My Mom and I Shopback Together!

How is your shopping experience with your mom?

Well, I asked my mom about how she and grandma shopped waay waay back when there were no malls.  She told me she and Lola had special places where they get stuff, but like all daughters of her generation (I know so because my friends are saying the same thing), she and Lola had totally different styles.  Mom told me my grandma gives her the freedom to look and try on the clothes, but then, grandma has to give the final approval.  She would say, “Red shoes? That is so gaudy.” or “That is too short.  Are you sure you want to wear that?”

She told me she vowed that if she will have kids in the future, she will give them a chance to rock their style.


I am glad the shopping scene is a whole new world right now.

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Get Hip with Fab Footwear and Apparel from

Who says you can’t be hip and fabulous without keeping it real? Being yourself and rocking your style can be the easiest thing in the world!


Growing up and trying to fit in is not a walk in the park.  One day, you’re so excited to attend your Lit class, the next, you are so apprehensive you feel you are absolutely being judged by the way you talk, the way you smile, the way you dress up…

Being a teen definitely gives you the share of drama.

But I think the solution to such teen apprehensiveness is simple and I try to practice my solution every day.  (Of course, there are days when I think the entire world is mean to me, but most of the time, my solution works.)

Focus on things that make you happy In love.

Once you do this, you will forget about your apprehensions, your teenage worries go out the window.  You become more confident.  Your style will shine through.

Especially  if you are wearing clothes from Street Moda!



Wearing clothes that scream the real you will totally make your day! 

And the best place to get them?

Street Moda, of course.

Street Moda is one of the best online retailers that sell top street wear, branded footwear, apparel and accessories .They carry all those fabulous top brands that we teeners and young adults drool at:  True Religion, Steve Madden, Juicy Couture, F.U.S.A.I., Rocket Dog, COOGI, Ed Hardy, and this simple Tommy Hilfiger’s Junior's Knit Varsity Logo Sweater.

Tommy-Girl-Juniors-Long-Sleeve-Sweater-TD11-2928-PAT-Blue-White-Pic1_897c429c-d2b6-40ae-a923-71ce2356e5f0_large has the largest selection of these wonderful brands making you rock the latest and hottest looks at 50-80% off regular prices! They sell shoes, hoodies, hats, outerwear, jackets, jeans, tops and handbags – definitely a one-stop online shop that will make you look cool and covered in style, at very affordable prices

Street Moda consistently renews its massive inventory of authentic brand name footwear, apparel, and accessories, making you up-to-date with the latest styles at 50-90% off original retail price..  They also cater to the customer’s needs by attending to each  customer’s queries and needs personally, making them.  These make Street Moda always a step ahead of the game.

Check out Street Moda for the top street wear at savings of 50%-80%!

$10 Off when you spend $50. Use code: STREETSTANDEARD

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you can stop acne by doing these three things!

You may not know it, but your daily activities may be the cause of those annoying zits!



stop acne by doing these 3 things

Did you know that your phone is a breeding ground for bacteria?  Ewww!  I know you just had to chat with your bestie, but please, sanitize your phone now and then.  You can use a mild anti-bacterial wipe or just use a headset for those long gabfests.


Keep your hair away from your face while sleeping.

Sleeping with your hair all over your face transfers all its natural lube to your skin.  That can cause a major breakout! Get your hair away from your face at night by using a stretchy cloth hairband or tie your hair in a high knot (you will be rewarded with gorgeous curls plus zero zit when you wake up.

check the bath products that you use.

Have you ever wondered why you seem to have a major breakout on your chin, your forehead, or your hairline?  You may be allergic to some ingredients of your shampoo or toothpaste.  Try switching to a milder shampoo and toothpaste. cpae-ef-heart-pinks

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