Portable Oxygen Concentrators: Improving the Quality of Life

We take a lot of things for granted and put drama on very simple things.

We tend to take for granted the shelter that we have, the food on our table, our gift of sight to see this beautiful world, and the ability to breathe.

For some people, the struggle to breathe and be alive is real…

Portable Oxygen Concentrator
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dear 13-year-old me

Dear 13-Year-Old Me


Dear 13-Year-Old Me,


Right now, you may be feeling self-conscious, awkward, and shy around people.  But little by little, you will start to smile more, voice out your opinions, use the xtune, love your music, and stop caring so much about what other people think.  You will finally have the confidence to just be who you are 0 and you will love yourself more because of it.


                                                     LoveRed heart,

Your Future Self

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How To Avoid Home Remedy Scams

We need to understand the fact that there are many home remedies that work but most of those that will be recommended for you will not. We cannot actually deny the importance of going to a doctor. That is especially the case in the event that we are dealing with something that is really serious.


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Vitamin C-Skin Lightening That Is Great For Removing Dark Spots

Removing brown spots have become an obsession of mine.


Medical procedures are done inside dermatologist’s clinic using different acids and bleaching substances, bleaching creams, peeling creams and exfoliators.  Problem is, I am only 18.  With such harsh ingredients, my mom swears these products will ruin my skin.

A visit to her dermatologist gave me the answer to my “spotty” problem.

Vitamin C.

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What Is Melanin and How It Influences Your Skin Color?

My dog gets really bad fur when he is sick.


And I get really bad skin and hair when I am sick.



Indeed, skin always reflects our over-all body health. If our body is functioning normally, our skin glows and looks healthy. If we are sick and not feeling well, our skin will not literally glow with health either.

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Skin Whitening: Everything You Need to Know about YOUR Skin Color


Having those unsightly brown spots on areas of your body, especially on the face, seem to be one of the top skin issues girls my age have to deal with. I used to think freckles were cute. My grandma had freckles, my mom has freckles and I am beginning to have freckles.

Cute, right?

Not if your friends joke about it, which my friends tend to do. A lot.

To understand why people like me (and my mom and my sister and my grandma and my aunt) tend to have skin that darkens easily and is susceptible to brown spots and what are the best remedies for such, it is important to know what causes our skin color.

Skin color is made up of three main components:

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Are you worried about warts?



What are warts?

Warts are common benign skin growths which are objects of concern when they become obvious.

What Causes Warts?

A wart is caused by a virus.  Specifically, a human papillomavirus.  they infect only humans and contrary to the old wives’ tale, cannot be acquired from frogs or toads.  They are acquired from other people and one’s immune system plays a role in determining if you will be infected or not.  There are presently over a hundred different types of human papillomaviruses, causing the different appearances of these warts and differences as to where they are found.

Are there different kinds of warts?

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How to apply blush based on your face shape 

I love blush!  If there is any makeup I can't live without, it would be my blush (next to my concealer, of course.  Something that hides my dark under eyes , from studying must be my first love!)


Blush is the perfect way to make you look awesome, happy, healthy, glowing! Don't ever be afraid of it! A lot of my blockmates are scared of putting on blush because they might get the wrong shade. 

Here is a tip:  The right blush is the color your cheeks naturally turn into when you exercise or blush.  The right shade of blush makes your face look radiant.

How to Choose a Blush:

  1. Find a shade that makes you look instantly glowing.
  2. You can blend the right blush perfectly.  If you are having a hard time blending the color, the color may be too dark or too bright.
  3. Don't own just one shade.  Normally, you should own two (or more!).  One shade must look natural and is the color of naturally flushed cheeks and the other one should be a bit brighter for a pop of color.

How to Apply your Blush:


Your new blush came with a little brush, right?

Well, throw that away.


These brushes are so tiny they leave a stripe of blush across your cheek!  Choose a large, fluffier brush instead.

Now smile smiley.  Dab the blush on the apple of the cheek, Blending up into the hairline.  Also blend down to truly soften the color and make it look like it belongs on your cheek. 

Now add the brighter color on the apple of your cheeks.

*Use the guide above on how to apply blush based on your face shape.

  • Choosing the right blush color:
  • For pale skin, use pale pink or pastel apricot.  Avoid bronzer or brown-toned blush.  It will tend to look dirty on your pale skin.
  • For fair skin, use sandy pink tones.
  • For medium skin, use tawny, brownish pinks.
  • For tan skin, use deeper brownish rose.


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