Tmart's 32 Pieces Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set

If you by any chance have gone over my Mommy blog, you may have read about how awe-struck I was with the 88-color Matte PearlescentEye Shadow Palette I got from

Well, with that 88-color Eye Shadow Palette, I wouldn’t want to explore and experiment with these two eye shadow sponge applicators that came with the palette, right?

(Although I did use my fingers to apply eye shadow  and lipstick and blush - ewww!, but that was waay in the past.)

So, thank you, (again) for this 32-piecesProfessional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set!

Isn’t she a beauty?

Everything is in pink, too..

This brush set from Tmart contains 6 pieces Powder brush,  12 pieces eye shadow brush, 3 pieces oblique eyebrow brush, a fan brush, a lip brush, 2 pieces eye shadow smudge brush, 2 pieces concealer brush, 2 pieces eye liner brush, one piece of eyelash brush and a eyebrow comb brush and a piece of little point brush.

  • Each brush is individually hand-made,
  • Each brush is soft and won’t irritate the most sensitive skin,
  • And the brush set is packaged in a very cute pink bag.
It is easy to tell a good brush from a bad one.   A good brush’s bristles are never rough and scratchy on the skin.  They are soft and don’t fall off.  It doesn’t even matter if the brushes are made of natural or synthetic material.  As long as they are soft and don’t irritate your skin, they are okay. 

These Tmart brushes are soft.  I tried every single brush on my skin (yes, the entire 32 pieces!)  and they were soft and fluffy.  I also did the bristle test.  I ran my hand over the bristles and not a single bristle came off.   The handles, which are made of plastic, feel comfortable in my hand.  They are not too long, making it hard and awfully awkward to make my face up, and not too short.  They are sized just right.

If you are overwhelmed with the sheer number of brushes in this kit, you can always opt for the smaller beauty brush kit.

Here is my short list of three beauty brushes every woman should have:

Powder Brush.  I actually use a kabuki brush (too bad my brush set does not have it).  I still use the powder puff to apply powder which comes with my compact since it helps to smooth the powder evenly all over.  The powder brush  though, with wide soft bristles that can come either rounder or cut an angle (to get to the areas around the eyes and the nose) helps in distributing the powder and make you look more polished.
Blush Brush.  Who still applies blush with that tiny brush that came with your blush?  Get rid of that brush.  You would want one that’s fuller and wider to cover the apple of your cheeks .  It should not be as wide as a powder brush though. 
Eye Shadow Brush There are different sizes for this brush, but you would like a brush that is soft and fluffy which will help in spreading out the color all over your lids.  It should be big enough to cover about one fourth of your lid at a time, but small enough that you can still control the color you put on your lids.

Some women couldn’t live without their eyebrow brush.  This is important especially when you are older and your eyebrows seem to go thin.  To define and darken your brows, you need a slanted brush with bristles that are hard.  Never use this for another purpose, though.  It is hard and scratchy it can irritate your skin. 

But, if you want to get the 32-pieces Eyeshadow Brush, I am not stopping you.  The price is a steal and the brushes are really good.  Why don’t you head to Tmart now and get yours, along with the 88-color Matte Pearlescent Eye Shadow Palette? 

Tmart also sells a variety of well-known products and gadgets at VERY reasonable prices and offers FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.  Like them on Facebook!

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Women and Sleep Apnea
Do you::
  • Always wake up tired feeling like you never had a good night’s sleep,
  • Wake up a lot of times in the middle of the night coughing or gagging,
  • Wake up with dry mouth and your heart beating like crazy?

Chances are you are just one exhausted, multi-tasking mom like me, but for some women, they may have sleep apnea.

What? Women can have sleep apnea?
We used to think that only men can get sleep apnea, but in reality, women can also have sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea is a sleeping disorder when you unconsciously cease breathing a lot of times (like, around fifty or more), because your upper airway closes.  Your body turns into panic mode, making you wake up and have a restless sleep.  Most people who have this disorder often snore, are always sleepy at daytime, and are most likely overweight or obese.
Doctors also discovered that unlike men who snore and wake up catching their breath, women may have subtler symptoms like appearing exhausted, restless, having morning headaches, and being all-time cranky.
And because women with this sleeping disorder may seem healthy, they always end up being misdiagnosed and their sleep apnea, untreated.
This sleep disorder can be serious and can lead to hypertension, diabetes, heart failure and even dementia.
Apparently, sleep apnea causes a drop in the oxygen level in the blood called hypoxemia resulting to a decline in memory. In a study, 85% of the women who had sleep apnea at the beginning of the study ended up having mild cognitive impairment after five years.
Because of these health risks, if you suspect you have sleep apnea, talk to your doctor.   If after evaluation of your medical and family histories and exhaustive tests, you will be diagnosed with sleep apnea, a variety of treatments like change in lifestyle, breathing devices and gadgets may be used.  

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Make Your Room Rock With Wall Stickers!

Is your room still full of artifacts from your toddler years?

Do the stuff surrounding you speak of your tastes…or your mom’s?

Look around.

Your room is supposed to be a safe haven for you.  It should be comfortable.  It should be functional. It should also be all about you.
Oh, and don’t forget – it should be fun!

The best way to do this is to create a bunch of things with a very basic tool – your inspiration.

Hello, Walls!

You don’t need a whole new set of furniture to make your room feel new.  A little paint and a project or two, and your room can be transformed from simple to sensation, from blah to beautiful.

And there is nothing worse than plain colored walls.  Booring!

