Skin Solutions 101: Your Embarrassing Skin Problems–Solved!

Does a zit ruin your day?

Bad skin day, along with the more popular “bad hair day” can definitely put a black spot to our sunny day, but bad skin and bad hair don’t last forever, right? But when they do happen to me, I wish I could put on a mask and wear it forever…

Here are remedies to your skin’s biggest skin concerns – ones that you can’t even ask your BFF!  As with most skin issues, it is always best to visit a dermatologist for serious and long-term treatment, but here are some of our tried and tested bad-skin busters.
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Ramp Up Your Style for Date Night

Have you gotten into a rut with your spouse? Are you wearing sweatpants and no makeup more often than not? Are you heading out on a first date and are insecure about your looks and fashion style? Sounds like you need a fashion intervention. Follow these recommendations from the professionals and you’ll be stepping out in style in no time!

Ramp Up Your Style For Date Night

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Perfect Gifts to Get Your Spouse this Holiday Season

It’s already November! The weather is cold and the days are shorter... before you know it, the holidays will be here! Holidays are always busy with travelling out of town, hosting guests, and trying to accommodate everybody’s plans. Try to take a step back from the chaos this year and plan something just for you and your special someone. Depending on you and your style, there are a variety of things you could do. Here are some things to get your gears turning.

Perfect Gifts for Spouse

Just for Him

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Kojie San DreamWhite

One of the really popular whitening soaps to hit the Philippine shores is Kojie San Soap.  This soap, which seriously had no media mileage, became a cult favorite through word-of-mouth because truly, the product delivered.  I remember my mom reading about this online and trying to search for it high and low in beauty stores.  It is a good thing it is now readily available at your local grocery and department stores.

But what makes Kojie San Lightening Soap  so special it became the go-to product of people who like to be fair and young looking?

I guess it has to be because of its ingredient – KOJIC ACID.

Kojic acid has proven to be so popular that it’s become almost synonymous with skin whitening – and with good reason.  The all-natural whitening agent effectively blocks the production of melanin, which reduces pigmentation and lightens the skin.  Kojic acid is also a powerful exfoliating ingredient, removing dead skin cells for a fairer, more radiant you.

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Unboxing My Eye of Horus: Awaken the Goddess Within Glamourbox

Hey, there, Goddesses!!!

Look what the Beauty Goddess gave to me this week! (thank you, Mom!lol)


Eye of Horus is here and it is the newest box in my Glamourbox Collection.

EOH GlamourBox Plain

It contains a classic collection of beautiful browns and gorgeous earth-toned hues. It really brings out the Cleopatra in you!

(aww...even my dog is stoked...)

The box contains the following beautiful pieces:
1. Isis Sun Goddess Shadow Palette Full-size 3.6 g for 1,350.00
2. Liquid Define Babylon Brown Full-size 2g for 990.00
3. Goddess Pencil in Nubian Brown Full-size 1.2 g for 990.00
4. Ankh Necklace for 580.00
5. Eye of Horus 100.00 pesos Voucher

Isis Sun Goddess Shadow Palette

Isis Sun Goddess Shadow_opt

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That Euphoric Feeling When You Use Groupon

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions in this post are 100% mine.

Ever had the feeling of euphoria when you see beautiful, glorious clothes and make up?

Makes you go "yaaaaaay!" and jump up and down in happiness in your mind, right?

But what about the feeling when you see the price and you sadly walk away?

Hurts, right?

Well, I have been hurt a lot of times…

Because sometimes, the best clothes and the makeup I really want to have are the things I cannot afford.

Snow Peak Faux Shearling Coat

I love how it’s flowy, how luxurious-looking it is.  It is so gorgeous! 

It was also a delight when I found out that you can find in Groupon Coupons   for marked down clothes from Coldwater Creek, going as low as 50% off! (my eyes are popping out! Surprised smile )

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Snow Skin Whitening Cream and Lotion Review

Unlike most teens my age, I am not really obsessed with bringing out the fairest, youngest-looking me.

