The keto diet is a popular option that encourages you to eat as many quality meats and veggies as you can get your hands on. However, you might also want to do a whole food diet at the same time.

Here are some tips for combining a whole food diet with the ketogenic diet.


Stick to the Basics

 To start with, you should try to keep your diet as simple as possible, especially when you are trying to combine keto with a whole foods diet. If you are new to keto in general, you don’t want to make it overly complicated. With a whole foods diet, you are trying to avoid anything processed, so your grocery list and meal planning can be very simple. For keto and whole foods, the majority of your meals include meat and veggies, with some nuts, seeds, and a little fruit. Some people choose to have cheese, while others don’t. You can also enjoy eggs when doing keto as a whole food diet.

 Avoid Packaged and Processed Foods

 Naturally, you don’t want anything packaged or processed. This is where many people tend to go wrong with keto. If you are doing with all whole foods, then skip all the pre-packaged low-carb and keto snacks you find in stores. Instead, just stick to what you will be able to prepare at home. You might decide to have some packaged food, like string cheese, but keep it to a minimum as much as possible.

Meal Plan and Prep

 This is essential so that you are never stuck with nothing to eat, having to eat out or grab a quick packaged snack. If you want to eat all meals and snacks as a whole food keto diet, then plan out all your meals for the week, get ally our groceries, and prep what you can. Put nuts and seeds into portion-controlled baggy, chop fruits and veggies, prepare salads ahead of time, and cook as much as you can before the week begins. By the time Monday rolls around, all your meals are ready to go.

 Try to Cook All Meals Yourself

 This is the simplest way to be sure you are eating whole foods while on a keto diet. If you make everything from scratch, you are going as whole as possible. Use fresh produce instead of canned, make your own meat instead of buying frozen, use grass-fed butter and free-range eggs as much as you can.



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