Best Low Carb Appetizer Choices for Your Holiday Meal Plan

Last Updated on December 15, 2019 by Paula

Wondering what exactly you’ll be able to eat as a low-carb dieter during the holiday season? This December, the thought of attending all those festive occasions with so much food, glorious food, will likely have you feeling left out. Consider, though, that many party fare is actually a keto dieter’s dream, and lots of popular party dishes are definitely permitted. You may actually have a lot more low-carb choices than you thought.

When it comes to low-carb living and enjoying yourself around the holidays, the appetizer hour is probably your best time to shine. Consider the following food choices that are not only healthy but they happen to be delicious AND low carb.

Deviled eggs. These tasty snackers are a perennial party favorite, especially around the holidays. The traditional kind are just fine, but you can also vary up your deviled egg stuffing by mixing in extra ingredients such as avocado, crumbled bacon, capers, onion bits, horseradish, celery, pimientos, and other delicious additions.

Mayo-based dips. If you love the traditional spinach and onion dips, you’re in luck. You can still have it on keto and you won’t even miss the bread bowl when you have plenty of healthy, fresh veggie slices for dipping. Other options for scooping up delightful dips include pork rinds and keto-friendly crackers which are made with ingredients like almond flour rather than grain-based flours.

Cream cheese spreads. If you love to nosh on a nice smoked salmon spread or take a dunk of yummy, savory herbed cream cheese, then you definitely won’t mind being a low carb eater this Christmas season. Enjoy a dollop of cream cheese based spread along with some fresh veggies and salad. No one minds if you eat your cream cheese with a fork if that’s your preference. It’s all about keeping it low carb but treating yourself when the option is available.

Meat and cheese platters. Antipasto gets the nod of approval from low-carb eaters foraging for fun food options during December holiday celebrations. Indulge in delicious, sliced aged meats and cheeses paired with tangy, marinated veggies such as red roasted peppers, pickled cauliflower, olives and mushrooms. Your meats and cheese will go down easy along with a serving of healthy green salad. So delicious, you’ll forget that you’re on a “diet!”

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