fragrance 101: all you’ve always wanted to know about fragrances

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by: V As a child, I would always sneak into my mom’s dresser and try all her fragrances.  I would literally spray them all over me until I practically reek of them.  Now that I am in my teens, fragrances still fascinate me. Fragrance101 Here are some of the answers to everything I have always wanted to know about fragrances:

What’s the difference between cologne, eu de toilette, and eu de parfum?

I asked this from my mom, but she answered me in a way that I don’t understand (she was talking about excise taxes and the different rates on those fragrances…she is weird that way…)   So, according to my research: Scents labeled eu de parfum are more expensive and more potent, since they contain a higher concentration of extracts and essential oils at 10 to 20%. If you want to pick a scent t wear on an everyday basis, select a bottle of eu de toilette since it only contains 5 to 15% of extracts – making it less potent than eu de parfum. Colognes have the smallest concentration at 3 to 8%, which is why their scents are lighter and they are the most affordable.

How much should I spritz so I don’t go overboard?

  perfume101 If you’re leaving behind a scent trails, you already overdid it.  To get the right amount of fragrance, spray the scent (one or two will do)  a foot or two in front of you and walk into the mist.  Doing so will evenly and lightly distribute the scent.

How can I make my scent last longer?


  • LAYER IT.  If the fragrance comes with a line of scented soaps and lotions, use them before misting you scent.
  • MOISTURIZE. Dry skin makes your scent evaporate faster, so use a dab of unscented lotion or petroleum jelly as a base.
  • KNOW YOUR SPRAY SPOTS. Apply the fragrance on pulse points like your neck, behind the ears and wrists.


  • CK One by Calvin Klein is a classic unisex scent that’ll make it seem like you just stepped out of the shower.


  • Princess by Vera Wang is a fun, playful, fruity-floral blend of apricot skin and Tahitian flower.
  • Secret Wish by Anna Sui is a fruity and sparkling potion that combines the goodness of fresh lemons, melon and amber.
  • Clinique Happy by Clinique is a chic and modern floral with a citrus twist – one of the most distinct scents around.

What can I do to match a scent to my current mood?

If you’re feeling excited or want a boost of happiness and energy, opt for scents with citrus, tangy and light floral notes. citrusnotes If you’re going on a special date with your crush and want something romantic, try scents with hints of vanilla, cinnamon and heavier musks. Feeling a bit tense? Help calm yourself with a scent that has whiffs of lavender.cpae-ef-heart-pinks

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