A couple of weeks or so ago, I wrote a post about SnowcapsPremium 500 mg Glutathione caps in my other blog.  This is a round-up of how the product is holding itself so far.

My goal is not skin whitening, although that could help a bit since my body is a whole lot fairer than my face, plus I tend to get lots of dark spots (freckles when I was younger, age spots now that I am older) which keeps coming back despite my Obagi Nuderm and CorrEsthetiques treatments.

My goal is to have glowing, healthier skin. 

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You must have read (or experienced) the dipping Baguio City temperature which started on the last week of December 2013.  It must be quite a cool (literally) experience to out-of-towners to experience air-conditioned level of coolness even in the outdoors, but for some certain unlucky people like myself who has a lifetime curse of skin asthma, this is a signal to start moisturizing with expensive emollients like Physiogel AI Lotion (I have bought and used around ten bottles already since October!) or my skin would turn into an itchy, dry, irritated mess!

But you see, moisturizers and lotions provide quick relief only.  The skin would soon dry up and get irritated and the vicious cycle of “dry- irritated-skin-that-I-have-to-scratch-really-bad” would start again.

Which makes me stress on how having a healthy diet helps in making the skin better.  Problem is, I have gorged on sinful foods like fruitcakes and lots of pastries and warm macaroni soups this holiday season.  The cold weather simply makes me abhor anything cold and fresh like fruits and fresh veggies. 

Which made me miss out on my anti-oxidants which should combat my dry, irritated skin right?

Good thing I have been taking my Snowcaps Premium 500 mg Glutathionecaps.  Unlike previous cold-weather seasons when my skin flared up really bad, I rarely got flare-ups this season.  And if I did, the rashes will resolve overnight.

Glutathione capsules have been marketed in the Philippines as a skin whitening product.  It is, in fact an anti-oxidant, with a great side effect of whitening your skin.

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But, not all glutathione capsules are the same.  Believe me, I have tried brands which require you to have two capsules three times a day along with double-the-dose-of-the glutathione Vitamin C tabs/caps.

With SnowCaps, you only need one capsule a day.  SnowCaps Premium Glutathione contains 500 milligrams of L-Glutathione, 100 milligrams of Alpha-Lipoic Acid and 50 milligras of Non-Acidic Vitamin C, all working synergistically to give you healthier, whiter skin that glows like snow.

Don’t expect to be really white though.  I have read somewhere that you can duplicate the color of your forearm.  Hmm, that’s what I am going to work for…

Would I buy this again?  I would.  Definitely.

SnowCaps Premium Glutathione Capsules are available in one-month supply packs at Mercury Drug Store, online at Lazada or at their Facebook page.

You can also contact them here:

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  1. Glutathione capsules are known to be the best options to improve your skin complexion. Avail these medicines for a better looking skin.

  2. Hmmm.... I want to try that for the reason that it is an antioxidant which I really need right now. Sayang lng, I don't see any of those kinds of meds here in Dubai.

  3. do you have anything in Philippines that help to lighten dark lips?thanks

  4. jUST Want to ask... is it effective to those person living in the coastal area? we all know that the climate in coastal area is not good, its too hot that may cause sun burn to your face