Wall art doesn’t have to be limited to posters.  Trash anything that features a member of a boy band.  Discard the Marvel Super Heroes poster.  It is high time you design a room that reflects your personality.

Like this from wall stickers uk...

Or this from wall stickers canada

If you want to score this classic, stylish wall decals, you can head over at

The site offers a great number of wall decals like robot wall decals for your little brother, fairy tale wall decals for your little sister’s room or that funky Bob Marley wall decal for your reggae-loving bro.


You will love how the wall decals are categorized neatly into New Arrivals, Featured and Bestseller, Nursery and Kid Wall Decals, Holiday Wall Decals, Sale, etc. 

You can also use the site’s “Search” Function to look for a design you are specifically looking for.

Ease of use

Paint fumes do make you swoon (and not in a good way!). The wall decals are perfect in the way that they are easy to use, easy to remove and you can also opt for a wall decal to be as big as your wall. You can also test a wall decal by requesting for a free sample so that you can see if it will work with your space. 

Price and Shipping

The price of the wall decals are practically quite a steal! Most of their bestsellers range from $19.00 onwards.

And if you decide to buy two wall decals, you will get a third for free! 

You can pay via Paypal or your credit card and expect your decals to be delivered in 3-4 business days.  They ship worldwide.  And oh, shipping is free if your orders are over $50.00.  A flat shipping rate of $7.90 is charged for orders below $50.00.

Return Policy

If you are in any way dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return your sticker within 365 days of purchase for a credit or exchange.

Last Words:

Your room is your own.  Make it your private place, a showplace, a celebration of your personality.  Make your  four walls full of fun - an exciting extension of you.

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Panagbenga/Baguio Flower Festival Schedule

The Panagbenga or Baguio Flower Festival is a month long annual flower festival held in Baguio City to celebrate "Panagbenga" or "Season of Blooming."

Held every February, the festival which was created as a tribute to the city's beautiful flowers, include colorful floats decorated with flowers and street dancing by dancers dressed in flower-inspired costumes.  I can hear Aguinaldo Elementary School's drum and lyre band practice right now and I am so relieved they are not playing Psy's "Oppa Gangnam Style! " They are playing J. Lo's "Dance Again" and the band also does a mean version of Styx's "Desert Moon"!

Photo by Lino Tabangin

Panagbenga Theme for 2014 is "Inspring the Community for a Greener Tomorrow" with the major events happening on February 22 and 23, 2014. 

Mark these dates for spectacular events happening this Love Month at the City of Pines:

Grand Opening Parade
Date: February 1
Venue: Session Road and Melvin Jones Grounds

Photo by Lino Tabangin

The opening parade signals the start of the Panagbenga, which will include drum and lyre and street dancing competition among elementary schools.  Also witness the Opening of Baguio Blooms featuring a Landscaping Competition at the Burnham Park.

Philippine Military Academy Alumni Homecoming

Happening on February 14, 2014

Handog ng Panagbenga sa Pamilya Baguio and Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom happening on February 16, 2014.

Market Encounter and Landscaping Competition

A Trade Fair and Bazaar will be held from the first Saturday of February to the First Sunday of March at Burnham Park. Different Landscaping designs will also be on display.

Fluvial Float Parade

On February 9, 2014, watch the Fluvial Float Parade at the Burnham Lake.

Grand Street Dancing Parade

Photo by Lino Tabangin

The Parade and Street Dancing Competition will happen on the 22nd of February, 2014 from the Panagbenga Park to the Athletic Bowl.

Grand Float Parade and Marching Band Competition

On the 23rd of February, 2014, from Session Road to Melvin Jones Grounds, the Grand Float Parade will open with a shower of rose petals along session Road, while marching bands with colorful costumes play and dance to lively tunes.  Colorful floats entirely made from flowers come next.

Photo by Lino Tabangin

Photo by Lino Tabangin

Photo by Lino Tabangin

Session Road in Bloom

From February 24 to March 2, 2014,flower stalls and sidewalk cafes will be set up along Session Road. Musical performers and band will be performing as well.

Pony Boys' Day at the Wright Park on March 1, 2014

Closing Ceremonies

Closing ceremonies will be held on March 2, 2014 at the Baguio Athletic Bowl.  Field demonstrations shall be featured and will end with a grand fireworks display in the evening.

I hope you can come over and experience the beauty of the Panagbenga!  

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Music Can Express What You Cannot Say In Words

One weekend when I was left home alone with a radio playing old songs, I was reminded of why I love music so much.

Music expresses what you cannot say in words.  It is amazing that someone somewhere felt something so intense to turn it into a beautiful song.   From rap, ballad, rock R & B, a Pink cover and even a sweet sing-along using a new lexicon alpha at guitar center, it was perfectly clear that love and passion can come in many styles and forms.  

Music is indeed  the universal language of love.

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Love Letters: Why Are Guys’ Handwriting so Bad?

It is the love month.

And who  doesn't look back to those love letters we so love to get and read?

Except when the writer’s handwriting is so bad!

Why are most guys’ handwriting so bad?

The reason may be more biological than you think.

A handwriting analyst said that most boys develop fine motor skills later than girls.  When writing is taught, most boys may not be physically ready.  Then, when their hands are finally ready, they are often frustrated with the entire writing process that they’ve stopped trying!

The digital age is also to blame.  Gone are the days with carefully thought-of and composed letters written by candlelight.  Today, we’ve got e-mail and text messages.  There are even ready-made love letters available on the net.  Never has expressing one’s love been more convenient.

Like most people now say, it is not the medium but the message that counts.

I still miss those old love letters!

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