6 Awesome Ways to Prevent and Heal Acne Breakouts

Don’t let your memories of adolescence be all about acne.

Perhaps one of the most embarrassing episodes of every young adult’s life is when acne starts to take over your face.

I know!!! They are inevitable and they come in horribly different forms of bumps.  They can be blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, or cysts.  And the worse thing?  They love your face.  I mean, they can grow somewhere that people don't need to see, right? Funny that they can be all over your face.

Teens dread the onset of acne because all sorts of malicious teasing from bullies and friends come with it.  Have you called somebody pepperoni face, acne battlefield or zitty? The campus will never run out of ways to bash a teen suffering from acne.  Without question, it can lower a teen’s rather fragile self-esteem.  Don’t let this happen!

Here are the solutions to prevent and heal acne breakouts.

6 Awesome Ways to Prevent and Heal Acne Breakouts

  1. Live a balanced healthy life.  Remember what your mom told you – “Eat your vegetables and sleep early!”  She was right all along.  Drink plenty of water, avoid oily food, and sweat it out with some exercise.
  2. Keep your hair off your face because the hair has natural oil that may come in contact with your face.
  3. Unless you are washing it, avoid touching your face.  Your hand is an agent of dirt and germs.  It is better if you keep your hands clean as well.
  4. Stay out of the sun.  Sunshine causes us to produce extra sebum, which is a natural oil producted by the skin glands.  Excess sebum causes acne.
  5. Don’t touch, squeeze or pick your pimple to avoid infection and the spread of bacteria. More important, though, picking at pimples can leave tiny, permanent scars on your face.
  6. Always keep your face clean. Wash it with soap and water.  Preferably, use a soap that is mild such as my favorite AcneCare Soap by Vida NutriScience, Inc.  AcneCare is dermatologist-recommended which revives your skin without drying it, gently cleansing away excess oil and allowing your skin to recover.  It has Tea Tree Oil which contains Terpenoids which have been clinically proven to have anti-septic, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. 
Every teenager will have acne, a breakout in his lifetime.  Like a right of passage, every adolescent must survive.  With the help of AcneCare Soap, you will get through this phase unscarred.


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7 Easy Ways To Look Stylish Everyday

Seven easy ways -  one for each day of the week – to turn your ordinary clothes into fashionable, fabulous outfits!

Here's how to rock it every single day!

Shape up.

Always pay attention to how your clothes fit you.  If a dress is too baggy on your frame, enhance your waist with a nice belt.  If a loose top looks unflattering, tuck it into your skirts or pants.  If your sleeves are too long, fold them or roll them up.  An eye for details = instant polish.

look stylish everyday

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Spruce Up Your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is nipping at your heels and you’re not really feeling the Christmas cheer. After all, you’re expecting a house full of guest and your home is looking rather dull. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to spruce up your house. Clean up the floors, add some candles, bring in the outdoors and decorate the room to prepare your home and yourself for all the seasonal cheer you can handle and more.

Spruce Up Your Home for the Holidays

Herald in the Cleaning

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Skin Solutions 101: Your Embarrassing Skin Problems–Solved!

Does a zit ruin your day?

Bad skin day, along with the more popular “bad hair day” can definitely put a black spot to our sunny day, but bad skin and bad hair don’t last forever, right? But when they do happen to me, I wish I could put on a mask and wear it forever…

Here are remedies to your skin’s biggest skin concerns – ones that you can’t even ask your BFF!  As with most skin issues, it is always best to visit a dermatologist for serious and long-term treatment, but here are some of our tried and tested bad-skin busters.
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Ramp Up Your Style for Date Night

Have you gotten into a rut with your spouse? Are you wearing sweatpants and no makeup more often than not? Are you heading out on a first date and are insecure about your looks and fashion style? Sounds like you need a fashion intervention. Follow these recommendations from the professionals and you’ll be stepping out in style in no time!

