super hot project–you


Hi, peaches!

Before the year ends , be sure to savor the last months of the year by throwing yourself into a super hot projectYOU


You, Only Better!

Whatever it is you want to buy now, accomplish, change about yourself, know that you’re the best person for the job because you’re the boss of you.  I still have great fears, but  every little battle I win makes me find a braver girl in the mirror staring back at me.  These little battles I win – which to adults may seem trivial – kicked off an attitude makeover that had me striving for bigger dreams.

This is V, taking over this blog (for just a little while Embarrassed smile) from my mom hoping to inspire you to find your braver, smarter, hotter self.  Start lovin’ her, peaches!

                                                                          Red heartV.

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  1. dooooo it! i really want this necklace i've been eying..can this be the justification i need? ;)