If You Love Pizza, You Will Love This!

Last Updated on July 7, 2017 by Venessa

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Looking for a fun, simple, easy-to-assemble costume for this Halloween— that’s also a hilarious pun? The clever creative team at BuyCostumes came up with a great idea for a Pizza Rat costume. It’s a total hat tip to the Pizza Rat video that’s gone crazy viral (if you haven’t seen it, just search “pizza rat” and it’ll come right up).     You can take this costume to any level you like. All you really need to make your own Pizza Rat costume are a gray hoodie and pants, a mouse nose and ears, and piece of pizza. You can also draw a quick rat nose and whiskers onto your face with a black makeup pencil if you’d prefer that route. And a rat tail can be DIY’ed with something as simple as a shoelace or length of clothesline tucked into the back of your belt.
As for the pizza, it can be real or fake; it doesn’t matter. Of course, carrying around a real piece of pizza might get kinda gross after a while … just a thought. You can also create your own giant piece of pizza with foam board from the craft store or ordinary corrugated cardboard. Just cut out a vague triangular shape, and use some markers to draw toppings. It doesn’t have to be perfect – this is a last-minute costume idea, remember? And if you want to be seriously authentic, wear your mouse accessories with a pizza costume. It doesn’t matter if nobody gets it: you know you’re hilarious.     Pizza Slice Adult Costume Mouse Nose

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