Things You Should Not Be Doing When You Are On the Ketogenic Diet

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There are some things that ordinary people who are new to the ketogenic diet tend to do, without realizing how harmful they are.

And oops, I am guilty of doing no. 2.

These bad habits prevent you from reaching ketosis, which will make you unsuccessful in your ketogenic diet efforts. Not to mention you are depriving yourself of a new lifestyle and the health benefits that you can get from the ketogenic diet.

Here are  Common Mistakes To Avoid When on the Ketogenic Diet:


Common Ketogenic Diet Mistake #1: Loading Up on Protein

The ketogenic diet may be a low-carb diet, bu that does not mean it is the same as other low-carb diets.

The ketogenic diet is not the Atkins Diet, where meat and cheese is consumed.

In the ketogenic diet, you will need to monitor your protein intake in order to reach ketosis properly.  If you end up eating too much protein while on the keto diet, you won’t go into ketosis.  Why?  Because amino acids in protein can convert into glucose.

Try to keep your protein to a moderate level, balancing out your meals with plenty of whole grains and vegetables.

Common Ketogenic Diet Mistake #2: Not Eating Enough Fat


When I started doing the ketogenic diet, my mind had a hard time reconciling with the fact that fat can actually make you thin.

Seriously.  I was raised in a society where fat is evil.  Fat will build “taba” around your heart and you will die of heart attack.

I actually had a friend who swore avocados (which grow in abundance here in my hometown during the rainy season) are the reason why I was getting really big (she actually thought the milk and the sugar I put on the avocado are good haha)

On this diet, fat rules the world, but it is important to know which fats you should be eating.

You should try to stick to healthy fats, which are fats that are still nutritious for you. Nut butters like peanut butter and almond butter are great. Avocados, olives, and some types of oils are awesome.  Any of the omega-3 fats are also good for you and usually approved when you are on the keto diet.

Common Ketogenic Diet Mistake #3: Weighing Yourself Too Much

Guilty here!



When you are on the ketogenic diet, just like any other weight loss regimen, you might start obsessing over how much weight you have lost.

While many individuals will lose weight at a rapid pace when they first start the keto diet, you might end up being an exception ;(.

Some people just won’t lose a lot of weight in the beginning.  Don’t worry.

This doesn’t mean you are not reaching ketosis, but that the weight loss hasn’t quite caught up to the scale yet. As long as you are following the ketogenic diet rules to the letter, you are doing fine.

Common Ketogenic Diet Mistake #4: Forgetting to Eat Your Vegetables

Since the ketogenic diet is a low-carb diet, many people mistakethis for the Atkins diet. This is definitely a diet where you want to be careful about how many carbohydrates you consume each day.

This does not mean you should forget your vegetables.  What I avoid are veggies from the ground, like potato, kamote, gabi.  In the ketogenic diet, you still need your low-carb veggies like:

  • cauliflowers,
  • broccoli,
  • zucchini, and
  • bell peppers.


Common Ketogenic Diet Mistake #5: Not Tracking Everything You Eat

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The number one rule in any diet you are making, not only the ketogenic diet, is to write down everything you eat!  You will never realize that you are going over your carb requirements if you don’t keep track of everything that you put in your mouth.

And always remember to write everything, including seasonings, oils and flavorings since a lot of these contain carbs as well.

Common Ketogenic Diet Mistake #6:  Constantly Checking Your Ketones

When you are on the keto diet, you are trying to get into ketosis. This is what allows you  to lose weight as your body begins burning fat for fuel. Many people need to know they  are in ketosis so they will use strips and other monitoring devices to check their  ketones. There are many reasons your ketone levels might be off on certain days, so  the stress it produces is really not worth it. Just stick to your 20 net carbs a day, focus  on healthy eating with the right macros, and you should be just fine with staying in  ketosis.

Common Ketogenic Diet Mistake #7:  Eating Too Much of Something

With any diet you are on, balance is key. Even on the ketogenic diet, you can have too much of a good thing.

Focus on portion sizes and balance out your meals and snacks  so that you are not constantly eating just one type of food all the time. There is a  possibility you are eating too much of one fat, too much dairy, too much cheese. Try to  mix up your meals and snacks, focusing on the overall nutrients as well as those net  carbs.

Common Ketogenic Diet Mistake #8:  Failing to Prep and Plan

Another common mistake people make is not planning ahead. Keto is one of those diet plans where you really need to keep track of everything you eat. This makes it hard to  just grab something without knowing how many net carbs it contains. It is best that you  plan all of your meals and snacks ahead of time, and prep as much as you can so you  aren’t grabbing for a high-carb convenience food just because you’re not sure what to  eat.

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