A day after Christmas, my world turned bleak.

Kasi, naubusan ng Coke ang store sa tapat…

Uyy, drinking soft drinks is not my daily habit, ha, but you see, the family was at a resort over at warm Bacnotan, La Union to celebrate a cousin’s wedding.  Since the weather was extremely warm (well, it seemed to be compared to cold Baguio City where we live), not getting our cold Coca Cola fix was simply tragic…

So I had to send the kids to look for open sari-sari stores, until they came home with this:

Coke Sari-Saring Happiness

(#Happiness I ended up not drinking it. That is my name there, ano?In love)

I had to personally go to the sari-sari store and thank Manang.  Ang tagal ko kayang hinanap ang Coke bearing my name!

And you should go thank Manang at your sari-sari store, too!


Because managing a sari-sari store is daunting, especially to first-time small business owners like Manang.  Seeing her survive all obstacles to make her sari-sari store grow is simply inspiring!

Manang at the store in La Union told me her children finished college through the help of her sari-sari store.  (I have a feeling she owns the resort as well.)

Running a business is difficult, she told me, especially if you have no business or financial background.   She learned through experience and by attending short-courses on bookkeeping and business management.

She also told me how the local government and global brands like Coca Cola are helping emerging sari-sari store owners through business skills training courses and financial services to help them grow their business.

I was pleasantly surprised that Coca Cola is spearheading a campaign to empower women and turn them into successful entrepreneurs.  It must be their way of giving back to the women who helped make Coca Cola the number 1 soft drinks brand.



Through Coca Cola’s STAR (Sari-Sari Store Training and Access to Resources), a program designed to help the women entrepreneurs, the Ate’s and the Manangs  are empowered to improve their lives, despite hurdles like failing to finish school and no technical know-how.  Educating them on how to properly manage the store, giving them access to resources and helping them connect with peers and mentors will ensure them success in their business.

Coca Cola’s target is to train five million women in 2020, and with successful women like Manang leading the way, I am looking forward to a future of Sari-Saring Happiness in every sari-sari store in the country.

After all, nothing -not even a world-class supermarket or a convenience store, can compare to the warmth, familiarity and friendly gossip that the neighborhood sari-sari store can bring.


You run out of cooking oil, you go to the sari-sari store.

Your ballpen ran out of ink?  Run to the sari-sari store.

Catch up with the neighborhood news?  Hang out at the sari-sari store.

And who has not stopped over at the sari-sari store after work before heading to their houses?

It is like home.cpae-ef-heart-pinks

Learn more about Coca Cola’s inspiring 5by20 campaign - 

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stand up and be counted!

College is the first time I have been around people who are extremely outspoken and aware of what is going on socially and politically.  It made me realize how important it is to have a voice in order to effect change.

I have joined the University’s Annual Christmas Lantern Parade for the first time a couple of weeks ago and the experience was surreal!  I felt like I was taking charge of my life!  After that, I jammed with my friends.  My guitar got a dent though and had to get it fixed. Next time, to protect your guitar, you really should be putting it in a sturdy guitar case. 

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opk’s for getting pregnant

I was at the mall drugstore awhile ago and I was amazed at the health DIY  kits that are available now. 

Years ago, probably the only health DIY kit you can find in your local drugstore is a pregnancy test kit. Now, I saw a UTI kit (a kit to find out if you have urinary tract infection.  The old route was via a urinalysis in the medical laboratories!) and an ovulation predictor kit.

OPK Kits

The ovulation predictor kit is just perfect for a friend who is trying to conceive but can’t!  She would probably need this!

What is an ovulation predictor kit (OPK) anyway?


Using an ovulation predictor kit is a great way to find out if you are ovulating properly. Knowing when you are ovulating is extremely important when you are trying to conceive, since there are only a few short days each month when a woman can get pregnant. Women have to time sex accordingly so that they can make sure to have sex during ovulation, for the best chance of getting pregnant. There are many different ways to know if you are ovulating, but if you are just starting on your TTC journey, an ovulation predictor kit might be the best choice for you. These kits are available over the counter at drug stores and online. They use your urine, much like a home pregnancy test, to detect the LH surge in the body and let you know when ovulation is occurring. For more information on how to use an ovulation predictor kit, visit Pregnancytips.cpae-ef-heart-pinks

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four ways to make over your mood in one minute

Are you sick of always being down in the dumps?
Do you feel like things keep going wrong for you?
You can actually feel better in just one minute!

Here’s how!

