Music Brings People Together!


Confession: I had a lot of trouble writing a music-related blog post.  After putting together three music –related posts, I thought I’d run out of new things to say about music.

But then, I was reminded of a benefit concert that was organized to raise funds for young adults like Mark, who has glomerulonephritis, and others like him battling their own life-threatening diseases and I was reminded of why I love music so much

Music has the magical power of bringing people together.  That night, it brought together people who are there for one reason – to show the young adults and their families love and support.  When there is a cause to fight for, whether it’s protesting the cutting of pine trees or raising funds for the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda, musicians crank up the jbl lsr 2328p at guitar center and rally people from different backgrounds (and with different tastes in their playlists) are able to sing together with one heart.

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New and Improved You!

“You look so young.”

I so love to hear these words.

Who does not?

And I will go to great (and yes, sometimes stupid and expensive) lengths to prove that I look young.
But at a certain point, maybe we should stop and ask ourselves: Is it really eternal youth that we should be pursuing?

In the battle against aging skin, everyone wants to know.

What really works?

After all, with the sheer number of lasers, injectables, serums and peels available these days – all claiming to turn back the clock – it’s hard to know which one is best.

Of course, you will age.  Everyone does.

However, there is more and more you can do to slow the clock – practically on all parts of the face and body and for all types of skin.  Scientific breakthroughs are being made which will not just slow down, but reverse the effects of aging.

In the meantime, most of us, although willing to go to great extent to slow down the aging process, are totally averse to surgical procedures.   We want to look like ourselves, and not a cartoon of ourselves, as the years go by.

Fortunately, Dublin Vitality Center is offering a very unique 3-step process to younger skin, guaranteeing an improved, rejuvenated, younger,  glowing skin in eight weeks.

The treatment is a potent combination of three powerful skin revitalization procedures.

As we age, our skin surface gets attacked by the elements – like the sun, dirt and pollution – resulting to the hardening of the upper dermis.  Eventually, the skin will look dull, aging and with dark spots. 

STEP 1 is Diamond microdermabrasion.  This removes the dull surface, polishing the skin and clearing it of dirt, resulting to a glowing, rejuvenated skin.  Used in successive sessions, microdermabrasion may treat light scarring, dark spots and sun-damaged skin.

STEP 2 is Mesotherapy or Skin Needling.  This is used to stimulate skin cells which have otherwise failed to multiply because of the scar tissue to grow, forming new tissue layers of collagen and elastin.  Dermatude is different from a Derma roller in the way that it is controlled by a machine, thereby regulating the needle rolling and preventing any possible damage that a hand-held device can inflict.  This device will gently press into the upper dermis, stimulating the skin to literally wake up!

Have you ever seen a Derma Roller?  This is a hand-held cylindrical shaped device with very fine needles around the cylinder.  This is used to break down old scar tissue, stimulating skin cells which have otherwise failed to multiply because of the scar tissue to grow, forming new tissue layers of collagen and elastin.

STEP 3 is Diathermy.  Diathermy treats these unsightly facial thread veins.  Aside from the dark spots, skin can also be marred by tiny, broken veins around the nose and cheeks called thread or spider veins which can make us look older than our years.

These are non-surgical procedures that work synergistically without the frozen features, unbelievable tautness and the absence of facial lines that surgical procedures may bring.  Instead, they bring you to an entire new level of age maintenance and acceptance.  It is finding the age which you are happiest with the way you look and doing your share of trying to slow down – not to reverse or stop altogether – the aging process.

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Discount Cards for Prescription Drugs

Prices of medicines continue to increase.  Patients are left with no choice but shell out hard-earned money for the sake of health  when buying the ever expensive prescription drugs.
However, there is a way to save on the cost of prescription drugs.
For one thing, you can get a drug discount card.
A drug discount card is available from various sources to let you save some money.  For one, this discount toviaz savings card will let you save for as much as 75%!
Discount cards are intended  to help patients get their prescribed drugs at a more affordable price.
Since a prescription drug discount card is a totally new concept, here are some facts about it:
Most everyone can use a discount card.  However, the usefulness of the discount card totally depends on what the company offers, how much it costs and the rules for using it.
Some discount cards have elegibility restrictions, ranging from income and age.  Some cards are offered by the government, through the Medicare program free or with a low cost.
Some discount cards are not offered if you have a health insurance.  Since these cards are usually offered to people who cannot afford prescription drugs, they are not usually offered to those who can afford health insurance.
Some discount cards however are offered and are available to anyone.  The usual caveat though is that you have to pay for the use of the card annually or monthly.  The lesser the restrictions, the more expensive they are, but still, if you purchase prescription drugs on a repetitive basis, you can still save more because of the lower prices.  These cards are usually offered by companies in partnership with drugstores or pharmacies.
Drug stores also offer patronage or discount cards. They give these cards as a loyalty card and you are entitled to a discount or a freebie when you purchase in their stores.
Drug manufacturers also offer discount cards at a much lower price.

