4 Ways To Wear your Halloween Wig (and scare the hair out of them)

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Halloween is just a few weeks away!

Now, if you are a procrastinator (like me), or if you are not entirely into the Halloween spirit (like my friends), it is time to summon all the powers that be and take on that rockin’ Halloween mood.

4 Ways To Wear Your Halloween Wig

Come to think of it, it is easy to put up a scary costume.

All you need are stuff you can find in your house (like a long, white table cloth that can double as your scary gown)  and wigs to finish your err…scarry look!

Here’s how:


Google says that the White Lady is a female ghost associated with some local legend or tragedy.  She is always, of course, in white with long dark hair.

(P.S. You can google for White Lady photos, but since I am doing this post at midnight, I sure as h*ll won’t put a photo here.)

What You Need:

  • a white gown or white onesie
  • white powder or really pale mineral makeup (several shades lighter than your skin) for your face
  • black or dark eye powder for those scary circles around your eyes
  • and a wig just like this (a white lady does not necessarily need to have dark hair, right? ):

 MapofBeauty 24 Inch/60cm Charming Synthetic Long Wavy Side Bangs Women Party Anime Cosplay Wig (Red)MapofBeauty 24 Inch/60cm Charming Synthetic Long Wavy Side Bangs Women Party Anime Cosplay Wig (Red)

You will look fierce!  More of wigs like this plus a lot of adorable things like clothes, jewelry and a lot more are available here!


The banshee is a female spirit in Irish folklore.  You can hear her wail if someone is about to die.  Creepy…

What You Need

  • a long gown (with any color of your choice
  • Halloween makeup
  • and this wig:

 netgo Women’s Long Straight Wigs With Bangs Halloween Costume WigsCheck It Out Here!

Now wouldn’t you be a creepy banshee!


I bet not one of you knows Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, but ask your mom and she will remember her as this vampy lady in tight, black clothes in a funny TV series in the late ‘80s called Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Elvira,Mistress of the Dark

You can rock your Halloween by going as Elvira.  Like a real ‘80s horror queen, you will shine by just wearing black dress, black stockings, dark red lipstick, long, black nails, a dagger, and a long black wig like this:

 MapofBeauty 28Get it here!

Just fluff up the top a little, and trim the edges a bit to give you a fierce, vampy look.

Although if you want the really authentic Elvira Mistress of the Dark look, you can always get your wig here!

 Rubie’s Elvira Mistress Of The Dark Long Wig, Black, One SizeRubie's Elvira Mistress Of The Dark Long Wig, Black, One Size


One of my most favorite Katy Perry looks is the iconic California Girls hair.  There was no day I wished I could dye my hair blue!
Katy Perry in Blue Wig


What you need

  • a short, glittery dress in pale color
  • black eyeliner
  • nude lipstick
  • and this blue wig (adjust and cut the front part to have the bangs)

 BERON Short Curly Bob WigCheck It Out!

There are a million ways to rock your Halloween costume. And oh, sometimes – nah – a lot of times, the hair is the missing note to your Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween Wishes


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