Ramp Up Your Style For Date Night

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Perfect Gifts to Get Your Spouse this Holiday Season

It’s already November! The weather is cold and the days are shorter... before you know it, the holidays will be here! Holidays are always busy with travelling out of town, hosting guests, and trying to accommodate everybody’s plans. Try to take a step back from the chaos this year and plan something just for you and your special someone. Depending on you and your style, there are a variety of things you could do. Here are some things to get your gears turning.

Perfect Gifts for Spouse

Just for Him

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Kojie San DreamWhite

One of the really popular whitening soaps to hit the Philippine shores is Kojie San Soap.  This soap, which seriously had no media mileage, became a cult favorite through word-of-mouth because truly, the product delivered.  I remember my mom reading about this online and trying to search for it high and low in beauty stores.  It is a good thing it is now readily available at your local grocery and department stores.

But what makes Kojie San Lightening Soap  so special it became the go-to product of people who like to be fair and young looking?

I guess it has to be because of its ingredient – KOJIC ACID.

Kojic acid has proven to be so popular that it’s become almost synonymous with skin whitening – and with good reason.  The all-natural whitening agent effectively blocks the production of melanin, which reduces pigmentation and lightens the skin.  Kojic acid is also a powerful exfoliating ingredient, removing dead skin cells for a fairer, more radiant you.

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Unboxing My Eye of Horus: Awaken the Goddess Within Glamourbox

Hey, there, Goddesses!!!

Look what the Beauty Goddess gave to me this week! (thank you, Mom!lol)


Eye of Horus is here and it is the newest box in my Glamourbox Collection.

EOH GlamourBox Plain

It contains a classic collection of beautiful browns and gorgeous earth-toned hues. It really brings out the Cleopatra in you!

(aww...even my dog is stoked...)

The box contains the following beautiful pieces:
1. Isis Sun Goddess Shadow Palette Full-size 3.6 g for 1,350.00
2. Liquid Define Babylon Brown Full-size 2g for 990.00
3. Goddess Pencil in Nubian Brown Full-size 1.2 g for 990.00
4. Ankh Necklace for 580.00
5. Eye of Horus 100.00 pesos Voucher

Isis Sun Goddess Shadow Palette

Isis Sun Goddess Shadow_opt

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That Euphoric Feeling When You Use Groupon

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions in this post are 100% mine.

Ever had the feeling of euphoria when you see beautiful, glorious clothes and make up?

Makes you go "yaaaaaay!" and jump up and down in happiness in your mind, right?

But what about the feeling when you see the price and you sadly walk away?

Hurts, right?

Well, I have been hurt a lot of times…

Because sometimes, the best clothes and the makeup I really want to have are the things I cannot afford.

Snow Peak Faux Shearling Coat

I love how it’s flowy, how luxurious-looking it is.  It is so gorgeous! 

It was also a delight when I found out that you can find in Groupon Coupons   for marked down clothes from Coldwater Creek, going as low as 50% off! (my eyes are popping out! Surprised smile )

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Snow Skin Whitening Cream and Lotion Review

Unlike most teens my age, I am not really obsessed with bringing out the fairest, youngest-looking me.

I am fair, to begin with.

My greatest problem, TBH, is that I have the world’s most sensitive skin (well, my mom claims that as well, so I guess it runs in our family), and if I ate something that didn’t agree with me (and I am a very agreeable person hehe), or if the weather tends to become unpredictable (which is basically what Baguio City weather is all about), or I get really stressed from exams and night duties, I tend to get eczema flares.

Which is bad, since you would not like to have these flares…



Plus, the aftermath is horrendous. 

If I had a bloody time scratching, I am assured of dark patches.

Which I really hate.

(And they fade really really long, which makes me hate my eczema flares more).

So, anyway, I guess it was the Baguio weather that was not agreeing with me this past month (there were two consecutive tropical typhoons which made our home air really moist which made the molds really happy which triggered an eczema flare on my body.Sounds good so far, eh?)