What we should keep in mind is we should take care of our health to avoid expensive medical prescriptions later in life.
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Lazada Launches Mobile Shopping App for iPhone and iPad


Philippines, 16th January 2014 – Lazada, Southeast Asia’s biggest online shopping mall, today announced the expansion of its mobile repertoire with the launch of an app for iPhone and iPad across the region. This launch follows Lazada’s recent investment round of approximately US$ 250 million from investors including retail giant Tesco.
The success of Lazada’s app for Android has prompted the creation of this new app for both iPhone and iPad. Fully optimized for iOS 7, the app allows on-the-go shoppers to seamlessly navigate Southeast Asia’s broadest brand and product assortment across several categories including consumer electronics, gadgets, apparel, shoes and accessories. Customer experience and convenience have always been the highest priority at Lazada and this app launch further adds on to this by offering:
Fast and smooth navigation of Lazada’s assortment           
Full screen and zooming modus to view products in detail           
Multiple filters to facilitate sorting of products by size, color, brand and price           
Flexible configuration offering usage in more than four languages           
Easy and secure payment methods – Credit Card, Cash-On-Delivery and Bank Transfer           
Exclusive discount codes and notifications about special deals

“Driven by the explosive development of low-cost smartphones and tablets we are witnessing technology leapfrogging in the region. Lazada’s mobile traffic has more than tripled in the last 12 months and already delivers a significant share of our revenues”, says Maximilian Bittner, CEO of the Lazada Group. “We believe that mCommerce is the future of online shopping. We have acknowledged the customers’ needs and the great convenience mobile offers – that is why we are now launching our new app for iPhone and iPad.” The new Lazada app for iPhone and iPad is available free of charge from 16th January 2014 onwards. Within the first 72 hours of the launch, users downloading the app will get an exclusive discount of Php400 on any purchase with a minimum spend of Php900. For Smart and Sun subscribers, they get Php500 off for a minimum purchase of Php1000.

About Lazada Lazada ( is Philippines’ largest online shopping mall and is pioneering e-commerce by providing a fast, convenient and secure online shopping experience combined with an extensive product offering in categories ranging from mobiles & tablets and consumer electronics to household goods, toys, fashion and sports equipment. Lazada is continuously striving to offer its customers the best possible shopping experience with multiple payment methods including cash on delivery, extensive warranty commitments and free returns.
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How To Make Your Netbook Batteries Last Longer

My netbook  battery always dies on me.  Of course, it is old.  It has been with me for over six years!  My Dell laptop batteries have performed better than my even older netbook whose batteries conked out on me on year one.
One of the many reasons I got a netbook (aside from the reason then that it was in pink and I knew I had to get it!) is that it is convenient and I can bring it anywhere while I do my spreadsheets.  Having a longer battery life is something I badly need.  However, there are things I have been doing that is making  its battery life shorter.
I always have my flash drive and CD writer plugged in while my netbook is on battery power.  I did not realize that these gadgets will leech the power the whole time they are plugged in. 
I open a lot of windows while doing my spreadsheets, at a brighter light, while listening to music – from my netbook, of course.  Having too much applications definitely zonked out my laptop battery fast.  Now, I just concentrate on a task and then head on to another after I am done with the first.  And I don’t listen much to music anymore.  I am contented with the cafeteria music, although I do have to contend with that jazz number being played again.  For the millionth time.
I am always connected to wifi.  While doing some spreadsheets which I have to deliver in two hours, I can’t help but check out my facebook newsfeed.  I realized it is better to miss out on my online social feed than miss out on my more important report.                
I make my battery go flat.  didn't really know that Lithium ion batteries should not be completely discharged.  Charging them and discharging them is better than making them conk out then charging  them again to full power.
I overcharge.  Completely discharging my netbook batteries is as bad as overcharging them. I tend to sleep and forget to turn off the plug on my netbook.  There are safety circuits for some netbooks, but don’t let the charger on for a long time anyway.  

