Music and The Teenage-Me


When I was in my teens, I was my own bestie.  Sure, I had friends, but I still had fun being solo.  Back then, there were no Xbox Kinects or Wii or even the iPad, but I always love settling down in my room, dancing and singing to the top of my lungs in full rock star Madonna attire while banging like crazy on my brother’s drums on that ddrum Standard Drum Throne at musician's friend .  I know I might look crazy, but it is not so embarrassing when no one is around (unless of course, when my mom gets too noisy and would suddenly burst in – especially if I forgot to lock my door!).   Did I look like a sad loser?  I don’t think so.  I truly enjoyed my time alone and I never felt like I was missing anything.  What others think didn’t matter to me.  I was too busy being fab!

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What You Fear Determines Your Boundaries

"What you fear determines your boundaries."  When I saw this on my news stream, I had to stop and think.  Wow!  It sounds a bit deep, I know, but it just means this, the things you fear are like bricks and the fear in your heart is like cement, and put together, they build up a wall around you that keeps you away from the things you may want in life - your dreams, your goals, your bright and exciting future.

When I thought about it, it totally made sense.  For example,  I am terribly afraid of spiders.  And not just the big, hairy ones, but even the little tiny baby ones that I could probably squash with my pinkie no problem.  Because of this fear, there are certain boxes in my old room that I will never open because that eight-legged monster has made its home inside (although I will forever wonder what sort of fabulous treasures I'd stored in those boxes that I will never see again).

Well, spiders are on thing, but what if you happen to be afraid of making mistakes.  that means you build a wall around yourself and keep all sorts of wonderful opportunities out because you are too scared to try them.  Or if you are afraid of rejection, you could be walking around school with an invisible foftrss around you and a sign that says "Keep Out!", which is just what any would-be friends will do!

Of course, fear is not always a bad thing, just as walls are not always a bad thing.  Fear can keep you from doing things that would harm you - there's a reason most of us would be afraid if we were ever face to face with a hungry tiger in the woods.  Fear keeps you from saying, "Here, kitty, kitty" and trying to make it your pet.

Some fears you can fight off with a little inspiration, but then some fears you will just have to face - even if you are still scared.  So if fear builds walls around you, you may not be able to take down the walls, but with a little help, you can still climb over them!

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Pizza Art!

Did you know that 80% of your child’s brain develops by age 5?  This is why choosing the best early childhood and preschool program is important for your child’s life.  Providing your child with a rich learning environment and getting involved every step of the way are the building blocks of a strong school-age foundation.

Parents want nothing but the best for their kids, especially when it comes to education.  I sometimes feel frustrated when a parent expects a child to read, write, and do math the moment she enters school.  Children learn in stages, and we cannot expect them to immediately be Einstein children once they go to school.  A preschool with a very rigid program would definitely remind me of Matilda’s school and a preschool I will definitely avoid!

Preschool environment like that of Thornton CO day care should be fun yet meaningful, play-based yet structured, to meet the individual child’s needs.  Early academic programs that put too much pressure on young children can result in higher anxiety levels and lower self-esteem among them (especially for those who aren’t fairing well academically).

Authorities on child development warn against over-programming little ones’ lives and has touted the greater weight of unstructured play on children’s creativity and of learning life skills at their own pace.  Hence, preschools should be a place that fosters children’s natural curiosity and responds to young mind’s queries and initiatives.  Recommendations and testimonials of the best preschools from fellow parents should also be considered as well.

Kids should not be pressured to learn.  Your child’s first school experience should be a positive one that inspires a lifelong love of learning.

Every preschool subscribe to its own philosophy of education and teaching approach.  The key to finding a preschool that caters to your child’s learning style and specific needs is to arm yourself with the knowledge of what schools’ approaches and methods are today. Each school may interpret each teaching philosophy differently, or may even combine with another.

And at the end of the day, what really matters is if your child loves her school.  If she dreads going to that supposedly perfect preschool, pull her out of that school quick!

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Happy Sunday!


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Semester Break Is The Perfect Time To Fuel Your Passion!

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Dearest Project: Me, Only Better Girls,

While I know you love school (what is not to love about school, right?!),  you have got to admit that one of the best things about the semester break is that it gives you a break from being a student.  For two whole weeks, you get to be someone else!  You can be a writer, a chef, a tourist, beach bum, bookworm, photographer, professional ice cream eater, a freelance online writer, a mall rat.  For two whole weeks, you get to be whoever you want to be.