In just under a minute you will feel better if you:
Fake it!  Smile even when you feel so down and would rather pout. 
Walk confidently.  Forget the drooping shoulders stance.  The world is not your burden!
Hug a friend!  It feels good to know somebody cares for you.
Wear your lucky charm!  I have this magnetic bracelet which seems to zap all of my worries and leaves me with feel-good vibes the whole day!
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How To Get Rid of Whiteheads and blackheads

What ruins your day more than  a bad hair?

An enormous zit or those annoying whiteheads that love to take permanent residence on your face just when you are preparing for a special occasion!

What causes whiteheads anyway?

If you have oily skin, the cells around your pore or skin follicle tend to be sticky, attracting dead skin cells and bacteria to be trapped inside. 


Why are blackheads black?


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the unilab spark: husay at malasakit

Seven years ago,  exactly a week after my mom’s funeral, my life imploded. 

One sunny Friday, just a week after my mom was laid to rest and I was finally accepting the fact that she was gone, my father was rushed to the hospital, barely breathing.

I was confronted with the thought that I might become  an orphan, losing both parents in a span of two weeks.

As I rushed to the ICU to see how he was doing, I was shocked to see him with all the tubes and medical equipment around him.  He was unconscious and his skin looked grey.  His blood oxygen level was below 75%.  He had pneumonia and respiratory distress, which he probably got during those sleepless nights during my mom’s wake.

The worst part?

I felt so alone.  

Until I saw Annie, a co-worker.

And I felt more alone.

uncomfortablesoul_tumblr_ldt0phWhcq1qah2fqo1_500 (1)

Her dad happened to be in the ICU, too, but she had siblings to share her worries with.  Me, I just had myself and my husband.  My brother, who was based in Japan, cannot come. If something happened to my dad, I would face it alone.

I was just starting to grieve for my mom and I was confronted with the fear that I could lose my dad, too.

I remember staying in the hospital chapel, praying that everything will be okay. 

There was a silver lining to my state of grief.  My dad pulled through, thanks to the excellence (husay) and compassion (malasakit) of the medical team that looked after him and of course, his unwavering struggle to get better. I was ashamed of myself for “feeling alone”, because overtime, as I was worrying and feeling bad for myself and secretly resenting my brother for not being with me as my dad fought for his life, this amazing medical team was working hard.

When my dad thanked the medical team, one of them said,

“We had nothing to do with it.  It was all you.”

And she was right.  We are all responsible for our own successes. 

But we can also benefit from a spark, a catalyst.

Sometimes, we are programmed to get on track and stay on track.  We forget that it is OK to redirect ourselves.  Often, though, we need something to push us into action.  For me, that weekend when everything fell apart was it.  As a nation, various calamities was the spark.  The tragedy we experienced as a nation strengthened our solidarity as we stood, hand in hand, determined to rise from the rubbles through excellence and compassion (husay at malasakit).


Unilab, the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, believes in the power of husay at malasakit.


In every product they produce, they make sure that their facilities and procedures are safe.


Their superior and affordable healthcare products are available all over the country, reaching out to everyone in need.

Advances in technology may have automated their processes, but the heart – the love and the concern-poured into the manufacturing of each of their healthcare products will always be present.


In every innovation they create and improve on, the health and safety of the Filipino people are always their concern.


Unilab is and will always be a company dedicated to improving the lives of the Filipino people.



And with Unilab’s new TV Commercial, may they become your SPARK, your catalyst, to show husay at malasakit in every facet of your life.

Red heartMarie

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“I’m Not Spending Enough Time With My Kids”

Who among you moms feel guilty about not spending enough time with your kids?

I can see some hands (including mine).

Not spending enough time with our kids always bothers us moms.  Time can never be enough!  But did you know that spending quality time is just fine with them?  I know!  You’re too busy, you still have to cook dinner, do the dishes, finish a load of laundry, watch the tele-serye, but can you take time to connect and know what’s going on in their lives?

Not Spending Enough Time with kids

Check in with them in small ways – talk about how she is getting along with her Math class. Ask her how she is getting along with her ibanez bass guitar lessons. Ask the little one what he had for lunch.  Watch the Kath-Niel movie together.

And never forget to tell them how much you love them.  Then remind yourself that you are a good mom. 

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What’s in a name?

A lot actually.Your name carries with it your reputation and all the things people know about you.  Up until now, you’ve lived with the name your parents chose (which you may love or hate), and you’ve calmly accepted the long list of nicknames you’ve earned through the years –some nicer than others.  But the only way to win the name game is by choosing your own name. 

