Super Summer Enders!


The summer may be halfway over here in the Philippines.  I know there were boring days after euphoric days of not going to school.  But hey, it is not too late to make it memorable!  You can still have a blast with your besties and siblings and make Summer 2013 the best summer ever! 

What to do if you have...

One month

Hit the salon and try something different from your usual style !

While you're not about to dye your hair fiery red , you can try a new hairstyle.  You can try cutting it short or you can try getting a digital perm or you can try getting bangs! If you feel your new hairstyle just doesn't cut it, you still have a month to let it grow out!  

Make a Summer Memoir

Start writing about your summer moments, your summer love, beach events, summer camp or workshops, summer-loving people you met.  Make it a tradition and do it every year! Write on  journals  which you can personalize, like those on  Save the summer camp name labels and stick them to your summer memoir. 

Set a time each day to write down the fun things that happened or the things you're grateful for.  Don't forget to keep photos of your trips, new friends and summer workshops!  Remembering the fun times will be a whole lot easier easier.

One  Week

Call in your fave crafty besties and think of ways to make DIY projects instead of going school supply shopping!

Make a list of things you need and hold DIY afternoons at home!  Maybe you can spice up an old pouch instead of buying an old pencil case or use old magazines to wrap your notebooks instead of buying rolls of plastic to cover your books-you'll save money and have a blast being creative at the same time!

Finally start that book you've been wanting to read or find a new one!

Enjoy the time you have to read your fave books-you'll soon be buried in textbooks again.

Meet up with your new summer friends!

You'll have less time to meet up with the new friends you made over the summer, especially if they're *from different schools!  Hold a workshop reunion-and promise to stay in touch!

One day

Go all out and throw a huge water fight in your backyard!

Invite all your besties and tell your sibs or cousins to invite their besties, too. Not only will you guys have a blast, but you'll get to know your siblings' friends too-last-minute new pals for the summer!

Team up with your sibs and offer to cook a meal for your family!

Divide yourself up into committees, with each having his or her own responsibility.  Who knows, if it goes really well, you can add "cooking awesome adobo" to the list of new skills you've learned this summer!

Hold an all-day board game tournament!

Pick three simple board games and start early in the morning. My fave is Twister, by the way. Make it more fun by agreeing on conditions-losers have to wake up an hour earlier on the first day of school.

Or have a DVD movie fest

Make your Summer 2013 rock.  And remember, write about it!

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Have a Blast! Burn Fat Fast with mySlim!


It seems like losing weight is only fun when you're already losing it, not when you're just starting. Do you see any commercials showing overweight girls having fun in a gym or rocking it out on a yoga mat? Nope. But that is the reality. Otherwise, you wouldn't be thinking of buying a fat burner.

But mySlim has you in mind. It knows you're shy with the kind of body you have now. And you want to lose some weight before you sign up for gym or for that zumba class. You want a little less jiggle before you start jogging.

mySlim is formulated to help you detoxify and burn fat even when you're just doing your daily activities like work, cleaning your apartment, having coffee with friends, etc. Here's how it works:

mySlim Detox and Fat Burner Drink

Stress, the food we eat and other factors increase the amount of toxins in our body. Toxins prevent our bodies from functioning properly; losing weight is particularly difficult if you have a lot of toxins. Not to worry, mySlim has created a delicious and refreshing drink that does these three things: detoxify, boost energy and burn fat. The science behind this sugar-free drink is in these three key ingredients: Palatinose, Carnipure and EFLA920.

mySlim is sugar-free so how can it boost energy? The answer is in key ingredient Palatinose. It is naturally derived from sucrose and it functions by controlling the release of glucose into the blood. End result? You get stable energy levels for a longer period of time.

Aside from Palatinose, mySlim Detox and Fat Burner Drink also has EFLA920 and Carnipure. EFLA920 is all natural as it comes from the yerba mate or green mate leaf extract. It works two ways: increasing energy and facilitating weight loss. EFLA920 suppresses appetite, reduces resorption of fat and increases fat burn. On top of that, it also improves physical and mental performance, provides antioxidant protection and activates the metabolic process.

By now, you probably know about L-carnitine. But did you know that the trusted L-carnitine is Carnipure? It is a high quality l-carnitine that can be found in mySlim. How exactly does Carnipure work? Simple and just the way we want it: it converts fat to usable energy. So instead of layers and layers of fat being stored in your body, Carnipure burns that fat into energy that you can use all day long. Less fat, more energy.

mySlim Natural Fat Burner Complex Capsule

After detoxifying and pumping up your energy by controlling sugar levels and turning fat to energy, you are now ready for some hardcore fat burning.
mySlim Natural Fat Burner Complex comes in convenient capsule form. It has fat burning and energy boosting EFLA920 and Carnipure just like mySlim Detox and Fat Burner Drink but in more concentrated form. You get more burn in a capsule. But remember, the fewer toxins you have in your body, the better your body can burn fats. So don’t skip the detox.

Look good, feel better, bet your best!

mySlim can help you gain confidence to START your weight loss journey because you lose weight just by doing your every day activities. Remember, don't think this is a license to overeat, you will cancel the effects if you eat more than you used to. And when you have lost some weight, you'll be more confident to engage in physical activity where mySlim can help you lose even more weight.

