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Get Motivated: How Fitness Enhances Multiple Areas of Your Life

Some people believe that fitness is just meant to keep your body rockin’, but the truth is that fitness can do a lot more than tone and tighten. It may sound far-fetched, but being fit can positively affect everything from your mood to your love life. The following will highlight some of the ways committing to fitness makes your life better

A Better State Of Mind


One thing that you might find interesting is that keeping up with your fitness routine might help prevent issues like depression or even anxiety. This is not something that happens overnight, but it will occur.

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There is Snail Slime In My Moisturizer!!!

One rainy night, I heard a blood-curling scream!

It was my mom!

Apparently, she was trying to do some overtime work and was reaching for her laptop mouse when she felt something slimy on her hand!

It was a slug!


(I looked around for a slug photo, but na-ah.  I won’t be putting it here.)

Imagine her screaming more if she finds out that the same slime (well, I don’t know if slug slime is way different from snail slime) is a prime ingredient in one of her favorite moisturizers.

Yes, it’s true, people!

Lurking in your beauty and skin care stuff are the following weird and totally outrageous ingredients!


Snail Slime

You must have seen photos like this one :


Fear factor levels, right?

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