If mistakes or mishaps have marred your name, go ahead and change it!  Your grade school friends may still joke about Klutzy Kitkat, but you can wow them now when you reintroduce yourself as the cool Katrina.

Me, Only Better

I was Paulie in high school, now V in college.  With a new name, a new style, a new smile, new music and an audio technica ath m50 glued to my ears, I am showing the world about the better me!


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get your dream dress with tidebuy lolita dress

I love soft and flowy pieces that are feminine and romantic.  But with a killer schedule that starts at 4 AM and ends at 12 AM with so little sleep, I  get lazy to dress up on regular days and end up wearing the usual graphic tees and denims that aren’t really me.

A style guru once said, “How we dress sends a message out to the world.”, and I do strive to be true to what he said.

That is why during my free time, I try to find styles that make a statement.

One of the fashion styles that fascinated me during my latest internet fashion research is the Lolita fashion, which you can find on


The style, which traces its origins in Japan, brings back memories of endless tea parties and doll playing with my little sister.  Lolita dresses remind me of the beautiful dresses our dolls have!

Like this dainty Tidebuy white Lolita dress:



and this Tidebuy pink Lolita dress:


Aren’t they just lovely?!

I think the best thing I like about these Lolita dresses is that they have an appeal that is classic. I have always dreamed of becoming a celebrity style icon.  I would love to design and wear fashionable outfits that are never too revealing.  I would want to prove to the world and to young women that fashion does not have to be provocative and revealing in order to be stylish and trendy.

And this is the charm of the Lolita dresses.  Do check out more Lolita dresses at






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Moms Learn How To Manage Time

Becoming a mother and taking care of your baby and family is not an easy task. Surely the happiness that you will feel when you become a mother is extremely valuable and memorable. But then you have to realize that along with motherhood comes a lot of responsibility. You will always feel that you do not have time for anything as such. Majority of the moms have a lot of problems when it comes to time management. This article will put forward certain effective tips that will help you manage time after you become a mother.



Planning is the first thing that you have to do. You have to make a schedule according to which you have to finish all your tasks on time. In this way you will not waste time and finish your work conveniently.

After you make a schedule, you also have to learn to prioritize the things that you need to do for the day or week. You have to remember that your duties as a mother cannot be compromised at all. Therefore you will have to make compromises related to your professional or household work and take out time for your baby. You have to learn to balance out things.

Another perfect way to manage time is to delegate tasks to your relatives or friends. If certain tasks are simple and do not require your special attention then you can ask your relatives or friends to handle it and you can spend more time with your baby.

It is your duty to stay far away from any kind of distractions such as useless hobbies, irresponsible friends etc. because all these distractions will only waste your precious time. Stop engaging in activities that will just encourage you to misuse the time you have.

You have to make sure that you take out time for yourself. Take care of your baby and family but then ensure that you can relax as well so that you can renew your energy levels. Resting is very important for you especially after you have become a mother.

You must multi task whenever possible because in this way you will be able to do lots of things simultaneously. Do not forget to enjoy yourself. If possible go out with friends or go for shopping. A little pampering will help you in the long run.

Visit for any more information on time management ideas and tips for mothers.

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Whiplash: What are the main causes and cures?

Whiplash is arguably the most common injury suffered in motor vehicle accidents. It occurs after rapid movement of the head and neck and most commonly follows motor vehicle accidents involving a rear end collision.

What causes whiplash?


Specifically sudden force or rapid movement stretches and tears the muscles in the neck to cause whiplash. Typically the sufferer of whiplash will notice tenderness around the neck, headaches and tightness in the neck. There may also be a decreased range of motion and pain.

The symptoms can occur immediately or may take some time to become apparent but it is extremely important to realise the condition is real and that untreated whiplash may lead to even greater problems including depression and anxiety.

How do you treat it?


Since 1928 when the term whiplash was first used medical professionals have considered the condition and are in a position to provide sound advice to assist recovery. While this article should not be considered in place of proper medical opinion the current treatments appear to be as follows:

  • Applying ice to the neck for 20-30 minutes every 3-4 hours for the first two to three days post injury.
  • If your Doctor recommends it you may use a neck brace support.
  • Pain killers if recommended by your Doctor.
  • Application of heat to the affected area after two to three days of icing that area.
  • Treatment such as Ultrasound, massage or physiotherapy.

