General Reminders When Getting an Online Job

Last Updated on July 7, 2017 by Marie Bulatao

  • The first and most important thing to do before getting an online job is to check out the website or company offering the job.  Read and research about it in online forum and other websites.  Be careful not to fall into a scam.  Prevent this scenario from happening  Not getting paid after working so hard on a project.
  • Try and find companies that are based or have affiliates here in the Philippines.  Money transactions would be faster and easier and they would be reachable should any problems arise.
  • It will be necessary to have a bank or credit card account that will have to be registered with an online money transfer website such as Paypal, particularly if the website company is based abroad.  A bank account would be enough however for locally based ones.
  • Never neglect to read and understand the company’s agreement terms and policies.  The ideas presented in this article are broad generalizations.  Each website still has specific guidelines that differ from one another.
  • A college education is usually enough to get into these jobs, but since in certain jobs the clients can choose who they want to work with, it would be good to have better credentials paired with a convincing portfolio to present to gain better chances at being selected.
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