you can stop acne by doing these three things!

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You may not know it, but your daily activities may be the cause of those annoying zits!  


stop acne by doing these 3 things Did you know that your phone is a breeding ground for bacteria?  Ewww!  I know you just had to chat with your bestie, but please, sanitize your phone now and then.  You can use a mild anti-bacterial wipe or just use a headset for those long gabfests.  

Keep your hair away from your face while sleeping.

Sleeping with your hair all over your face transfers all its natural lube to your skin.  That can cause a major breakout! Get your hair away from your face at night by using a stretchy cloth hairband or tie your hair in a high knot (you will be rewarded with gorgeous curls plus zero zit when you wake up.

check the bath products that you use.

Have you ever wondered why you seem to have a major breakout on your chin, your forehead, or your hairline?  You may be allergic to some ingredients of your shampoo or toothpaste.  Try switching to a milder shampoo and toothpaste. cpae-ef-heart-pinks

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