My skin has healed, but like I said above, the aftermath is not so pretty. 

I have already been using Snow Skin Whitening Soap, which is one of my whitening soap true loves because it does not dry my sensitive skin while aiding in fading my post-eczema flare pigmentation, so when I found this from my mom’ stash, I literally begged her to give it to me.


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How To Have Perfect Eyebrows

Now, my post title is misleading, because making eyebrows look perfect just don’t cut it.

Looking through photos of Hollywood stars in the '20s to the present, you will notice that eyebrows go through thick or thin phases.  While it is perfectly okay to follow the trend, your eyebrows shouldn't be subjected to beauty trends of the season.  

A great set of brows should be timeless and classic.

The new eyebrow look that I am totally loving is the perfectly imperfect look – yep, that Korean trend where eyebrows are drawn kind of straight (without the really defined arch which is the epitome of western – and my mom’s – brow style), which makes one look younger.  

Korean Eyebrow Look

Plus, if the eyebrows are drawn kind of straight, it makes you facial features softer.

So why don't you grab your brow tool kit as we embark on a journey to have those perfectly imperfect eyebrows!


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My BYS Matte Maven Glamourbox

Hey, there, Gorgeous!

I guess not all princesses like us have a queen mom who is so into beauty boxes, BUT!  I am so glad my mom is.

And what does this really mean?

This means that if she happened to subscribe to a box which is not err…age-appropriate for her, I get to have it.

Cool, huh?

So before all the Beauty Box Goddesses notice me and grant all my beauty box wishes (just email me at venessa(at)projectmarie.com ! shameless plugging lol), let me share with you the Beauty Box which was originally my mom’s which she eventually gave to me, just because she is not really into “MATTEs".”


This Glamourbox Special Edition is to die for.


Thank you, mom! (Can I also have your Glamourbox #DropDeadGorgeous Box, please???Winking smile)
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All Things Beautiful With Groupon

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions in this post are 100% mine.

Nothing beats the feeling of being…oh, so woman.

Like feeling the softness and fluff of your hair, the smoothness of your skin. Seeing the perfect shade of nude for your nails and seeing that you are flawless and away from the touch of unwanted hair on your arms, legs…and other parts of your body.

Spa day does sound so tempting.

Groupon SPA

I know, I know. I have the same reaction. That is- how in the world am I going to pay for all of the beauty procedures that will be done to me? I’m not even working yet. I don’t have money!

Ehem...well, darling, you are in luck.

Why is that so?
Because we have Groupon!

Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons will give you discounts on the procedures you would like to be done to you. Like Laser Hair removal. 

Err. Doesn’t sound familiar?? 

Well, it is the removal of unwanted hair in your body through repeated pulses of heat. This technology sure sounds expensive! But with Groupon, you won’t even have to bring out your wallet after discovering your arms to be *balahibo-free. Why?? Because with Groupon, you can get your Laser Hair Removal, your hair spa, nail art and such at incredibly amazing deals! Yup, just log in to your account and look for awesome deals and discounts. That’s how easy it is. Easy peasy, right??

So, if you’re feeling stressed and you need time off to pamper yourself, always remember that seven-letter word that would relax you without spending too much. That is Groupon, darlings. ;)

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How To Be Lucky…

When you want to snag your dream internship…

Make a great impression.

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Get Motivated: How Fitness Enhances Multiple Areas of Your Life

Some people believe that fitness is just meant to keep your body rockin’, but the truth is that fitness can do a lot more than tone and tighten. It may sound far-fetched, but being fit can positively affect everything from your mood to your love life. The following will highlight some of the ways committing to fitness makes your life better

A Better State Of Mind


One thing that you might find interesting is that keeping up with your fitness routine might help prevent issues like depression or even anxiety. This is not something that happens overnight, but it will occur.

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There is Snail Slime In My Moisturizer!!!

One rainy night, I heard a blood-curling scream!

