Health Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

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Health Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet has been trending as a fast way to lose weight, and it definitely is a health benefit.

But! Losing weight is not only the health benefit you can get from the Ketogenic Diet.

Apparently, being on the ketogenic diet may treat a myriad of health problems, from infertility to helping fight cancer.

Talaga lang, ha!

Here are some health benefits of being in the Ketogenic Diet:

Disclosure: The information provided on this post should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. It is not a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult your health care provider.

Ketogenic Diet May Help Fight Cancer.

Studies have shown that cancer cells need certain requirements to grow. Apparently, cancer cells grow when there is an available source of glucose. When  ketosis happens, cancer cells may appear to have a hard time functioning and begin to starve.

While studies are still underway, the idea of the ketogenic diet assisting with fighting cancers, definitely shows some promise.

Ketogenic Diet May Help Lower Blood Sugar and Prevent Diabetes.

Diabetes has always been misunderstood. Like, it is a common belief that if you consume lots of sugar, you will develop diabetes.

However, current research may prove that consuming loads of sugar may not necessarily be causing your diabetes.

While drinking lots of soda and eating tons of sugary donuts can contribute to diabetes, many people have blood sugar values unrelated to soda. In fact, there are people with diabetes who have never consumed soda!

The ketogenic diet  program has shown to lower blood sugar levels in people with both types of diabetes. In fact, diabetes medications have even been reduced or eliminated by just doing the ketogenic diet!


Ketogenic Diet May Solve Your Infertility.

If you suffer from infertility as a result of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), then the keto diet can definitely help you. Through ketosis, your hormones may start to regulate and you may actually be able to regulate your blood glucose levels.

This helps with your PCOS and might even cause your body to normalize enough to ovulate on time and have a higher likelihood of getting pregnant. While the research is still being done, many infertility specialists are already recommending it.

Ketogenic Diet May Treat Alzheimer’s.


The brain has billions of of cells amazingly connected.  Learning something new for the first time creates a neural pathway. Each time you practice what you learned, like playing the piano for instance, the pathway gets stronger and the message travels uninterrupted.

However, when that pathway gets broken, you are unable to remember which note on the piano to play next.

Alzheimer’s is what occurs when the nerve networks are being broken or destroyed. The messages that you used to be able to transport, like who you are and how to recognize faces, is no longer being received.

Studies are still being conducted on exactly why the messages are not traveling through the brain, and not being received and acted on.

One possible thought is that the brain is not getting enough glucose.  Moreover,  the glucose that is being delivered has a difficult time passing through the brain-blood barrier.

So why the keto diet? It is known that exercise and constant stimulation from social activities help and perhaps using ketones to feed the brain, may make the difference. As the options for Alzheimer’s are limited, trying the ketogenic diet is well worth the effort.


Studies have shown that there are a lot of health benefits of the ketogenic diet.  However, anyone who is suffering from disease should talk to their doctor about undergoing a ketogenic diet program.

It is advised not to start a ketogenic diet program without getting clearance from a medical professional first.

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