But here is a pickle:  How do you figure out exactly who you want to be?  You are a great singer but you also kind of rock at tennis.  You enjoy performing onstage and would love to be a part of Walnut Creek children’s theatre but you also have a grand time working behind the scenes.  You love foreign films but you also love mindless comedies.  You are into arts, but athletic, hipster chic but pop fabulous.  You are a painter-slash-baker-slash-future writer, and sometimes it just gets downright confusing.  “Make up your mind!” people will probably tell you.  “Just pick one and commit to it.”  And you will kind of figure out that the theater really fuels your passion.  You love to perform, be transported to a different era with Victorian costumes, fly like Wendy or be prim and proper like Juliet.  You also like to stay behind the scenes and would seriously be studying the theatre camp FAQ to look if you qualify.  But hey, guess what?  There is no limit to the number of things you can be passionate about.  With enough determination and drive, it is totally possible to be many things at once!  Yes, you can be a theater actress and be a candle-maker as well!

So go ahead and explore the world.  Discover what gets your heart racing, and seek out all the places where you can make a mark.  There is a blissful exhilaration in the process of figuring things out.  You’ve just got to trust that!  Sooner or later, you will end up exactly where you are supposed to be, doing something you absolutely positively love.  This semester break, find out what makes you happy-whether it is theater or music poetry or fashion design or yoga or surfing or archery – and if the answer happens to be more than one, I hope you know that is perfectly okay.

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{How To Lose Weight} Go Easier On Yourself

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Being nice, not putting yourself down  and constantly cheering yourself on may just be the key to a better body.  

I know, I know.  I go through the same routine.  “I am soo big. “”I am heavier than when I gave birth.” You know, put-down things that I always tell myself .  And oh, when somebody says, “Uyy, pumayat ka!”* , I always say “Nope.  I am a whole lot bigger than a year ago!” (By the way, if somebody says you are looking fitter and you are in the Philippines, be very thankful!  Pinoys have this weird way of greeting by saying “Uyy, antaba taba mo na! Anyare???”* or “Why do you have bangs? Parang awkward!”  Di ba?  I have been greeted a million times with the “You-are-so-big-what happened???” greet!  Ewan ko ba.  I can really put myself down in a million different creative ways , but when other people say those same things, ansama sama ng loob ko.

The real key to shaping up is loving your body.  Here’s how:

Make Mini Goals.

I always set impossible goals.  I have “Ten On Ten” (Ten pounds by the tenth of the month), “Twenty on Thirty” (Twenty Pounds by the 30th).  Did I reach those goals? Nope.

The reason is that they are such lofty goals (I mean, your body can only do so much!) that they can be paralyzing.  It is better to make mini-goals, not just mini-goals for the day, but mini goals a few hours at a  time.  Your first mini-goal may be to drink four glasses  of water by noon.  When you hit the 3 PM slump, don’t go crazy and have a healthy snack without the words “Choco-dipped” or “Cream-filled”.  Then you can aim to take a 20 minute run.  These mini-goals can make you motivated like nothing else.  You will feel powerful with the knowledge that you have completed mini-goals by the end of the day, instead of stressing over the big goal you have yet to achieve.

Splurge A Little and Buy  A New Pair of Jeans.

Whose goal is it to fit in your old jeans again?  Yup, that little sexy piece you had two years ago before you got pregnant? It has been always my goal, but I guess it is too self-punishing and self-defeating.  When you hit a shape-up milestone, you can try those old jeans if they would still fit you, but it is better to treat yourself to new ones!  The old ones are probably out of style now anyway.

Make The Tape Measure Your Friend.

I weigh myself practically every day (making the scale my best enemy!), but I detest the tape measure.  However, keeping track of how many inches you have lost or gained is a much more accurate measure of your progress and is more motivating than stepping on a scale every single day.

Gripe No More.

Your weight loss plan won’t succeed for long if you make negative comments about your body.  You are what you eat  It may also happen that you are what you say.  If you say you will not lose weight and your butt is bigger than the solar system, you will start to believe it.  It is always your head that gets in the way of your success and self-esteem.  Pretend you are a diva even on your worst days and you will be surprised at how quickly your mind and your body will follow.

Repeat after me, "Diyosa ako!"