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My Dog and The Cold Weather

The weather has been very cold lately.  Too cold that I am thinking of giving up my morning walks with Toxie, my almost twelve year old cocker spaniel. But my dog, despite his age, wants and demands his walk.  I am wondering if he can go by with a day of not going around the neighborhood.  One time I left him, he got out of the gate and I went crazy looking for him.  I am thinking of putting an electronic dog fence so that he can have his daily exercise without me worrying about him getting out.  I should get this before the Chinese New Year.  I have heard of dogs getting lost because the firecrackers and fireworks scared them.
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Room Re-Design with

My teenager claims she has outgrown her childhood room décor.  She claims she needs to re-do her pink walls and perhaps add removable wall decals she saw in the internet like this one:

I was like, omygosh, this girl’s got style!  I would love to have that Audrey Hepburn wall decal in my old teenage room as well!

Then, reality sank in and I asked her, “Where are you going to score that wall decal?”

And like a truly seasoned home designer wanna-be, she explained that using wall decals is the new way to decorating your walls.  You can make your room look new without dealing with the fumes and the mess that paints can bring.

And the best place to shop for these wall decals is at

The homepage is very easy to navigate. You can easily search for a particular design or category you may like by using the site’s search function.

With, you will never run out of wall art decoration ideas.  It is an innovative wall décor online shop offering wall decals in various designs from the classy Audrey Hepburn wall decal to funky Bob Marley and dreamy fairy tale wall decals with butterflies, castles and flowers to cars or robots wall decals.  It also has bathroom wall stickers and Wall quotes Vinyl Lettering Decals.

I particularly like the way these wall decals are easy to use.  And the best part, they are easy to remove, too.  Your teen can easily change her wall decal according to her mood, disposition, and style. 

The prices are quite reasonable, too.  That classy Audrey Hepburn wall decal costs $19.00, most of their bestsellers like the Cute Dot Tree and Birds Wall Décor costs $27.00 and the priceless Map of The World Decal with a size of 41 inches x 30 inches is on sale at $85.00.

And an ongoing promo is that if you buy 2 (because you cannot get enough of their beautiful designs), you get the 3rd for free!
It offers secure payments via Paypal or your credit card, with a fast turn-around time of 1-2 business days and delivery time of 3-4 business days.  And the best part?  Shipping is free if you order more than $50.00!  For orders below $50.00, $7.90 is charged as a flat shipping rate.

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Confessions of a Serial crash Dieter

Photo Source
Like most women, I have tried numerous methods over the years to try to lose extra weight.   In high school, I skipped dinner.  In college, my go-to diet was the cabbage diet, which promised a 10-pound weight loss in seven days.  A few years ago, I tried a fad diet, but gave up around day five when I was required to eat six whole tomatoes.  Another diet didn’t allow me to mix carbs with protein;  I abandoned it the minute my desire to eat adobo with rice overpowered my desire to have a slim waistline.  Seriously, I was so addicted to crash dieting I should go to a rehab center in las vegas!

Recently, reflecting on my slow-but-sure weight gain over the past few years(o.k., it went way fast in December.  As in, over the roof!), I realized that I had been putting myself through days or weeks of culinary hell to make up for years of eating with abandon.  And what I learned from crash dieting for more than half my life is this-  when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, there are absolutely no shortcuts.  Unless you go for surgery or something.

The realization led to a big step.  Acceptance.  I have to accept that (a.)I am not one of the lucky few who can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound,  (b) I cannot eat dessert after every meal because that croissant goes straight to my thighs, and (c) I didn’t put on extra weight overnight and would thus need time lose everything I had gained.  I decided to commit something I could keep up my whole life, not just for three days.

And so lately, I’ve been doing what I should have been doing all along.  Eating less meat and more veggies , and allowing myself the occasional sweet treat (just enough so that I don’t feel deprived).  I t is a tough journey , I know, but I am on my way into living a happily balanced diet zone.

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Losing Weight Through Hypnosis

Everyone – and I mean everyone – over-indulged this holiday season and must have gained a few of those unwanted pounds (don’t look at me, because I am among those who gained a lot!).

And since the New Year is about New Beginnings, I bet everyone is resolving to get rid of last year’s excess baggage and resolve to be a lot healthier this year and is in desperate search for a quick but permanent weight loss strategy. 