It was my mom!

Apparently, she was trying to do some overtime work and was reaching for her laptop mouse when she felt something slimy on her hand!

It was a slug!


(I looked around for a slug photo, but na-ah.  I won’t be putting it here.)

Imagine her screaming more if she finds out that the same slime (well, I don’t know if slug slime is way different from snail slime) is a prime ingredient in one of her favorite moisturizers.

Yes, it’s true, people!

Lurking in your beauty and skin care stuff are the following weird and totally outrageous ingredients!


Snail Slime

You must have seen photos like this one :


Fear factor levels, right?

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Ikaw Nga Ba Si Mr. Right? 9 Signs He May Be Mr. Right

You've probably already had your fair share of hits and misses when it comes to guys.  And who can blame you? Getting to know guys is hard enough.  Finding the right one is even trickier.


But once in a while, there's a serendipitous moment when you finally bump into someone whom you feel is really boyfriend material.  It's as if the universe conspired for you to meet and someday live happily ever after.  

But let's hold the wedding bells for a second.


Because it always starts out this way and in the end, you always end up right back where you started - sulking and wondering if there really is a guy out there for you. 

To avoid those mistakes again, here are some signs to look out for:

1.  He checks out.

Every girl has an ideal guy in her mind.  It's helpful to actually list the qualities you are looking for and rank them according to what's important to you.  It's also good to remember that not every guy you meet will have all the qualities you have on your list (hey, this isn't a fairy tale, right?).  But if he checks out on at least your top three, then you definitely have a strong contender on your hands.

2.  He likes the same things you do.

Knowing that you both like your eggs sunny side up instead of scrambled can only take you so far.  But if you guys have activities and interests in common, then you two will probably have a blast together as friends and maybe even as two people in a relationship.  Of course, when it comes to the larger things in life like dreams and aspirations, it isn't as easy to find a guy who shares your exact same outlook.  While it helps when you and your partner have a lot in common, the important thing is that you're willing to grow and try new things with one another.  Besides,who wants a carbon copy of themselves for a boyfriend?  That would just be plain boring.

3.  He's someone you're comfortable with.

Another surefire sign to look out for is when you don't mind spending the whole day with him.  You can just be lounging around the house the entire time watching wildlife shows and bad reruns and still have fun.  When you don't mind him seeing you wearing the most unflattering clothes and no makeup, then this means you're really comfortable with him.  He puts you at ease and you can be your real self around him.

4.  He isn't greedy.

Falling in love can have a lot of effects, not all of them good.  You may sometimes encounter guys that want you all to themselves, literally.  If your guy gets jealous a lot or if he sulks when you go out with your friends, then that's not a good sign.  A keeper always knows that you have a life outside your relationship.  He will let you go out with your friends as much as you want and  maye even be willing to tag along when you ask him to.  And what's more, he doesn't mind if you have close guy friends too.  Now that's a guy you can bet is in it for the long haul.

5.  He fits into your life.  

It's not just that he lives in the same village or that he goes to the same school as you.  What we mean by him fitting into your life is that you can already imagine introducing him to your parents or even extended family members as your boyfriend.  Granted, there may be several reasons why you're hesitant to do so (such as religion and sometimes race), but what's important is you feel that you have nothing to hide.

6.  He's real.

You can always tell if your guy is a keeper when he's the same person around you as he is with his friends.  This means he's consistent with who he is and not just giving you that nice guy act in order to score pogi points.

7.  He brings out your best self.

You have to admit, you're no saint.  But if your prospective boyfriend makes you want to be a better person, then he's probably good for you.  When you're with him, you're less irritable and much more patient.  It can be something as small as waiting an extra five minutes for your order or something bigger like tolerating your hyperactive little brother.  If something's good for you, then it has to be right, right?