Under the Motor Accident Insurance Act insurers are obliged to pay for treatment upfront, that is before the claim is settled. Physiotherapists and other health professionals can submit treatment plans so that a victim’s treatment is funded directly by the Insurer. Law firms such as  Sinnamon Lawyers can also assist in obtaining funding for that treatment which could well lessen the impact of the Whiplash injury in the future.

How to avoid it?


Finally, while it is not possible to prevent motor vehicle accidents, there are many safety measures we can take to minimize the risk of whiplash in an accident. The proper use of devices such as seatbelts and car seats for children, in hand with safe defensive driving techniques will greatly help to minimize the chance of whiplash.

What do you think? Have you suffered from whiplash? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.


Photo Source: freedigitalphotos

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8 ways to happiness

by: V

As we grow up, we learn that the world is not a perfect place.  We find that things don’t always go our way, that sometimes we get hurt, and that we do fail.  But just because life has its disappointments doesn’t mean we should give up on being happy.  Abraham Lincoln once said. “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” 

Are you ready to bring joy into your life?  If you are, then here are fabulous tips on cranking up your happiness meter.

Happiness Meter

Happiness Meter Level No. 1: Let go of the past.

It’s hard to be content when there’s a big weight on your back, and the past is one of the heaviest burdens a person can bear.

So, let it go!


Leave behind those old mistakes, regrets and frustrations – there’s nothing you can do about them, anyway.  Once you clear out the closet of your past, you’ll find you have more space and energy to enjoy what you have NOW.

Happiness Meter Level No. 2: Have wonderful friends.



The happiest people are those who find pleasure in the company they keep.  If you find that you’re hanging out with people who don’t support you or who make you feel bad about yourself, then maybe, it is time you looked for friends elsewhere.  Surround yourself with people whom you can respect and treats you with respect, who are positive and honest, and who make you laugh and feel good about who you are.

Happiness Meter Level No. 3: Take good care of yourself.


While it is okay to indulge yourself once in a while (a little chocolate can do wonders in the happiness department), too much of anything never ends well.  Balance is key here.  Eat well and engage in physical activities you love.  Don’t be scared to try a new sport, either.  A healthy body is a happy body.

Happiness Meter Level No. 4: Set goals for yourself.


Having goals to achieve give you a sense of purpose and direction.  It helps to write them down.  If you are busy challenging yourself and doing everything it takes to make it all happen, there won’t be any time to be miserable.  Because there is nothing quite as fulfilling as making your own dreams come true.

Happiness Meter Level No. 5: Be spontaneous.


This is to remind you not to get caught up in No. 4.  Sure, planning out your life and knowing what you want will help you be happier with yourself.  But it is also important to take time off to do things that aren’t part of the Big Plan.  Loosen up! Bring flowers to your mom, just because.  It is life’s little surprises that give it meaning.

Happiness Meter Level No. 6:  Spread the love!


That old warm, fuzzy feeling is far too underrated these days.  One of the best ways to make yourself happy is by doing nice things for others.  It could be as little as holding the door open for someone else or as big as spending a whole day at a children’s home.  Your problems become smaller and easier to handle when you’re thinking about other people.

Happiness Meter Level No. 7: Learn something new everyday.



To be happy is to grow and experience new things.  The world is full of things to see, feel and know.  Open your mind to them!  Don’t limit yourself by thinking YOU CAN’T.  DARE yourself to do things you’ve never done before.  You never know what you might discover about the world and yourself.

Happiness Meter Level No. 8: Believe that you deserve to be happy.


A lot of people are depressed because they don’t think they ought to be happy.  They count their faults instead of their blessings, and punish themselves because others are suffering and they are not.  Don’t be one of those people.  Every one of us deserves happiness.  Instead of brooding over our feelings, we should learn to take happiness when and where to find it.

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boy truths learned #1

Boys aren’t very smart – so don’t tell them one thing when you actually mean the opposite.  Just be honest with them.  Also, boys often act on impulse – naah, not the giving of platinum wedding rings thing – which means they don’t overthink as much as we do.  This can be a good thing (they are spontaneous), but we do really make an issue over it.  Lastly, not all boys are alike.  Understanding them is a lifelong experience.

Boy Truth#1

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super hot project–you


Hi, peaches!

Before the year ends , be sure to savor the last months of the year by throwing yourself into a super hot projectYOU


You, Only Better!