I am fair, to begin with.

My greatest problem, TBH, is that I have the world’s most sensitive skin (well, my mom claims that as well, so I guess it runs in our family), and if I ate something that didn’t agree with me (and I am a very agreeable person hehe), or if the weather tends to become unpredictable (which is basically what Baguio City weather is all about), or I get really stressed from exams and night duties, I tend to get eczema flares.

Which is bad, since you would not like to have these flares…



Plus, the aftermath is horrendous. 

If I had a bloody time scratching, I am assured of dark patches.

Which I really hate.

(And they fade really really long, which makes me hate my eczema flares more).

So, anyway, I guess it was the Baguio weather that was not agreeing with me this past month (there were two consecutive tropical typhoons which made our home air really moist which made the molds really happy which triggered an eczema flare on my body.Sounds good so far, eh?)

My skin has healed, but like I said above, the aftermath is not so pretty. 

I have already been using Snow Skin Whitening Soap, which is one of my whitening soap true loves because it does not dry my sensitive skin while aiding in fading my post-eczema flare pigmentation, so when I found this from my mom’ stash, I literally begged her to give it to me.


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How To Have Perfect Eyebrows

Now, my post title is misleading, because making eyebrows look perfect just don’t cut it.

Looking through photos of Hollywood stars in the '20s to the present, you will notice that eyebrows go through thick or thin phases.  While it is perfectly okay to follow the trend, your eyebrows shouldn't be subjected to beauty trends of the season.  

A great set of brows should be timeless and classic.

The new eyebrow look that I am totally loving is the perfectly imperfect look – yep, that Korean trend where eyebrows are drawn kind of straight (without the really defined arch which is the epitome of western – and my mom’s – brow style), which makes one look younger.  

Korean Eyebrow Look

Plus, if the eyebrows are drawn kind of straight, it makes you facial features softer.

So why don't you grab your brow tool kit as we embark on a journey to have those perfectly imperfect eyebrows!


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My BYS Matte Maven Glamourbox

Hey, there, Gorgeous!

I guess not all princesses like us have a queen mom who is so into beauty boxes, BUT!  I am so glad my mom is.

And what does this really mean?

This means that if she happened to subscribe to a box which is not err…age-appropriate for her, I get to have it.

Cool, huh?

So before all the Beauty Box Goddesses notice me and grant all my beauty box wishes (just email me at venessa(at) ! shameless plugging lol), let me share with you the Beauty Box which was originally my mom’s which she eventually gave to me, just because she is not really into “MATTEs".”


This Glamourbox Special Edition is to die for.


Thank you, mom! (Can I also have your Glamourbox #DropDeadGorgeous Box, please???Winking smile)
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All Things Beautiful With Groupon

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions in this post are 100% mine.

Nothing beats the feeling of being…oh, so woman.

Like feeling the softness and fluff of your hair, the smoothness of your skin. Seeing the perfect shade of nude for your nails and seeing that you are flawless and away from the touch of unwanted hair on your arms, legs…and other parts of your body.

Spa day does sound so tempting.

Groupon SPA

I know, I know. I have the same reaction. That is- how in the world am I going to pay for all of the beauty procedures that will be done to me? I’m not even working yet. I don’t have money!

Ehem...well, darling, you are in luck.

Why is that so?
Because we have Groupon!

Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons will give you discounts on the procedures you would like to be done to you. Like Laser Hair removal. 

Err. Doesn’t sound familiar?? 

Well, it is the removal of unwanted hair in your body through repeated pulses of heat. This technology sure sounds expensive! But with Groupon, you won’t even have to bring out your wallet after discovering your arms to be *balahibo-free. Why?? Because with Groupon, you can get your Laser Hair Removal, your hair spa, nail art and such at incredibly amazing deals! Yup, just log in to your account and look for awesome deals and discounts. That’s how easy it is. Easy peasy, right??

So, if you’re feeling stressed and you need time off to pamper yourself, always remember that seven-letter word that would relax you without spending too much. That is Groupon, darlings. ;)

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