8.  He makes time for you.

Most guys have a lot on their plate - studying, playing DOTA, basketball after school, road trip with the guys.  But even with such a packed schedule, the right guy will always have the time for you. He will endure hours upon hours of carrying your shopping bags while you try to look for that perfect red blouse at the mall and will stay up until the wee hours of the morning as you share all your problems with him.  And after this, he'll still have the time to wash his father's car in the morning and run for student council.

9.  He likes you, too.

This is perhaps the most important factor that you have to take into consideration when finding the right guy.  If the guy you're eyeing fits all the descriptions above, it won't really matter if he's not interested in you.  It doesn't matter how much you flip your shiny hair or flash that killer smile of yours.  If he's not interested, then he is not interested.  Remember, if the only way you'll be able to reel him in is by performing voodoo, then he is not right for you.  You'll know a guy is right for you if he always flashes that trademark goofy smile when you enter the room - and you do, too!

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A Quick Guide To Getting Those Happy Vibes

O means Optimism.  Thinking positive may be a cliche, but there is a reason why it never dies down: It works!

Magnify Happiness


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{Time For You} Eat Ice Cream!

Thank God it’s Friday!

I am so sure you guys are burned out as I am!

And here’s what I do (aside from a lot of other things! Believe me, everything gets a whole lot better if you do things for yourself!)…

Whenever I seem to burst from all the pressures of the whole working week, aside from mixing music on my kaossilator pro (because making music releases all those troubly thingies bothering your body and soul),

I eat Ice Cream!

Or, I pick up strawberries (which we have a lot here in my hometown) and some dark chocolate.

I melt the chocolate, dip the strawberries in it , and put them on a wax paper-covered cookie sheet in the fridge until the chocolate has set.

Nearest thing to heaven Angel!

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Home Spa 101

Summer is the best time to relax, unwind and LOOK GORGEOUS.  With so much time on your hands, you will be able to focus on getting pretty WITHOUT SPENDING so much, thanks to mom's well-stocked kitchen!

Gather these SIMPLE INGREDIENTS for smooth skin, glossy hair, and refreshed eyes - or check out our store-bought picks that work the same magic.


Give your tresses an extra shine boost by using a mixture of vinegar and water.  Vinegar helps clear scalp of gunky buildup from hairstyling products while promoting circulation and coating cuticles with shine.

Mix a tablespoon of white or apple cider vinegar with one cup of water.  After shampooing, massage the mixture onto the scalp. Leave for one minute, then rinse with cool water.

There you go, shiny hair!  Or if mixing is a bother to you, you can try Yves Rocher Eclat Radiance Rinsing Vinegar or Holika Holika Rinsing Vinegar.

Yves Rocher Eclat Radiance Rinsing Vinegar

Holika Holika Rinsing Vinegar

Smooth Skin All Over

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#StyleUpMovement: An invitation to challenge your fashion boundaries

Are you on Instagram and do you love OOTD’s?

Well, you would love to join this nationwide online contest from the SM Store!

After the successful take off of the Style Up Summer Campaign of SM Makati, the SM Store is at it again – and now, extending it to a bigger crowd. Launching a nationwide online contest that challenges Filipinos, of all shapes and sizes, not only to make your OOTD game strong, but also to challenge you to free yourself from your fashion boundaries.

The all-new character of The SM Store led to the birth of the Style Up campaign, following its bolder attitude that lets your curate your wardrobe according to your liking - a rather trendier, more straightforward, with a little bit of to a little too much of edginess.

This Instagram-based challenge, called #StyleUpMovement will run for 4 weeks, starting on May 16 until June 12, 2016. The #StyleUpMovement highlights three key trends that we know of today:

(1) Color blocking – mix of vibrant Style Up Colors

(2) Athleisure – sports luxe with a punch of vibrant Style Up colors

Jess and Mark rockin their athleisure wear

(3) Patterns on patterns – geometric prints in line with the Style Up theme

Kiana goes playful  styling it up with patterns on patterns

All contestants are challenged to be creatively playful, as they follow the three themes. Towards the end of the contest, four (4) winners will be chosen – and the one with the most clever and fashionable entry wins P30,000 worth of shopping budget.

