Are you starting to look at your guy friend differently?

I know, I know.  You would not want to, but:

  1. Have you been trying to think up ways to spend more time with your best guy friend lately?
  2. When you know you’re going to see him, do you spend more time than usual getting ready? (like you have changed your top for like a thousandth time?)
  3. Does every single thing in the world remind you of your guy friend?
  4. Do your girlfriends tell you that you talk about him waaaay too much?
  5. Does everyone think you are more than friends?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you may be crushing on your guy friend. Believe me, it has happened to the best of us!


But can you do stuff to go beyond that friend zone?

You can:

Red lips Get him alone.  Of course, you hang out with this guy with your group of friends.  And he thinks you are just one of the gang.  Why not suggest the two of you do something that you would normally do in a group – get pizza, catch a movie, have a cup of coffee – together, just the two of you?  Spending time with you alone and without your other friends may help him see you in a whole new light.

Red lips Get your friends to help. You can ask some of your friends to find out if this guy is interested in anyone else…and if he isn’t, maybe they can suggest you as the perfect girl!

Red lips Have him as a study partner.  Okay, so having him around studying may not be the most romantic, but at least, you’ll be spending time alone together. cpae-ef-heart-pinks

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fragrance 101: all you’ve always wanted to know about fragrances

by: V

As a child, I would always sneak into my mom’s dresser and try all her fragrances.  I would literally spray them all over me until I practically reek of them. 

Now that I am in my teens, fragrances still fascinate me.


Here are some of the answers to everything I have always wanted to know about fragrances:

What’s the difference between cologne, eu de toilette, and eu de parfum?

I asked this from my mom, but she answered me in a way that I don’t understand (she was talking about excise taxes and the different rates on those fragrances…she is weird that way…)


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4 Things to keep in mind when talking to guys


Don’t bombard him with questions.  Give him time to answer and listen to what he has to say.  He is not a suspect and you’re not squeezing information out of him for the whereabouts of the hostages.



Don’t overstep your boundaries.  Know the limits of your current relationship with this guy and don’t pry or ask inappropriate questions.  There’s something unsettling about somebody you just met asking too many questions about personal details of your life.


When the guy speaks, give him your full attention.  (That means no texting while talking!)


A conversation is a two-way street.  As much as you want to know about him, he’d like to know more about you too!  Give as much as you take.cpae-ef-heart-pinks

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how to talk to guys

So ladies, I am going to let you in on a little secret…

Talking to guys is all about confidence. 

If I were to get mathematical about it, I’d say it’s around 70% confidence and 30% conversation content.

Now, don’t get me wrong.


Confidence can sometimes be misconstrued as yabang.  That’s completely off-target.  When I say confidence, I allude to the sense you get when you’re completely comfortable with yourself.  When you know who you are, accept your strengths and limitations, and love yourself for it, only then will you exude a natural, effortless, almost celebrity-like confidence.  In short, it’s really about being yourself.

You may be asking, “So if talking to boys is 70%confidence and 30% content, what is the point of reading this article?”  The point is, 70% is not a passing score.  You’ve still got to have the substance to back it up.  There are appropriate things to talk about and topics you should avoid, whether he’s a guy you just met or someone you’ve known your whole life.


The Scene:  You’re at a party and your wandering eye spots a guy-target who piques your interest.  You may have had your eye on him for a while now, but you haven’t communicated in any way, shape, or form.   What’s the game plan now.

The Score:  First of all, welcome to the 21st century – a magical time when girls can do anything guys can do, including start a conversation with a guy you sorta-kinda like.  Really, ladies, there’s no longer any reason to hide behind your abanikos and give the guys signals with your hankies like they did in the old days.  Just go and talk to him.  Trust me, once you gather the courage to approach someone who intimidates you (admit it, your crush intimidates you), the the battle is almost won.

What to talk about:  Hey, you just met the guy.  Keep it simple.  Get to know him by asking about things you might have in common.  Friends, school, hobbies, and the like are all relatively safe topics that will lead to a plethora of other potential topics.Also, try to make it a memorable conversation.  Crack a joke or share a funny anecdote – it will stick out in his memory.

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4 don’ts when you are in crush

Broken heart DON’T forget to dress to impress.  You don’t want him to see you in some old rag that you have worn a bunch of times before, do you?

Broken heart DON’T let him think you are too available.  Send yourself flowers from a “secret admirer on Valentine’s Day.  Let him be jealous!

Broken heart DON’T join some boring after-school club just because you want to spend time with a particular guy.  There are loads of fish in the sea –you don’t want to get stuck swimming in one small pond.

Broken heart DON’T spend too much time chatting with a guy on the phone.  After ten minutes, pretend you have another call and tell him you have to go.  You want to let him know you are in demand! cpae-ef-heart-pinks

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7 things you can do alone on valentine’s day

Because bitter won’t look good on you…

Broken heart    Write a love letter to the person you are crushing on listing all the terribly mushy stuff you would tell him if you were a total psychopath. (Yes!  Include those days you stalked him –at school, at the café, online!) Then burn that letter with a rose scented candle, because after all, it is Valentine’s Day.
Broken heart Go out on a date minus your dream boy.  Come on, that serious, brooding, musical guy you’ve been drooling over isn’t really going to want to go on a popcorn sharing, Nicholas Sparks movie.  He is too cool for that.  But your single BFF will, so yeah.
Broken heart Light some candles, turn on some Taylor Swift girlfriend-from-hell music and schedule some quality time with the two most important men in your life – Ben & Jerry.
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Do's When You Are Crushing
Red heart DO wear clothes that are pretty but make you feel comfortable.  You won’t be able to chat Mr. Crush up if your jeans are so tight you can’t breathe!
Red heart DO smile, smile, smile!  Everybody – guys included – loves people who are friendly and fun to be around.
Red heart DO spend time getting to know your guy.  It is much easier to turn a guy friend into a boyfriend than to make a boyfriend out of someone you don’t even know.
Red heart DO let him know that you think you have interests in common, and that you’d love to spend time together doing what you both enjoy!cpae-ef-heart-pinks
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Sometimes, you want to let a guy know that you’re interested without being totally, well, OBVIOUS!  But how can you let a guy know that you exist without shouting, “Um…hel-lo?  I’m over her, Mr. crush-Boy!”
Here are a few things that can catch a guy’s eye:
Four Ways to Catch a Guy's eye

Think Pink!

Or blue, or purple, or yellow, or orange…a little flash of color can sometimes work wonders for getting attention.  If your clothes tend to fade into the background, you might want to try something bright for a change.  You could also borrow a piece of pretty jewelry (I like to borrow my sister’s), a cool hat, or a funky bag – anything new and noteworthy. 


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choose your perfect guy type

by: V.

Happy Love Month!

Let’s start the month by talking about love and where to find it.

Like how can you choose your perfect guy type?

There are way too many guys out there, and it is soo hard to weed out the incredibly okay to just the so-so!  So…who is your perfect crush? 


The Jock

Some girls love a guy with big muscles.  A jock is awesome for a girl who is into sports and loves doing physical activities outdoors.  Jocks are lots of fun, because you can stay physically fit just hanging out with them.  (And oh, quit the jock myth where his biceps is bigger than his brain.  Most jocks are quite brainy.)Of course, this kind of boy isn’t really some girls’ style.  Sure, it can be fun to watch a guy when he’s making tackles on the football field or shooting hoops at the basketball court, but some girls do not like it when boys spend more time at practice than with them.


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