So don't wait til nothing comes along. Get mySlim in 7-eleven and SouthStarDrug branches nationwide! Like mySlim on Facebook!

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4 Ways to De-clutter Your Room

B365:339 What do you mean 'clean my room'?
Keeping your bedroom a decent place to live in will never be easy, but if you follow these rules,  you will be in your ways to being Clutter-Free Princess:
  • Make a "Throw, Keep, Give" pile.  Separating your stash into these categories will make organizing so much easier.
  • Sort things out.  Creating groupings can give a shelf or closet instant visual appeal and highlight your beautiful slate fountain.  Think of categorizing by color (works well with clothes and shoes), genre (great for DVDs, CDs, or books), and even by size.
  • Don't fear disposing.  Battle your inner Pack Rat and give yourself a serious talking-to.  Have you used the item in the last six months?  In the last year?  If it's just been sitting in your closet, it's about time to make room for something new.
  • Make time.  Rome wasn't built in a day-and neither are clean rooms.  It took a while for your room to get as messy as it is now, and it's going to take as much time (if not a little more) to get it back in tiptop shape.

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You-Version 2.0 : Improve Your Self-Confidence in Minutes

Smile.  Look in the mirror and flash that most dazzling smile!

Recite a mantra.  Repeat a confidence-boosting sentence to yourself, like "I can ace this!"

Hold on to a lucky charm.  A bracelet from your mom may not have any superpowers, but being able to grasp something concrete can ground you and give you lots of positivity.

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Steps To A Better College Paper


Loads of essay writing in college is not a myth.

It is a reality that you have to face.

Because the painful truth is that professors love to assign essays to students with unreasonable deadlines.

Which means that you will have to miss a girls’ night out or worse, your birthday party to finish your assigned essays.

Unfair, right?  Especially if you have the best intentions of finishing your essays (around a million -that’s an exaggeration-which you have to pass in a couple of days),  but your party-going nature got in the way.

Fear not, short of trying to scout for an essay writing service, you can try the following tactics:

Mind Map.  Grab your notebook and brain-storm.  Get creative and gather your thoughts.  Doing a mind map helped me write my essay when I was in college.  Setting the most random ideas to paper helps your brain process your thoughts.

Use Index Cards.  Back in my time, index cards helped a lot.  I know you are used to typing in your laptop, but writing your thoughts and ideas in index cards do help a lot.  They are easier to file and allow you to group similar ideas together.

Outline.  Writing in short, one-sentence bursts will make your thoughts flow more easily. Making an outline will help you organize, categorize, and narrow your paper, helping you come up with a polished paper.

Read.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  Reading widens your horizon and exposes you  to different genres of literature that can eventually improve your own writing style.

Start early. Procrastination has no place when writing your essays.  The professor will catch a hastily-written one.  Sure, cramming can work sometimes.  I once submitted a book report which I did overnight and I was given a perfect score.  But that was just a one-shot fluke, a one-time burst of creativity, because I never did ace my succeeding hastily-done papers.  Cramming can work sometimes, but working under too much time pressure can impede your creativity.  Give yourself some leeway so your imagination can take over.

Writing essays takes a lot of dedication, hard work and inspiration.  Sometimes, after a particularly tiring, killer college day where you must have computed countless equations and read materials,  finishing (or even starting) your school paper is not just happening.  When this happens, you always have a choice of looking for online essay writing help.  A lot of topnotch essay-writing companies out there, with writers of impeccable backgrounds in their employ, offer affordable quality essay writing help done according to your specifications and submitted for your approval on time. 

Of course, mind over matter can only make you smarter.  Trying to balance your college life and trying to complete all your academic requirements will be much easier if you have a study plan and follow it if you can.

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You-Version 2.0-Be Thankful!

These days, we complain so much and take too many things for granted.  

But if you pause to think about it, you'll realize how much you have to be grateful for.

Keep a gratitude journal or blog.  Every day, list down things you are thankful for.  And it's not just about the big things-don't forget small blessings like getting home safely or getting a perfect score in a pop quiz.

Write thank-you notes to people who have touched your life.  You don't need to do this only on Christmas!  Thank a friend for her spot-on advice and express your appreciation for your household helper's hard work.

Start a new household tradition, in the form of a blessing tree.  Sit down together and write things your family is grateful for on little tags-for example, your grandfather's recovery from a serious illness, or the family vacay the previous summer.  Add these tags to your blessing tree.

Revisit your photos and blog entries.  You might find that your month or year turned out to be more fantastic than you realized.  Say a prayer of thanks and look forward to more blessings.

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You-Version 2.0 : Let Your Dreams Fly


Everyone dreams big.  Who doesn't?  But to turn those big dreams into reality, you need to learn how to map your goals. Learning how to set your goals will help you to push and be focused enough to let your dreams fly! 

  • Make an inspiration board. Your inspiration board will serve as a visual reminder and an inspiration.  Fill it with articles, inspirational  cutout words or quotes, places you want to go, photos of that luxury apt now.  Place it in a prominent spot in your room, where you'll always see it.