Learn more about how it’s done through our fashion-squad leaders Jess Connelly, Mark Mcmahon, and Kiana Valenciano, as they teach you how to pose, snap, and post for the #StyleUpMovement Instagram takeover challenge.
For the complete contest mechanics, visit http://blog.thesmstore.com/styleupmovement-instagram-contest/




Color Blocking


patterns on patterns

About The SM Style Up Campaign

Style Up highlights SM Makati as this summer’s most exciting fashion destination by bringing together the season’s hottest looks and the metro’s style influencers in one grand fashion presentation. The big idea is UP.  And whether you’re updating your look, trying out a new trend, or taking that runway ready route, SM Makati will help you Style Up with its fun and fab selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories. It’s all about fashion’s transformative power to make you look good and feel great on the beach and beyond.

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How To Create Your Own Good Fortune

You  don’t need to consult a crystal ball – you have the power to create your own good fortune.

Be Open to anything.

There is value in staying focused on your goals, but this shouldn’t mean shutting other doors.  When you limit yourself, you also limit your chances of success.  Be open to new people and new ideas.  Be a “yes girls” who is willing to give so many things a shot.  Don’t pass up a good prospect just because it is not exactly what you wanted – it might turn out to be a small detour that will eventually take you places.


Build your networks.

You can purposefully make connections by joining an interest club or an online forum.  On the other hand, chance encounters can also serendipitously lead to big things.  A Facebook friend might know a director who can give you an acting gig or your best friend’s older sister’s boyfriend might co-own a bar your band can play at with your magnificent keiko abe.  The people you meet every day – both online and offline – can lead to many different opportunities, so don’t hesitate to promote your causes and prospects.

Do your homework.

Keep up with current trends by seeing what other people in your field are doing and finding out if there are new tools, such as gadgets or software, that will be useful to you.  Look up like-minded people whom you can collaborate with.  Doing your research can also help you with an important thing: timing.  (If you’ve ever asked your parents for a “big” thing, such as permission to go on your first out-of-town trip with friends, you know what a difference the right timing makes!)

Work around your skills.

Make the most of your strongest talents.  Knowing which cards to play will give you better chances of success.  You can’t open a fantastic pastry shop if you don’t know the first thing about baking!  It’s never too late though – if you feel that you still lack the skills to accomplish your lifelong dreams, then work on them.  You can join a workshop or apprentice with a professional.  Remember to pursue something you love, because your passion for it will sustain you and keep you going when the going gets tough.

Actively seek opportunities.

Be proactive, not passive!  Instead of just waiting for opportunities to come to you, search through Google or buy the Sunday paper.  If you dream of being a model, find out if there are upcoming go-sees or if any modeling agencies can take you in as their talent.  Want to become a professional photographer? Put an online portfolio.

Think positive.

Sheer willpower and a go-getting attitude will get you far.  Surround yourself with positive energy, and that includes surrounding yourself with people who support and believe in you.  Do listen to sound advice, which sometimes means constructive criticism, but keep your detractors at bay.  And speaking of naysayers, don’t be one.  The first person who should be convinced that success is in the cards for you?  Not a psychic or a tarot card reader, but YOU!

Follow your instincts.

Your intuition is important – listen to it!  But remember that your gut feel should guide you in making decisions, not stop your from trying something out.  Learn or distinguish when you feel it’s a bad idea, and when you simply feel afraid to take the plunge.   It’s normal, even healthy, to get the occasional butterflies in your stomach.  I fact, if you’re a hundred percent confident about what you’re doing, you might want to think it through one more time.

Create good karma.

Maybe you don’t really believe in karma as a religious concept, and that’s okay.  This isn’t about spiritual beliefs, but simply about idea that we reap what we sow.  It certainly won’t hurt to be kind an play nice.  Do some volunteer work and be a role model to your younger siblings.  If you spread goodness, there’s reason to believe that the universe will throw good things back your way.