Weight loss should be simple, right?  

All you have to do is eat a little lesser than you used to and exercise way, way harder and you are on your way to slim heaven.  But, some people claim that your inner self – your subconscious – is preventing you from losing weight.

The history of hypnosis has proven that hypnosis has resolved diseases which are otherwise incurable.  Skeptics may frown at this, but it really is mind over matter.  Hypnotherapy may help you trust in yourself and believe that you can succeed in losing weight and getting the body that you want.

And you don’t even have to go to a professional hypnotist to break your weight barriers.  All you have to do is smash all the negative self-talk.  Instead of claiming that diets won’t work for you or that you were born fat and will stay that way or that your diet will eventually fail, claim your victory.  Believe that you are capable of changing your body and improving your body image.

Sometimes, though, you need help in unloading all the negative self-talk and replacing them with positivity.  And that’s when you need a hypnotist.  He can help you change your mindset, break barriers and reach your goal. And it does not stop there.  Once you achieve your goal, you are in for a lifetime change.

It is not all about weight loss.  It is about achieving our weight goals and creating  a new relationship with your body and the food you eat.  We tend to spend most of our time obsessing on our diet and workout programs.  The mind has to be included in the equation as well.  Hypnosis will suggest that you are capable of choosing a healthy lifestyle for yourself.  And that goal alone will keep you from finishing that bag of chips or getting that slice of cake.

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{FOMO} The Fear of Missing Out


This year, my ears were opened to new words like “twerking”, “selfie”, “squee” and “FOMO”.

I bet most of us netizens have FOMO,

Imagine this:  It is Friday and it is your me time.  Yup.  You are on your own – in your comfortable PJs with freshly-popped popcorn from your microwave -ready to do some Koreanovela Marathon.  You have dreamed of this moment the whole week!

But wait.  The whole night passes by and you did not understand a piece of your Koreanovela.  In fact, you have been glued to your phablet the whole time, browsing over pictures of everything that your Friday night could have bee.


FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out, a phenomenon that seems to feed us to, well, our newsfeed.  No conversation is enthralling as the ones online, no reality quite good enough until it is cropped square and filtered to look like it is as un-now as it could be.  Everyone seems to be having a better time than you are.

Is it like being Out of Place (OP)?

FOMO is not like being OP because there’s no place to be out of to begin with.  OP is being with a group of friends and feeling like you’re not operating on the level that they are (for the moment, at least).  Or you’re the fifth wheel.

So what is it?

In a nutshell, everyone looks like they’re having fun-way more fun than you.  While you’ve cast your lot and made your decision, you still feel terrible about it and want to do something else, but you can’t and nothing seems to be enough.  You just end up feeling miserable and lonely.

The FOMO Network

Understanding how people use social media is the key to understanding FOMO.  While FOMO has existed long before the Twitter bird was just a dirty though in its mom’s and pop’s heads, the proliferation of smartphones has heightened our connectivity.  If before you only saw what everyone was up to when you got home and logged in, now you see what everyone is up to whenever you choose (or whenever there’s free Wi-Fi).  That allows you extra time to look at more profiles, stalk more people and add more people to your accounts (and therefore to your feeds.)

But here’s the thing.  On the internet, people can project whatever they want to.  They can play up certain aspects of themselves so they appear larger than life.  It doesn’t necessarily make them evil or manipulative-it’s simply human nature to share.  And of course you’d want to share the good and positive things about you.

Missing: You

Fact: FOMO distorts priorities.  What if in trying to hop from gig to party to house  HOHOL (hang out, hang out lang), you forget that it’s your mom’s birthday tomorrow and that you haven’t gotten her a present yet?  Or that in your urgency to find that thing that will satiate your desire to be part of something legendary, you miss out on the things that matter?  Like how your friend’s acting weird and it turns out her parents are splitting up, or that your grades are slowly sipping because you passed up one study day after another to spend time with your friends.

FOMO tends to be this bubble that engulfs you.  The worst part is it is soundproof.  Sometimes the screaming (from your friends, your family, or dire circumstances) pops the bubble.  When the bubble bursts and you once again see the people who really matter to you, guess what?  You try to ride their wave, to roll the way you guys used to, but it just won’t stick.

Can FOMO be good for you?

The thing about most cases of FOMO is that it’s energy that feels kinetic but is actually static.  Nonetheless, it is energy and if you listened to your physics teacher you’d know that this energy has a lot of potential.  It either stays or flows.