*Uyy, pumayat ka!” - "You look thinner"
  Uyy, antaba taba mo na! Anyare???”You look so big! What happened?
  "Diyosa ako!" :I am a goddess!"
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My Broken IPad and My Money Mistake

As I was looking at my facebook timeline, I saw this image:

It is taunting me.  Why?

Because, I, supposedly on my road to fitness, posting financial freedom articles and loving Suze Orman, Robert Kiyosaki, Larry Gamboa and Bo Sanchez, succumbed to a moment of weakness.

It was an enormous moment of weakness, actually.  My old iPad 2 broke:

It broke bad.  I know...

But it is still working...

Without thinking if I could get it repaired (besides,I think it would cost a lot I am better off buying one), I did go ahead and got a new iPad mini.  On the same day it broke.  And on credit card.

I know, Suze.  I am so sorry...I may not have bought a Maserati Quattroporte, but I know I should be DENIED!

But, on the brighter side, I am loving my new gadget and of course, installing apps like those from  .

And of course, it is much easier and convenient to be reading my e-books and checking on my stocks with this much more streamlined tablet.

Plus, that moment of weakness made me resolve not to commit the same blunder again (as I run on my mind how much interest I would pay on my mindless purchase if I fail to pay it in full).

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The Best Beauty Secret - Being Perfectly Imperfect!

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The best beauty secret you can have isn’t trying to look perfect and making over the way you look-it is realizing that you can never ever be perfect (No one is, right, Pink?), but that who you are is already amazing enough.

Imagine a world where all the girls looked like Taylor Swift and all the guys looked like Taylor Lautner (What is it with being named Taylor? ).  They could only tell each other apart from their names, their ages, their clothes, and the way they styled their hair that day.

Now, imagine yourself suddenly living in that world.

Would everyone notice you?  Would they find you beautiful?  The answers to these questions , of course, are yes and YES!  Because while it is true that most of us want to be “beautiful”, it is really our differences that make each of us interesting and unique.

Your beauty is unique and your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful!

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{Dealing With Stress} GO EASY ON YOURSELF

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Sometimes, people get stressed not by outside factors (like having way too much work) but by the pressure they place on themselves.  Remember, it’s all right to make mistakes.  It is all right to say no when someone asks you a favor and you already have too much on your plate.  It is all right  not to please everybody.  It is all right to take a break and play your guitar out loud with fulltone 70 fuzz!  Do your best, but don’t bash yourself if your best isn't 100%.  Lighten up and you will enjoy each little victory and accomplishment more.

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{Dealing With Stress} Sloooow Down!

With so much to do, you may feel like there are just not enough hours in the day to do it all, but rushing around in a panic all day will only make it worse.  Instead, take things one step at a time.  Sit down for a healthy, yummy breakfast instead of grabbing a sandwich as you rush out of the house.  Take deep breaths to clear your mind before a big, pressure-filled meeting.  Clear out the phone, the internet and the TV.  It is better to do one thing well and get it over with rather than trying to do everything (badly) all at once.
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Stop Stressing Over Stress!

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Life is full of stressful situations , so you need to learn how to deal with it in a healthy way.  Figure out what is stressing you out? School pressure?  Relationship problems?Trying to fit in? How are you handling it?  Do you lock yourself in your room?Get mad and mean? Feel bad about yourself?  Get depressed you need cymbalta duloxetine?  

Write what is stressing you on a stress journal.  Take note of how different situations make you feel while keeping in mind that it is okay to have those feelings.  Then write down what you can do when you are in that same situation again so you don’t feel the same bad feelings next times.

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BE PROUD OF YOURSELF, but don’t do things to make others jealous on purpose.  When someone is jealous of us, it makes us feel like we’re better than them or we’ve got something they don’t.  Stop if you find yourself doing things just to make others  jealous and make yourself feel good.  It is so childish.
DO IGNORE THEM.  Easier said than done, but really, if they choose to be jealous, it is useless trying to change the way they feel about you.
DON’T BECOME A MEAN GIRL.  Jealous people usually show their jealousy by ignoring you or teasing you to a hurtful point.  It is tempting to scheme some sweet vengeance, but learn to smile through it and still be good to them.
BUILD THEM UP.  Jealousy is sometimes insecurity in disguise, so boost their self-esteem and remind them of how great they really are and there is no reason to be jealous and mad of your.

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