What Do Miley Cyrus and I Have In Common?

What do Miley Cyrus and I have in common?

Linda Hannah montana_800_opt

Well, apart from what every girl like me might think that I would not want to do anything with her, one thing that I can really think of is that we were raised by music-loving parents.  Miley’s dad was a country rock star and my dad probably sings more than he talks (he plays the guitar and even composes his songs and records and enhances them using an Emg).

This probably explains why we are so insanely in love with music.  I have probably around a hundred gigabytes of music in my gadgests and my music collection is always growing. 

I love how music becomes a part of my life, from the MP3 alarm I wake up to, to the lyrics I make into mini-mottos for tough days.

Yeah, I know.  We rock.cpae-ef-heart-pinks

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Four Ways to Avoid Getting Sick During the Holiday Season

You are so looking forward to the Holiday season and then you suddenly feel sick.

Cheer up.  Your sickness didn’t choose you.  It probably chose a lot of others, too.

Why is it that everybody seems to be sick during the holidays?

It probably may be a combination of factors.  The holiday crowd makes it so easy to pass on virus.  

Add the cold season and the stress that comes along with it, and you have a perfect brew for a sick holiday. I am hoping you won't have the need to visit an urgent care clinic , though, so here are :

1.  Avoid the large crowd.

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5 Ways To Deal With Chronic Pain during The Holidays

Holidays are supposed to be fun times, right?

You don’t want to be a killjoy and beg off many fun activities just because you’re in pain.
You won’t want, however, to pretend to be having fun while you are in pain.

Dealing with chronic pain is especially hard during the holidays. Here are some tips on how to deal with chronic pain:


Managing chronic pain especially on the back can be extremely difficult when you are travelling and had to be crammed into a tiny space for hours.  The key is to always find a way to stretch and move around.  If you are in a plane traveling to Houston pain management is possible if you get a seat by the aisle.  You will have an easier time to stand and do some stretching.  If you are travelling by car, go for frequent stops, that way you can have a chance to move around and stretch your sore muscles.

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4 Myths About Porcelain Veneers Explained

Are you self-conscious about your smile? Have you suffered chipped or broken teeth in the past from an accident, or is the current shape of your teeth bothering you in any way? Don’t fret - there are a number of different ways that you can rectify this situation, one of which involves replacing your damaged or stained teeth with porcelain veneers.
This innovative restorative dental procedure can help you make a huge change in your smile - for the better. Porcelain veneers done at Cleveland Smiles can rectify all sorts of flaws with your smile. But for whatever reason, there are a few misconceptions floating around out there about porcelain veneers that might be putting you off of getting them.
Here are a few myths, and the real truth behind them:
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