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6 Keys to Better BFF Bonding Image Source: BuzzQuotes.com 1. Expand your circle.  Hang out with other groups but don’t disconnect from each other completely.  Meeting other people can make you more well-rounded and give you more to talk about when you do hang out. 2. Schedule a BFF Day.  Pencil in a specific date for your best friend once a month (just like a monthsary!) 3. Stay honest.  Better bonding means staying true to each other, even when it means having to dish out the hard facts you would rather not hear. 4. Create a tradition.  Holding BFF rituals can help you create the best memories.  They’re also something you can continue until college and even after. Just listening to cool music on those jbl control 26ct ceiling speakers without talking, just completely relishing each other’s company is awesome. 5. Count on her.  When you are holding a tough secret, it is easy to jump to conclusions and think that no one will understand.  Don’t underestimate your bestie’s capacity to empathize, no matter what. 6. Trust.  No friendship is solid without a big dose of trust.  It means putting yourself out there, sure, but the rewards of earning someone’s trust and having someone to trust in you completely are priceless. Project:Me Only Better

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