Take risks.

Smart investors and good business people know that high risks can lead to high rewards.  As the ancient saying goes, fortune favors the brave.  It is understandable if you want to be certain that everything will go as planned – everyone does!  But if you keep playing it safe, you will never get very far.  Sure, you will get consistently safe results, but why not aim much higher?  Take a gamble or two – it might pay off in ways you never expected! cpae-ef-heart-pinks

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Ideas For The Attic

There is usually one room in the home that you might not sure what to do with in the terms of how it looks or how it's used. The attic is a common area that is often used for storage because of the attic remodel cost that is associated with transforming the room into a comfortable habitat for the family. There are a few ideas that you can try in order to create a space for children to play or for guests to use when they visit as well as a few unique ideas that you might not think about.

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5 Fun Summer Activities That Don’t Involve The Mall

Have you seen it on the news?
The country’s weather bureau OFFICIALLY declared Monday as the start of the summer season!

Isn’t that cool?
Err, hot?
The first thing I will be doing?
Summer is coming and I’m checking out the selection of cute pair of flip flops in ZALORA!

I have a thing for flip flops especially since I have been on internship for months and being on those black, sensible, good-for-standing-up for hours shoes have actually been a pain! I would like to spend my summer months shoeless!
I also have been thinking, actually dreaming, of lovely things I can do this summer, like…

Paris On My Mind

but since being a teen does not give me enough provisions to fulfill my summer dream (except get my dream flip flops), I have actually thought of 5 fun summer activities under P100 that don’t involve the mall.
They actually don’t cost much.
Read on!




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Product Review:How Vitamin E Helped Nourish My Tired Skin

Hey, loves!

It has been ages since I wrote a decent post here.

I have been verryyyy busssy with my internship, and got sick in between due to all the puyat. 

I am soo tired.

My head is aching…

My body is aching…

My skin is aching…

Beautiful skin is one of a woman’s best assets.  When our skin is glowing, we feel confident! And what woman wouldn’t want that? 

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5 Cardinal Rules For Sharing Your Life online

We are all guilty of this at one point.
Venting online.
Expressing negative emotions online feels safe since you aren’t screaming at anyone in particular and there is a sense anonymity.  The problem is that you don’t know who’s looking at what you are writing and you don’t have control over its spread.
An expert recommends three main reasons for online censorship:

Here Are My Cardinal Rules When You Share Your Life Online:


Be conscious of what your posts say about you.

Ask yourself if your blogs and photos can get you into trouble now or later, or if they cause others to lose respect for you.  If you vent about being mad at someone, would you be comfortable if that person ended up reading what you said?  If you write about the wild party you went to, or how you took some shortcuts with a school project, will there be negative repercussions if a teacher or a school official read it?
This goes  for uploading photos or videos as well.  If your parents or grandparents saw them, would you be okay with it? What if they got forwarded to others, like an ex-boyfriend, a neighbor, or a stranger? What about 1,000 strangers?

Think of the well-being of others, too.

You may post photos of your friends going wild and getting drunk, or tweet about how someone snuck out of the house last night to go partying.  This may not get you in trouble, but what about this other person?

Keep your recipients in mind.

If you reply to a group message, or post on an online group, think about who will receive your note.  When you send out an e-mail, consider the words that you write as being announced over a loudspeaker because your e-mail can get forwarded and forwarded and forwarded.

Remember that there are baddies out there.

Not to scare you, but stalkers, kidnappers, online predators and child molesters do exist, so think twice when posting something that can attract them.  That photo of you in a bikini on the beach may seem perfectly innocent, but someone out there may be looking at it in a different way.’

Tweak your privacy settings.

This way, you control who has access to the stuff you post online.
You don’t need to delete your online profiles just yet.  Just remember not to say or show anything online that you would not do in the real world with other people listening and watching.
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