Whatever it is you want to buy now, accomplish, change about yourself, know that you’re the best person for the job because you’re the boss of you.  I still have great fears, but  every little battle I win makes me find a braver girl in the mirror staring back at me.  These little battles I win – which to adults may seem trivial – kicked off an attitude makeover that had me striving for bigger dreams.

This is V, taking over this blog (for just a little while Embarrassed smile) from my mom hoping to inspire you to find your braver, smarter, hotter self.  Start lovin’ her, peaches!

                                                                          Red heartV.

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How to fake a perfect face

When it comes to beauty, I’m a low maintenance person.  Of course, I can say I could be out of the door in 30 minutes flat, but not really - because I spend my time blow drying my hair.  It’s just a quirk of mine – I cannot leave home with wet hair.

But faking a perfect face is fairly easy.  Really.


Here’s how:

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The Curtain Rises for The Theatre at Solaire

Solaire Resort and Casino announces the opening of THE THEATRE at Solaire this November; a new state-of-the-art, certified lyric theatre in the heart of Entertainment City. This majestic performance venue boasts of an astronomical line-up of performance artists and events; both local and international, in the months to come.


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Bedroom Wall Decals: A Great Style Option For You

At the end of a tiring work day, everyone wants to just sink into their bed covers and rest.


But you cannot just rest and relax when your bedroom doesn’t look divine, right? 

A lot of times, just to give our bedroom walls that vibe we like, we resort to painting the walls, adding some funky wallpaper or putting some artwork.

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Fat Loss Vs. Weight Loss

By Kareem Samhouri, DPT

Understanding the difference between fat loss and weight loss is a critical component in any fitness program. Many people confuse the number on the scale with their fitness level, although this can be quite misleading at times.It is more important to monitor body fat percentage during the course of a fitness program, in order to best determine the ratio of muscle to fat in the body, or fat free mass to fat mass. By shifting the ratio of muscle:fat, it is possible to shift one's metabolism. Once a metabolic shift has occurred, weight loss just happens.

Photo Source

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#antiaging #sensitiveskin

If you are anything like me, you are battling dark  spots and wrinkles and dabbing creams with ingredients to stop the clock.  But if you are part of half of the world’s women population with sensitive skin, getting aggressive on those wrinkles and dark spots can cause major irritation or damage. 

So is it time to accept defeat and just try to age gracefully?

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Are You Always Tired?

always tired
Free Digital Photos
Are you always tired?

You are not alone.  Probably one third of the world population end up dragging themselves to work every single day and wishing the day is over.  What sneaky energy-zapper did this?

Surprisingly, it must be your posture.  Your poor posture.

Slumping and ignoring the soft pile of sofa cushions on your feet make your body literally tired that staying upright would take a lot of effort on your part, leaving you with less energy .

Cabin Fever

Staying indoors, especially when it is cold and cloudy outside literally drains your energy.  Spending a quick walk around the block or just spending twenty minutes outside will make you feel more energetic.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks give you energy, until you feel the slump afterward.  Energy drinks are often high in caffeine, which gives you a high, until you literally slump and get really tired after the “I-can-do-anything” feeling.  For lasting energy, opt for a snack of whole wheat pita bread with chicken breast and cucumbers instead, which gives you a dose of complex carbs, protein and fiber.
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Get Glowing with BB Creams

Back in my mom’s time, there were Oil of Olay and Ponds and Max Factor and Revlon (and they are still pretty much visible these days, with new formulations to keep up with the times and what is uso*)

Youthful skin with BB Cream

BB Cream, also known as Blemish Balm, just like kimchi, bubble tea, Oppa Gangnam Style, ramen and K-Pop, is very Asian which has become so big and so uso that brands like L’oreal, Maybelline, Max Factor, and Ponds have a version of it.

Let’s start with a little BB 101:

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How To Banish Boredom

 If you're often bored, maybe what's going on (or not going on) around you isn't to blame.  In a study, inquisitive people found something that most people consider boring - making 45 minutes of small talk with someone they'd just met - to be a positive, meaningful experience.  Less-inquisitive people, on the other hand, didn't enjoy the conversation and were less likely to feel a connection with the stranger.

To cultivate courtesy and prevent boredom, step outside your comfort zone to seek out and try new things.

Here are a few tips:

Expect to be nervous. "Anything novel involves some anxiety and challenge.

Follow your passion.  Were you singing and dancing in the theater parking lot after you saw a musical?  Take a jazz or hip-hop dance lesson and check out some awesome stuff at

Focus on fun, not perfection.  You'll enjoy a fiction writing workshop more if you're not pressuring yourself to be the next best selling author.

