Strike the Right Balance

Hey, girls!  Teen life can be tough- and your school textbooks and classes don't always have the answer you are looking for.  If I were a tween, one of the questions I would have asked is how to balance school and life. It was all about school for me.  I was good at it.  I am so serious.  Studying was fun.  I study with the crown amps blasting my fave life soundtrack at that time.  I didn't even really have to try that hard.  But no one taught me that having a life was important, too-you know, hanging out with friends, finding a hobby, learning silly tricks to do at parties...the kind of things they don't give grades for.

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How To Do A Fishtail Braid

I bet there was this one time in your life that you loved doing braids!  It might be on those sleep-overs, or parties at the beach.  Here is a pretty braid that is super easy!

Looks We Love!

1.  Gather hair to the side and tie in a low ponytail using a ponytail holder.

2.  Divide your ponytail into two sections.  Make sure to keep track of which is Side A and Side B.

3.  Take a small section (around a fingernail's width) from the outermost part of Side A and cross it 
     over to Side B.

4.  Take another section from Side B and cross it over to Side A.

5.  Keep moving small sections from side to side until you achieve the desired braid length.

6.  Secure the ends of the braid with an elastic, then untie the ponytail holder from the top part.

7.  Once you've got the fishtail method mastered, you can create different hairstyles with it!  Do a side 
     fishtail, a half-ponytail with fishtail, or a French fishtail braid.

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Use TIGI Catwalk Strong Mousse and get that strong runway look!
Smooth locks make for a sleek braid!

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On Boredom, Memories and Summer Camps

Summer is something kids look forward to.

That is, until a week of summer vacation has passed.

If no family holiday is visible in the horizon,  trying to keep the kids entertained is an enormous task.  With nothing to do, you may find your summer days with the  “I am so bored!” line from your kids. 

The good thing is that there is a variety of summer classes being offered to kids now.  You can either enroll them to music and vocal classes, taekwondo, tennis, cooking and even hip-hop dance classes .  

You can also send them packing to summer camps with Stuck on You labels on their personal stuff like clothing, bags and towels!

Summer camps take away the word “boring” from your kids’ summer vacation descriptions.   Most of them look forward to a wonderful experience of learning new things and participating in a variety of activities like sports, music, drama and arts and crafts, while being guided by camp counselors.

Sending your children to a summer camp gives them the opportunity to make new friends, discover their talents, learn to be a team-player, even learn their leadership inclinations.  I mean, it is a lot better than having them around sitting all day surfing on the net, watching TV and playing video games.  They can even join activities in summer camp like trips to the zoo, theme parks, zip-lines, and team-building.

Once your children experience fun times at a summer camp, they will be begging you to let them go back the next summer.  While they are in this great summer camp making new and lasting memories and meeting new people, you will be having your chance to take it easy and have your own summer break!

Just make sure the summer camp they are going to is safe and provides a stimulating environment where children are given the chance to shine, have fun, make new friends , learn new things, discover their strengths and work on their weaknesses.

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{Fun Facts} What Keeps a Hula Hoop Up?

KidTribe ProHoop

It takes talent to keep a hula hoop going round and round, especially with gravity always working to pull everything down.  But what keeps the hula hoop up and twirling?  

It's friction-the force that is created when two things rub against each other!  In this case, the way the hula hoop hits your body while it is twirling causes the friction.  and when the force of the friction you create is the same as the force of gravity, the hula hoop keeps twirling!

Celebrate World hula Hoop Day this year on October 5, 2013.

Have Fun!

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Starting From Scratch: Growing Your Own Plant!

I have always loved growing my own plant - from beginning to end. A variety of seedlings are available at the Baguio City Orchidarium.  They practically have everything from vegetables and herbs to flowers that can be grown in your garden - and at a lot cheaper price, too.  Be sure to ask for specific instructions, because, although set in your regular-sized pots, some of them will require much bigger pots as time goes by!  While some of these will do fine just sitting on your window sill too, some will need direct outdoor sunlight after a while to live and grow.

Growing your own plant plant is great for your veranda or the area outside your door, leading to your garden.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a project you have been working on, including fighting pests by using a little demon pesticide - and waiting so long for!-come to life!

Here is one I grew from scratch...

One seed gave me this beautiful...


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General Reminders When Getting an Online Job

  • The first and most important thing to do before getting an online job is to check out the website or company offering the job.  Read and research about it in online forum and other websites.  Be careful not to fall into a scam.  Prevent this scenario from happening  Not getting paid after working so hard on a project.
  • Try and find companies that are based or have affiliates here in the Philippines.  Money transactions would be faster and easier and they would be reachable should any problems arise.
  • It will be necessary to have a bank or credit card account that will have to be registered with an online money transfer website such as Paypal, particularly if the website company is based abroad.  A bank account would be enough however for locally based ones.
  • Never neglect to read and understand the company's agreement terms and policies.  The ideas presented in this article are broad generalizations.  Each website still has specific guidelines that differ from one another.
  • A college education is usually enough to get into these jobs, but since in certain jobs the clients can choose who they want to work with, it would be good to have better credentials paired with a convincing portfolio to present to gain better chances at being selected.
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{Earning Online} Earning Off the Internet

The internet has truly changed the way people make a living.  I am so dying to get my own online job as well!  With so many available online jobs,  I am totally envious of moms not leaving the comfort of their own homes but having the capability to earn!   Plus, they get to use their natural talents and skills as well.

Online jobs can serve as additional income source, or even a full-time job, well-paying career.  Whether it is a full-time job or just freelance work for extra cash, these will, at the very least, be a source of fulfillment.

