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Upgrade Your Communications with Ease

If you are the type of person who just loves staying in touch with others, you probably also are the type who keeps a close eye on cell phone technology. You may have noticed by now that there is at least one new model of most popular cell phone lines that comes out each year. If you want to stay in touch with people, one of the best ways is by having a phone that is the top of the line.

Upgrade phone

While phones are not the only great pieces of technology coming out each year, they are certainly one of the most popular buys these days. But just because you want to invest in a new phone does not mean that you need to end up throwing away a ton of money. Actually, you can save money on your next phone purchase rather easily. Hop on your current smart phone and head over to Samsung’s Groupon Coupons page to start accessing a ton of great savings opportunities.

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What Do Guys Like?Your Guide To Guys’ Interests

I just can’t get it.

My boy cousins love to have fart contests, laugh like hyenas over green jokes, speak with their mouths full, walk around the house shirtless (in full view of my girl gang) and flex their imaginary muscles, burp loudly in public.

I just can’t understand it.  Soo immature.

What guys like and what are guys’ interests are so strange/weird.

We still like them anyway...


(And oh, my mom would tell stories about crazy things her brother did to her and her girl cousins like he would fart on his palm and cup it over their mouths.  That is sooo gross!)

Let’s just say they are wired differently – they like doing what we girls aren’t required to understand - and unlike us tamer specie, they love (and we can't seem to understand)...


Guys spend a lot of time watching and playing sports.  Any game is more important than any final exam. Seriously.  They would stay at home, catch the latest football game or head over to the basketball court and shoot some hoops with his friends than hang out with you.  It’s painful, I know.

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4 Movies for the Brokenhearted

The start of the year is no time for sulking. Mend that broken heart in time for Valentine’s with movies that help you find your happy ending.


27 Dresses

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride – that’s the story of Jane’s life.  She is the eternal victim of unrequited love – and maybe she just has not found the guy who knows the 5 ways to win a girl’s heart – until Kevin comes to the rescue.  Is her dream wedding finally within reach? You will love the colorful dresses and really funny scenes PLUS! you will realize there is always HOPE FOR LOVE.


Giselle lives in her own animated fairy tale until an evil queen transports her to the crazy streets of New York.  With the help of a divorce lawyer, Robert Philip, Giselle discovers that although the real world is not as flawless as she wants to be (but, hey, I  am not stopping you from doing a sing and dance routine with the birds and the mice!), true love’s kiss and happily ever afters are still possible.

The Lake House

Alex and Kate have been exchanging love letters for a while. (By the way, wwbw has manuscript paper for your love letter writing needs!) These pen pals are perfect for each other, except for one tiny snag: THEY LIVE IN TWO DIFFERENT YEARS! As fate slowly runs its course to bring them closer to each other, they understand one important truth – that good things truly come to those who wait.

And of course,

One More Chance

For Popoy and Basha, it all begins with a breakup.  Drama unfolds after they part ways, and they learn that the only thing to do is keep moving forward.  But as they try to find themselves, their separate lives merge once again.  Is their love worth a second shot?

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