Thursday, January 21, 2016

So, maybe this is just one of those weird days.

Maybe, you were in a fight with your BFF.

Maybe you had a bad mark in a big exam.

Maybe, the Trig teacher decided to fail half of the class and you are in that half.

Maybe, you were late for your intern duty and went home before they could tell you that you go home (this happened to me…).


On days like these, it is useful to have these 2 feel-good tricks:

1. Treat yourself to something yummy.

Ever wondered why cupcakes and anything sweet makes us feel sooo good?  Experts say the sweetness triggers our happiness hormones.  So go ahead and eat.  I bet you will find yourself smiling again!

2. Do something you’re good at.

Nothing boosts your self-esteem than to dp something you are really good at.  I may not be the best, but heck, I can sing well.  Do what I do.  Turn up your favorite song  and amp micro terror and sing as high and loud as you can! You will find yourself forgetting why you are having a bad day! Project:Me, Only Better!

What Do Miley Cyrus and I Have In Common?

Saturday, December 26, 2015

What do Miley Cyrus and I have in common?

Linda Hannah montana_800_opt

Well, apart from what every girl like me might think that I would not want to do anything with her, one thing that I can really think of is that we were raised by music-loving parents.  Miley’s dad was a country rock star and my dad probably sings more than he talks (he plays the guitar and even composes his songs and records and enhances them using an Emg).

This probably explains why we are so insanely in love with music.  I have probably around a hundred gigabytes of music in my gadgests and my music collection is always growing. 

I love how music becomes a part of my life, from the MP3 alarm I wake up to, to the lyrics I make into mini-mottos for tough days.

Yeah, I know.  We rock.cpae-ef-heart-pinks

Four Ways to Avoid Getting Sick During the Holiday Season

Tuesday, December 15, 2015
You are so looking forward to the Holiday season and then you suddenly feel sick.

Cheer up.  Your sickness didn’t choose you.  It probably chose a lot of others, too.

Why is it that everybody seems to be sick during the holidays?

It probably may be a combination of factors.  The holiday crowd makes it so easy to pass on virus.  

Add the cold season and the stress that comes along with it, and you have a perfect brew for a sick holiday. I am hoping you won't have the need to visit an urgent care clinic , though, so here are :

1.  Avoid the large crowd.

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