Online freelancing

In certain websites, freelancers can select from a pool of projects and assignments compiled from the clients, and are then paid for completing the project of their choice.  Types of projects vary from web copy writing and research writing, graphic designing, encoding, software programming, search engine optimization (SEO), and internet marketing, among others.

Aside from being a source of additional income, this can also be an opportunity to put to use creative and technical skills.

How to apply?

Simply fill out a registration form at their website, and then complete a personal profile like those in social networking sites.  Others, however, may require a resume and portfolio first before they allow registration.

Salary range and payment scheme

The salary range differs with every assignment based on its difficulty and quantity.  It is a matter of getting first dibs on the easy high paying projects.  Good feedback from the clients who usually warrants bonuses, while negative feedback lead to deductions.  Basically, the more projects you finish, the more you will earn.

Work hours

The freelancer is in complete control of his work hours for as long as he meets the deadlines.

Websites to check out:

Online English tutoring

Countries such as Japan and Korea acknowledge the English proficiency of Filipinos.  Many of their citizen come to the Philippines to get schooled in English while others opt to learn through online communication softwares such as Skype and Yahoo Messengers.  The students are usually high school or college students seeking to improve their English grades, adult employees trying to improve their professional value, and retirees who simply want to have a conversation so they will not get rusty with their English.

How to apply?

Some are more lenient in a way that all they require to register on their website is to create a teacher profile, after which the applying tutor or teacher waits for his assigned student.  Others however have a tighter screening process in which applicants will have to pass an interview and a training session first in order to get in. They may also require scanned copies of school documents.

Salary range and payment scheme

Others offer an hourly rate; others allow the tutors themselves to set their own negotiable rates.  Note however that it is the students who are granted the liberty of choosing their tutor.  Students can choose from available slots in a tutor's schedule table.  If no one sets an appointment with the tutor, then the tutor will not get any work credit.  Tutors need to be careful about how they present themselves in their user profiles and with how they perform in the actual teaching sessions so as to attract more students.

Work hours

The tutors are allowed to set their schedule table based on their availability.  But it is the students who choose their tutor based on their schedules.  However, if no one picks a tutor applicant, the latter will still need to stay online for the duration of that schedule in case he will be needed for emergency reassignments.

Websites to check out (Japanese students)    (Korean students)

Remote staffing

This is similar to any other regular office job.  The remote staff works eight hours a day, five days a week.  The only difference is that the staff does not need to go to an office as they work from home.

In this kind of online job, a client can employ one individual or assemble a team which he selects from the remote staffing website's talent pool to work with him on a certain project for a certain period of time.  They usually employ writers, virtual assistants, link builders, programmers, graphic designers, and website or web profile administrators, among others.  The interaction among the client and their staff all happens through the internet.

How to register?

For some, it is as simple as registering and setting up an account on their website, while others have a screening process that may involve online or phone interviews and examinations.

Salary range and payment scheme

Pay rates may vary depending on the type of work, skill level, work history and reputation.  The overall computation is based on the amount of time worked.  But just because the boss could be a thousand miles away in another continent does not mean that the individual or the team can slack off on their work.  They are provided with tools to monitor the remote staff and staff members will be required to submit a daily report.  In some instances, there are websites that have managers who regularly check on the workers.  The client pays the website; the website pays the contractor, while keeping a small percentage for itself.

Work hours

Work hours vary as members of the team may be coming from different time zones.  It will be up to the client whether he adjusts to the worker's daytime hours, or whether the worker adjusts to theirs.  In instances however when the worker is required during the night time hours in the Philippines, he will be provided with additional compensation as required by the Philippine labor law.

Websites to  check out
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Grades Are Not Everything

One school myth is that for students, grades are everything.


We admit, grades are very important, but they are not everything.  Instead of focusing on getting an A, how about focusing on learning-and enjoying-each and every class?  You can even try to do your own study brochures like those cheap brochures online to fuel your learning.  When you are enjoying your classes and what you are doing, you will see that it is actually easier to get good grades!

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Getting Into Cosplay

Death Note (movie poster)

A friend is into Cosplay for years.  Way before Cosplay was considered cool.  And although she does get looks and quite a few laughs (mostly from the unitiated and it does not bother her at all) when she walks in broad daylight or shop in the mall, a lot of people, most people, especially young ones, love to approach her and ask her how to get started on Cosplay,  how to create costumes and accessories like that awesome alien headband that lights up and blinks in absolutely eye-candy colors like pink, orange and purple, and how to join her community of cosplayers.

Her close encounter with a popular cosplayer years ago when cosplay was thought of as a passing craze (some think it was weird)and her love of anime and manga  inspired her to get into cosplay.  Since then, she has caught the cosplay bug and never recovered.  Not that it bothered me, although she did convince me to try it too-a lot of times.  I am more of a cosplayer watcher, though, and although looking at them and going with my friend to several conventions are one of the things I love about cosplay, I never got into the whole cosplay thing.

Cosplay, which my friend insists is an art, is from the word “costume play”.  People who are into cosplay are called “cosplayers” or “reyazu”, the Japanese term for “players”.  A lot of people (including me before) associate cosplay with Halloween.  Don’t ever think that.

“Cosplay” was a word made by Nov Takashi after attending a sci-fi convention in Los Angeles way back in 1984.  The sci-fi costumes were so impressive that he spread the word in Japanese sci-fi magazines.  The cosplay bug spread like wild fire and it became the new performance art. 

In choosing a costume, take your time.  Make a list of some cartoon or anime characters you look like.  You must be able to pull the character off and get into the role.  Ask the opinion of a friend.  Ask him if the character suits you.  Do not try to copy the character totally.  Add your personal touches.  Mix and match colors in impossibly natural combinations.

Happy Cosplaying!

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