Buddy up.  Not brave enough to take on a class by yourself?  Recruit a friend to go with you.
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Energy: Lost and Found

My alarm went off at 5:30 this morning. 

slept late again

I'd like to say that I bounded out of bed,  ran a few miles, ate a healthy breakfast and then reported to work bright and early, ready to take on the day.

Unfortunately, in the statement above, only the parts about the alarm going off and my showing up at the office before 8 a.m. are true.  But don't we all wish we were able to say that every day we rise and shine, full of vim and vigor, eager to get going with our tasks - after acing a full-fledged workout?

Of all the elements that go into a successful fitness routine, managing our energy level is one of the trickiest.  What we sometimes mistake for a lack of motivation or willpower is simply a a lack of energy; we are either too stressed, too hungry or too sleep-deprived to find our strength to go to the gym or slip o than our running shoes.  A leading expert on mood notes quite correctly that "at low-energy times, the prospect of exercise can be unpleasant" and that you are most likely to stick with your exercise plans when you are at a natural energy peak.

Is there hope for people like me - who yearn to convert from being night people to morning folk?There's probably a strong genetic predisposition to 'morningness' and 'eveningness'.  Recent studies however showed that people who experience the universal low ebb of energy - that dreaded midafternoon slump - are able to revive themselves and rev up to their highest energy levels of the day with as little exertion as a brisk 10-minute walk.  In fact, exercise seems to be the single, most effective strategy for managing your energy and mood.

Calm energy is that ideal state in which we are in the best mood, at our most creative, least likely  to binge and most likely to exercise.  So even if I can never achieve "morningness" I will strive for that balanced state of alert relaxation, and I hope you will too!
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For Mothers: Managing Back Pain Through Exrercise

Pregnant women always complain about back pain.  The pain goes away usually a month after, but carrying your infant constantly, nursing him and doing some household chores always brings back your back pain.  The backpain is constant as the child grows.

Carrying a child puts unimaginable stress on your back.   You will be initially carrying a tiny seven pound baby until two years later when you will be carrying a 30-pound child.

Doing some sort of daily exercise routine will help a lot in managing back pain. New mothers can begin exercising soon after delivery.  This will help the lose the weight they gained which will help a lot in reducing back stress.  Engaging in exercise will also restore the muscle tone of the abdominal and back muscles which were stretched when they were pregnant.  You can start by doing a 10-minute stretching exercise. 

Adding resistance to your exercise routine will help your back muscles to be stronger and less prone to injuries that carrying a child will bring.  Use 1-3 pound dumb bells.  Using a Thera-Band is also very convenient.  Stretch bands can be used at any level.  You can start out slow if you are a beginner.  The gentle repetition that the band offers will slowly build your muscles until you can progress to advanced level.

Stretch bands are sold at different levels of resistance.  Be sure to purchase one that is suitable to your level.  There is no need to buy fancy colorful bands – although they look pretty.  Make sure that the band is of good quality and is durable.

Some mothers who do not have time to go to a sport store buy an elastic bandage/tubing at a local drug store or medical supply store.  The bandage / tubing is quite durable and are of medical grade. 

Don’t overdo your stretching exercises on the first day.  Go slow and move at a pace where you are comfortable.  Increase the resistance gradually.
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Just Another Manic Monday

Have you ever woke up dreading something bad will happen and it will?

Of course, I am over-reacting, but I never did expect  a person of authority to be rude.  But!  I always see them in the Senate. This rude person of authority should be in the senate!

Moving forward, although I don't easily move forward though.  I keep grudges.  If my eyes can burn holes on that rude person of authority, he would have holes all over him now (I can dream, can't I? Especially that I am a PMS-ing)

But, uncouth people should not get to me that is why I should be playing some Bangles music on my cme keyboard. Music renews me.  Music brings back my happiness. Music makes me forget rude people of authority.

And you know what, this rude old man of authority, he used to be fun, when he listened to music.  Now that he does not, he is just a sorry excuse of a person with a magnifying lense for small mistakes.

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A Teen’s Ultimate Guide to Eating Healthy and Working Out Part 2

Here are more tips on how to eat, live and stay healthy:

Lose Weight Teens

Try to get some exercise.  Experts say that exercising three times a week for ten minutes is just as effective as exercising thirty minutes all at once.  That means you don’t have to go to the gym to get exercise.  Help out in the garden, go for a fun run, bike around the neighborhood, walk your dog or take the stairs instead of the escalator at the mall.  All those little steps add up!