  • Break down your big dreams into smaller, step-by-step goals.  This will make it easier to track your progress and know what you need to do next.  Create a rough time frame for your goals and do your best to stick to it.

  • Believe in yourself! Develop a positive, go-getter's attitude.  Expect to make mistakes, but challenge yourself to persevere and see your dreams through.

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Exclusive Teaser Trailer

May the odds be ever in your favor!!! Excited much.

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Checking Out Anti-Perspirants and Deodorants


I am on a quest!

I have a very sensitive sweat mechanism!  I live in a city where temperature  hovers from a low of around 9 degrees Celsius in the cold months of December to February to around 28 degrees Celsius in the hot months of April and May. 

The moment the mercury hits 20 degrees Celsius (around 68 degrees F), the sweat starts to flow.  The funny thing is that the sweat starts on my foreheads to my nose and upper lips when it is extremely hot.   

Which bothers me a lot (and which makes me think I should have made a post on sweat-proof primers and make-up instead). 

Luckily, I don't get that sweaty under my arms.

But I do have friends who sweat there.  A lot.

Which made us try different antiperspirants (which block sweat) and deodorants (which block odor), at different levels of intensity.

For persistent perspiration, here are our sweat solution picks:

Milcu Underarm and Foot Deodorant Powder

How it works: Milcu is made with Potassium Alum or Tawas crystals.  Potasium alum inhibits odor-causing bacteria and stays on your skin surface as an invisible protective barrier.  Take note that Milcu is not an anti-perspirant which blocks your pores.  You still sweat, but you won't smell bad at all.

How well it works:I have always assumed that crystal deodorants were ancient-something my grandma would use (that I definitely won't), but I am a fan of this.  Milcu has a liquid deodorant which I use more than the powder though.  It sort of makes you proud, too, that you are not using anything unnatural on your body.  It is such a great deodorant for teens as well.

The Body Shop Aloe Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

How it works:  The Body Shop's Aloe Line includes this anti-perspirant/deodorant.  An anti-perspirant active named Aluminum Chlorohydrate is combined with the skin-soothing aloe vera.  

How well it works: I have very sensitive skin and this Body Shop gem is very gentle and effective.  It contains the soothing, hydrating and moisturizing properties of Aloe Vera.  It is perfect and very soothing after a wax treatment. I confess:  I am not the most earth-friendly person you will ever meet, but this is natural enough to suite my taste.

Secret Original Ph Balance Powder Fresh

How it works: Secret slows the flow of perspiration to the skin's surface by being pH balanced.  Your perspiration dissolves into the sweat ducts the moment it comes into contact with Secret's active ingredient.  As you continue to sweat, your sweat makes the pH of the solution rise.  Once it reaches the adequate pH, the active ingredient will serve as plugs in the sweat ducts. 

How well it works:  I remember bugging my mom to get me this when it got into the market in the early 1990s. I love its powder scent!  It is sticky though and you have to really scrub hard in the shower to get it off your pits.  Plus, I get freaked out by the idea of blocking my sweat glands.


How it works: Worn overnight, this 20 percent aluminium chloride hexahydrate liquid blocks sweat glands, so sweat never surfaces.

How well it works: Sure, the idea of plugging my sweat glands freaks me out, but a wet shiny nose (in my case) and armpit sweat stains are so un-pretty, right?

I have been using Driclor sporadically, usually in the hot summer months.  It is a strong, by prescription anti-perspirant made by Stiefel Laboratories. If you follow the instructions, you can actually get by without putting any deo or anti-perspirant after two weeks of applying once a day.  Some can go two months with just a couple of Driclor application.

This product is a godsend for people who have hyperhidrosis (profuse sweating). I have read about people with clammy, sweaty hands using Driclor, so I tried using it on my profusely-sweating nose, too.  It stung like crazy (Driclor is very strong and can cause irritation), but then, it worked. My nose stopped sweating.  The only problem was that I started sweating on my upper lips. Blocked sweat does find another route...

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Twelve Cutest Lay-Outs For Your Blogger Blog


A lot of blogger friends I know have been getting their blogs revamped.

I wish I could change mine, too.

Nope, not this one’s header, because I love the Paris-inspired slash freedom theme of the header.

I think my mommy blog is too pink, though.

Although I paid for that lay-out which makes me hesitant about changing it.

But you know, you don’t need to spend for a new lay-out.

Check out these Blogger Lay-outs...

(and they are absolutely free, too!)

And although I still love my blogs' lay-outs, I am sooo tempted to create new blogs just because these lay-outs are soo cute!

For a Fashion Blog


Here's One if You are Blogging Beauty and Style With Friends:

Another "Kikay" Template

For You Twihards 
(If they have a Hunger Games theme, I am gonna get one!Team Gale or Team Peeta)

Dreamy Teen Blog Template...

My Memories Template

This would look lovely for a mommy blog...

Teen Dream

Anything Female!

Anything Paris...

And here is my personal blog's template...

You can find all these wonderful templates (and more) here!

**All photos from
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