The good kind of FOMO is kinetic energy.  It causes you to move forward.  If you’ve been MIA from your barkada so much that they won’t be surprised if you sparkle in the sunlight (because of too much studying in your room), then FOMO is good.  FOMO on social advocacies that you support is also good.  It’s focused FOMO.  It’s specific FOMO.  It’s FOMO that moves you.

Miss FOMO No Mo’

So maybe this article is getting too close for comfort.  Drop the raised eyebrow and surrender the smartphone.  That’s right-surrender.  The. Smartphone.  No one will hack you, we promise.

But we’re dead serious about detaching yourself from your phone.  It pays to be away.  It pays to reconnect in ways that count.  It pays for the whole barkada to put all their cellphones in the middle of the table during dinner so they can properly enjoy each other’s company.

Disconnect to reconnect.  Be mindful of the time you spend on the net.  Set a limit to your online time for fun stuff, and resist the urge to “borrow” from your research/study time.

In the face of indecision and hesitation, ask yourself:  Would you enjoy going to that party even in you don’t Instagram anything? Was the reunion planned a long, long time ago to make sure that everybody will be there?  Is your sister counting on you and only you to be her concert festival buddy?  Will you have time to finish you schoolwork before the event?

If a healthy compromise (leave early, just catch your favorite band, etc) can be achieved, then why not?  Too much FOMO is bad, but in the immortal words of the Spice Girls, too much of nothing is just as tough.  Just keep your FOMO feels in check and you will be fine.
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A couple of weeks or so ago, I wrote a post about SnowcapsPremium 500 mg Glutathione caps in my other blog.  This is a round-up of how the product is holding itself so far.

My goal is not skin whitening, although that could help a bit since my body is a whole lot fairer than my face, plus I tend to get lots of dark spots (freckles when I was younger, age spots now that I am older) which keeps coming back despite my Obagi Nuderm and CorrEsthetiques treatments.

My goal is to have glowing, healthier skin. 

Read: 4 Simple Steps to Keep Dark Spots Away

You must have read (or experienced) the dipping Baguio City temperature which started on the last week of December 2013.  It must be quite a cool (literally) experience to out-of-towners to experience air-conditioned level of coolness even in the outdoors, but for some certain unlucky people like myself who has a lifetime curse of skin asthma, this is a signal to start moisturizing with expensive emollients like Physiogel AI Lotion (I have bought and used around ten bottles already since October!) or my skin would turn into an itchy, dry, irritated mess!

But you see, moisturizers and lotions provide quick relief only.  The skin would soon dry up and get irritated and the vicious cycle of “dry- irritated-skin-that-I-have-to-scratch-really-bad” would start again.

Which makes me stress on how having a healthy diet helps in making the skin better.  Problem is, I have gorged on sinful foods like fruitcakes and lots of pastries and warm macaroni soups this holiday season.  The cold weather simply makes me abhor anything cold and fresh like fruits and fresh veggies. 

Which made me miss out on my anti-oxidants which should combat my dry, irritated skin right?

Good thing I have been taking my Snowcaps Premium 500 mg Glutathionecaps.  Unlike previous cold-weather seasons when my skin flared up really bad, I rarely got flare-ups this season.  And if I did, the rashes will resolve overnight.

Glutathione capsules have been marketed in the Philippines as a skin whitening product.  It is, in fact an anti-oxidant, with a great side effect of whitening your skin.

Read: Skin Whitening Secrets Tip No. 1.

But, not all glutathione capsules are the same.  Believe me, I have tried brands which require you to have two capsules three times a day along with double-the-dose-of-the glutathione Vitamin C tabs/caps.

With SnowCaps, you only need one capsule a day.  SnowCaps Premium Glutathione contains 500 milligrams of L-Glutathione, 100 milligrams of Alpha-Lipoic Acid and 50 milligras of Non-Acidic Vitamin C, all working synergistically to give you healthier, whiter skin that glows like snow.

Don’t expect to be really white though.  I have read somewhere that you can duplicate the color of your forearm.  Hmm, that’s what I am going to work for…

Would I buy this again?  I would.  Definitely.

SnowCaps Premium Glutathione Capsules are available in one-month supply packs at Mercury Drug Store, online at Lazada or at their Facebook page.

You can also contact them here:

And if you are into skin whitening, check out my reviews on

Snow Skin Whitening Cream
Kojie San Dream White

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