Make plans that don’t focus on food.  If you’re like me, you love getting together with your friends for pizza, ice cream, or burgers.  But if you find that you’re spending most of your friend-time sitting across a table from your buddies, it might be time to mix things up.  Go bowling, take a yoga class or just hang out at home and play Xbox Kinect games.  Lunch and dinner don’t have to be the only plans!

A little of this, a little of that.  Don’t let a cupcake psych you out.  It’s okay to have a treat once in a while, as long as you’re eating in a healthy way most of the time.  Of course, a Big Mac Diet isn’t the healthiest.  But a side of fries now and ten – just not every day! – won’t kill you.

Talk to your parents.  If your kitchen cupboards are filled with sugary treats and high-fat snacks, you may want to say something to your parents.  Sit down with them and tell them that you’re interested in healthy eating – not just for yourself, but for the rest of the family too.  Then you can all go through the kitchen together and find ways to substitute healthy foods for unhealthy ones.

Don’t use food as a reward.  You’ve aced your test, you’ve won your game – it’s cookie time!  If this is your thinking, it’s time for a mental adjustment.  Same thing if you find yourself raiding the fridge at the end of a yucky day, thinking, I deserve to eat this half-gallon ice cream.  Realize that food won’t make you feel better.  Call a friend, do your nails, redecorate your room, engage in an activity you enjoy, lose yourself in a hobby or craft project.

Don’t be too hard on yourself!  Hey, nobody’s perfect!  It’s better to eat well most of the time than to try to eat “perfectly” all the time and beat yourself up when you don’t.  Realize that there will be times – holidays, birthdays – when you eat a little more.  Just go back to your normal eating habits when the special event is over.  That way, it’s always easy to get back on track!
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A Teen's Ultimate Guide to Eating Healthy and Working Out

Let’s face it – it is hard to have fun when you aren’t feeling well.  A great body is one that is fit and lets you do the things you want to do.

That’s why it’s so important to take good care of your body.  After all, it’s the only one you've got. So if you need to write and make a contract to commit and seal in catchy envelope prints, do it!

Here's your ultimate guide to being over-all healthy:

Teen Healthy Eating

Eat plenty of fruits and veggies.  Fruits and veggies provide the fiber and vitamins
you need for a healthy body.  Get five servings a day.  What is a serving?  A single apple, a banana, a cup of greens.  If you have a sliced banana on your cereal in the morning, a cup of cucumber for an appetizer at  lunch, and a normal-sized salad along with dinner, you’ll have eaten your five servings for the day.  Bonus: fruits and veggies are low in calories and help to fill you up.

Think Balanced Diet.  Remember the five food groups?  Try to make sure that you’re eating from two or more at every meal.  Think about a plate.  If one fourth of the plate has protein (meat, eggs, dairy), one fourth has grains (rice, bread, pasta, cereal), and one half has fruits and veggies, you’ll be eating a well-balanced meal.

losing weight teen
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Don’t follow fad diets.  There are a lot of crazy diets out there – some of which tell you to eat only one kind of food or to limit severely your calorie intake.  These diets can be hard to follow and worse, dangerous.  If you’re following a diet that doesn’t recommend balanced portions and/or doesn’t include a variety of foods, you’re probably putting your health at risk.

If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t expect it to disappear overnight.  Losing weight can be a slow process – try to be patient.  Don’t expect to lose more than one to two pounds a week.  The good news is, if you lose weight slowly and sensibly, you have a better chance of keeping it off.

Talk to your doctor.  You may have seen a chart that tells you how much you “should” weigh – but everyone is different.  You and your best friend may be the same height, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be both healthy at the same weight.  The next time you go for a checkup, talk to your doctor about your weight, and discuss your diet.  She can tell you if you’re on the right track.

lose weight teen

Find hobbies that make you move.  You won’t build strong muscles and bones if the only part of your body that ever gets exercise are your fingers while tweeting or checking out your Facebook newsfeed.  Try to balance low-energy hobbies like reading and watching movies with activities that take a little more effort.  Join a running team or meet up with friends to jog or rollerskate. 
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Playing The Spoon

Music can be everywhere.  Making music can be possible with every day things.  Like, did you know two metal spoons will sound perfect alongside a Peavey Bass?

Hold a pair of spoons back to back with your middle finger between them.  Strike the spoons against your knee or palm to make a cool metallic rattle as the spoons bounce against each other. There goes your rhythm!

In the age of grunge, grunge rockers actually did this and called it “playing the spoon”, which I think is waay better than the original version of  Irish musicians wherein they rub sheep rib bones  - eeeww! – and called it “playing the bones.”
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Why Keep A Music Journal?

  • It is way better than writing your songs down on loose pieces of paper – you won’t misplace a journal as easily – and better than writing on your notebooks too.  Your nosy seatmate might get hold of it and read your lyrics out loud to the class.

  • With melodies and lyrics in one place, it is easier to build a song.

  • Seeing, writing and drawing everything in one place will keep you focused on what you really want and not distracted by your surroundings.

  • It will push you to find your own sound.

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Blessed Sunday! Today Let's Celebrate You!

Growing up is never easy.  There are a lot of tough changes, challenges, and some goodbyes.  So today, why don’t we celebrate YOU:  each one of you who’s been inspired, who’s realized how special and beautiful she is, who’s taken risks to follow her dreams of music and playing melodica, who’s strengthened her bond with her family and friends, who’s decided to make a difference in the world and who’s taking small steps every day to become the girl she’s always wanted to be .  This day is for you!

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Tmart's 32 Pieces Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set

If you by any chance have gone over my Mommy blog, you may have read about how awe-struck I was with the 88-color Matte PearlescentEye Shadow Palette I got from

Well, with that 88-color Eye Shadow Palette, I wouldn’t want to explore and experiment with these two eye shadow sponge applicators that came with the palette, right?

(Although I did use my fingers to apply eye shadow  and lipstick and blush - ewww!, but that was waay in the past.)

So, thank you, (again) for this 32-piecesProfessional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set!

Isn’t she a beauty?

Everything is in pink, too..

This brush set from Tmart contains 6 pieces Powder brush,  12 pieces eye shadow brush, 3 pieces oblique eyebrow brush, a fan brush, a lip brush, 2 pieces eye shadow smudge brush, 2 pieces concealer brush, 2 pieces eye liner brush, one piece of eyelash brush and a eyebrow comb brush and a piece of little point brush.

  • Each brush is individually hand-made,
  • Each brush is soft and won’t irritate the most sensitive skin,
  • And the brush set is packaged in a very cute pink bag.
It is easy to tell a good brush from a bad one.   A good brush’s bristles are never rough and scratchy on the skin.  They are soft and don’t fall off.  It doesn’t even matter if the brushes are made of natural or synthetic material.  As long as they are soft and don’t irritate your skin, they are okay. 

These Tmart brushes are soft.  I tried every single brush on my skin (yes, the entire 32 pieces!)  and they were soft and fluffy.  I also did the bristle test.  I ran my hand over the bristles and not a single bristle came off.   The handles, which are made of plastic, feel comfortable in my hand.  They are not too long, making it hard and awfully awkward to make my face up, and not too short.  They are sized just right.

If you are overwhelmed with the sheer number of brushes in this kit, you can always opt for the smaller beauty brush kit.

Here is my short list of three beauty brushes every woman should have:

Powder Brush.  I actually use a kabuki brush (too bad my brush set does not have it).  I still use the powder puff to apply powder which comes with my compact since it helps to smooth the powder evenly all over.  The powder brush  though, with wide soft bristles that can come either rounder or cut an angle (to get to the areas around the eyes and the nose) helps in distributing the powder and make you look more polished.
Blush Brush.  Who still applies blush with that tiny brush that came with your blush?  Get rid of that brush.  You would want one that’s fuller and wider to cover the apple of your cheeks .  It should not be as wide as a powder brush though. 
Eye Shadow Brush There are different sizes for this brush, but you would like a brush that is soft and fluffy which will help in spreading out the color all over your lids.  It should be big enough to cover about one fourth of your lid at a time, but small enough that you can still control the color you put on your lids.

Some women couldn’t live without their eyebrow brush.  This is important especially when you are older and your eyebrows seem to go thin.  To define and darken your brows, you need a slanted brush with bristles that are hard.  Never use this for another purpose, though.  It is hard and scratchy it can irritate your skin. 

But, if you want to get the 32-pieces Eyeshadow Brush, I am not stopping you.  The price is a steal and the brushes are really good.  Why don’t you head to Tmart now and get yours, along with the 88-color Matte Pearlescent Eye Shadow Palette? 

Tmart also sells a variety of well-known products and gadgets at VERY reasonable prices and offers FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.  Like them on Facebook!

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